More random facts that might catch you by surprise (36 Photos)

List via Did-you-kno

List via Did-you-kno

  • Macro

    I call BS on a lot of these, especially without proof of any kind. #1 #7 #8
    #22 Most of the camps the Soviets found were already abandoned or empty.

    • HUH?

      nope, everything on the internet is true.

    • Mikey D

      If you're going to call bullshit because there's no proof, the least you could do is offer some proof that it's bullshit.

    • CC82

      The only reason the USSR liberated more is because most of the camps were along the eastern front of the war – Poland, Austria, Germany, etc… They didn't have camps along the French coast, Belgium, North Africa, Italy, etc… The "wow" factor of this fact is a little skewed.

  • Jay

    #11 shouldn't that be "UPS"?

    • Guest

      Nah – Galactic Positioning System. GPS still works.

  • Screwdriver


    Yeah and then turned them into camps for political prisoners. Sachsenhausen in East Germany being one

  • Tim

    #35 oh the irony…all in all though, this was a pretty amusing post, good job bob!

  • IrishWolfhound

    #23 Did you know?……………………………koko the gorilla is a massive fraud? Any time scientists wanted to put koko's abilities to the test her trainer refused.

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Another ripped off post. Hacks

  • red4

    #20 Weird, this guy doesn't look like he's from an ancient Mexican society.

  • CO Chiver

    #35 isnt true. my roommate was there when it happened. the tornado ripped the roof off the physics lab with the nuclear reactor

  • surprised

    #34…really? And it takes our union workers 2 years to build a noise retaining wall by the off ramp on the freeway.

    • Dexter

      YEAAAH 3 months ….with chinese quality , so you can bet it will last less than 3 hours ….I would rather spend time in the Burj than in this thing . Next challenge for China, build a space shuttle with only glue and paper in only 2 weeks .

  • Leigh

    Good post. #13 facts I didn't know. Go sea Shepherd! This makes me Sad!

    #18 – the reason why my parents always requested seats behind the wings when I was young!

  • al155

    Did you know #36 is not true… from a Colombian Chiver

    • sbuenaventura

      I am also a colombian chiver, and can attest to that.

  • Zach

    #11 ummmmm… X-rays can't be used to geo locate. Nice try though.

  • spliggs

    #26 Did you know? Gary Numan is awesome, Gary Oldman is ok.

  • Curtis

    #16 Homeboy industries in LA… It's a great program

    • Curtis

      They also make great chips and salsa which can be bought at Ralphs etc.

  • Guest

    #17 is bogus. The fish cannot survive if it dries out – it might last a few hours, but not 3 days.

  • Lyin King


    Umm this might not be such a good thing to note b/c most jews apprehended by the Russians ended up in Russian detainment cause the Socialist regime was severely antisemitic. In the 1950's after Israel became recognized by the UN most repatriation efforts revolved around getting Jews out of Communist block europe

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