Enter the hip bone zone (41 Photos)

  • off2surf

    Thank you Chive!

    • blue_bronco

      Ladies, if you want a child, please use a surrogate. Don't ruin your body.

      • Anonymous

        #22 has 2 kids (:

    • Thatoneguy

      They do not send these because they want to have sex. They send them to controll us. It works.

    • GrofDeLord

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  • Hallows

    #7 #39 Mother of God. *Super Troopers voice*

    • um..

      someone came on your mirror..

      • michael

        that was me, i coudln't help myself

    • chivester

      #7 Natalie Gauvreau, FYI, another hot Canadian

      • Heywood Jablome

        so that makes what? 8 or 10 now?

    • Juan

      Love 39, we need to see more of her in the future

    • ronnydump

      Yep. I see a nip.

      • ps86

        i immediately regret thumbing up your previous reply

      • Skermitt

        Yup, pierced nip. Good stuff.

  • J-S

    Oh yes #41 !!!!!

    • G_Had

      Youtube -> Kazantip life by Tikhomirov

      • lemurfart

        you sir are a saint!!! next vacation 🙂

    • TBone

      Anyone else notice the amazing dancers in the background, and by amazing I mean terrible.

  • Tom

    Sundays are becoming on of my favorite Chive days

  • Chris.topher

    I am intrigued by these photographs.

  • Franzie360

    #41 Moar. Naow!

    • Happy Panda

  • Flipped

    My kind of hipster

  • Wood

    Some girls are hot some girls NEED TO EAT SOME FOOD fit bitches not stick bitches

  • LukeSkywalker

    #3 For the love of the Force, find her, please!

  • heywoodjablowme

    Nice C section scar #32. Way to f*#k-up my day!

    • Tony

      C section scars aren't vertical. Your point is moot.

    • ignatz

      Your day is saved. Definitely not a C-section scar.

    • Fuck you

      Your a cunt

    • Doc

      Not a Caesarian scar

    • TheYesMan25

      It is from an appendix that bursted. I give her credit for showing off her body still. How dare you.

      • Jay

        Do you know her or are you aware of what that type of scar is from?

    • gazza


    • dawg81

      Nice comment clown, only a retarded ugly f*** would say somethin like that

    • Summer


      • no_way_jose

        There's always going to be at least one idiot… Hot as hell if you ask me!

        • Jay

          and sometimes more, agreed she is hot.

    • BradZ

      You're a huge douche, I'm guessing no one ever blows you.

    • Leon

      She is by far my favorite!
      Are u seriously so f###ed up that a scar woukd keep her (or anyone) ; from being "perfect" for u?
      U are an idiot!!

    • Heywood Jablome

      do not besmirch the fine name of heywood.jablome in such a manner. peasant.

      • bearcat02

        She's still sexy as hell if you ask me.

    • douchay

      how good could your day have been going in your moms basement?

    • ZHP

      You have won the internet for today's most moronic statement, congratulations! Scars do not concern me. The rest of her is "holy-fucking-shit" smoking hot. I'd be prouder than a peacock to walk around with her on my arm all day long showing that tight body off, scar and all. You and Rosie can have all the fun you want in mommy and daddy's basement.

  • _Bryan_

    #4 #12. Nice strawberries!

  • ben

    Best fucking post. Ever. Holy shit.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #3 #11 #37 – yum.

  • Ste7e

    #39. I see a nipple

    • cmlitzenberg

      With a foreign metal rod though it. I think Leo thought it was finger! Ha

    • Rafasta

      it only counts if you see nipple

    • Heywood Jablome

      first one for you?

  • Chivaholic

    #11, wow!

    • Laidbackmanner

      27 thumbs up and counting. Who are you and Moar please!

    • Guest

      I agree, but there's something slightly off about her mid-section. Don't know what, exactly, but it just looks a little … strange, almost plastic. I think we need other samples to examine.

    • dcma

      I'm sorry but I don't get it? The torso reminded me of Gollum. :-/ Is it her face? Legs?

  • Tom

    Thank god I do not have a daughter! These ladies while pretty could gain about 10lbs. Being able to count all 206 bones in the human body should be left to the skeleton in anatomy class. I have had sex with girls this skinny and all you end up with is a bruised pubic bone.

    • Max

      you're an angry virgin… eat a bullet and let us live a troll-free life.

      • cal

        Fuck you

    • DoucheWorldProblems

      Hmmm… bruised pubic bone from sex with hot girl or no sex at all? Oh the impossible choices one must make. javascript:insertSmileyReply("o.0");

    • Prick

      Good thing you will never have to worry about having a daughter as you have to find someone dumb enough to fuck you first!

  • G_Had

    #41 is from another masterpiece by Tikhomirov.

    • AnItalianChiver

      8 minutes of "try to hold your happiness in your pants". Thanks man 😉

    • Guest

      Masterpiece?? The "music" is crap, boring and repetitive. The dancers almost make up for it. Almost

  • http://twitter.com/julesmarie310 @julesmarie310

    I mean I am totally into men buuuut…. this post….

    • Skermitt


  • whyme1973

    #7 #34 So. Damn. Sexy!

  • Hammy
    • Really?

      You're looking at the wrong things…-_-

    • Kuffs

      I believe you are right, possible a tranny.

      • Prick

        Sounds like you and hammy should go on a date…

  • AnItalianChiver

    #10 #11 #12 #20 #22 #33 #41 mind status: "temporarily out of service"

  • john m

    #38 I wanna play under the bridge.

  • Jamie

    #4 #9 #11 #25 PedoBear Seal of Approval

    • Sea253

      You are spot on bro !!! Delicious YUM !!! Looks like an All You Can Eat Buffett !!

  • chappy

    #28 kinda looks like shes imploding…

    • Jordan

      yeah, holocaust hips aren't my thing

  • reggie1610

    #2: Long, lanky and lean. Lovely!

    • kuffs

      Long, lanky, lean, lovely and Led Zeppelin!

      • Anna Kendrick

        Your use of Alliteration is lustfully lacking lameness

    • sigh

      You forgot mustache…

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