More random facts that might catch you by surprise (36 Photos)

List via Did-you-kno

List via Did-you-kno

  • Tiber_Septim

    I don't know about the others but #7 is true

    • echogeo

      When does Milla Jovovich play her in a movie?

    • Macro

      Right. Because war propaganda would certainly never inflate numbers.

    • Vassili Zaitsev

      I say honorary historical Chivette.

      • MissVega84

        and that was just confirmed kills, I bet she had an awesome tag collection ;D

        • Prettyswellguy

          She had a zero tag collection, Snipers get in get a kill then get out. No walking up to a kill to "grab tags".

          • MissVega84

            it was a Call of Duty joke…thanks for that though Captain Literal, you really educated me.

            • Prettyswellguy

              Sorry I have a life and don't play silly War games, to busy making sure the REAL soldiers are fed, have equipment and food to worry about a video game that has no basis in reality.

            • nkjn

              I'd like to hear about your call of booty 😉

    • Fighting Suomi

      Nothing compared to Simo Hayah. Not to mention she worked for the country which killed more in genocide than any other two nations combined.

  • HeySus Christo

    If your uncle jack fell off an elephant would you help your uncle jack off an elephant???

    • Jawbone

      Why? He'd already be somewhere other than on the elephant. OH. You think you're witty.

      Yeah. You are not.

      • Jack Wagon

        Lolol I was about to say the same thing hahaha

    • ...

      no but i'd perform falatio on the elephant

  • Tau Delt


    • Tau Delt


      • Seuss

        you people still exist?

  • AstroMikeDexter

    #9 Well, that show would've been a bit different. More watchable too.

    • DDD

      Can she do the booty shake??

    • Just a Guy

      I'd like to see Hannah Montana take on some Alexis Texas roles.

    • Flash

      'Miley Cyrus in Alexis Texas' sounds incredible

    • Gustopher

      This belongs in the AVN post…

  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 Tru dat. Sarcasm is an art form. My wife hates it. 😉

    • hello please

      Yes. Sarcasm *sure* is an art form.

      • Paula'sWannabeLover

        You're a fucking Michelangelo, you are.

    • Thisistruth

      It would have been much funnier if you said "my wife loves it."

      • hello please

        Oh yes, that would've been *much* funnier.

        • davo

          he spelled "invisible friend" wrong.

  • savagecabbage

    #25 trying this…

    • Chris

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    • ShadowChiver

      You should consider getting fire insurance just in case.

      • Bob

        I hope he's still alive so he can gives us the results.

    • Mike

      You can't just go home and NOT try this. There's absolutely no way this could end badly.

      • Good Effort

        sarcasm was 2 posts ago…

    • ZachBob
  • AnItalianChiver

    Good post. #13 #24 #25 facts I didn't know. Go sea Shepherd! fuck the whale and dolphin hunters.

    • SixPigeons

      #13 is not quite accurate. Tsunami relief funds were used to rebuild fishing communities, docks and processing plants that were destroyed. Some of those fisherman are whalers. Would you want to deny an entire fishing village of their livelihoods because some of the boats are whalers?

      • AnItalianChiver

        Misunderstanding here. I didn't mean that. This was a general thought. It's clear like the sun that japanese whalers used the excuse of research purposes to bypass international laws. Furthermore, the Antarctic threat bans this "activity" in the SOWS area. I am against the indiscriminate massacre of animal species in general, that's all. And I'm not going to judge how the japanese government faced the terrible catastrophe that hit them so hard, because, you see.. I live in a country where politicians give 0 fucks when natural disasters happen. As you can see I'm the last person with the right to judge them. Now things are clarified.

        Oh and yeah, before going to thumb down try to have a talk. (referred to anyone)
        Peace out

        • SixPigeons

          That's more even-handed than your first comment, but you should probably rethink your support for Sea Shepherd. They do far more harm than good for your cause. There is no profitable market for whale meat in Japan. In a free market, the industry would naturally disappear. However, once you throw an organisation like Sea Shepherd into the mix, politicians can say things like "If we stop whaling, the terrorists win." That's what keeps the government subsidies coming.

    • Anomanom

      Sea Shepherd is a criminal organization that conducts piracy, assaulting and occasionally illegally boarding commercial and scientific vessels in international waters.

      • Helena

        Yeah, they should be torpedoing those bloody whaling ships, instead.

        • Firefighter23

          Fuck yeah!

        • Mikey D

          I would kill every whale in existence to save one human life, so you guys can have your little terrorist group.

  • Revlis1

    Frustrating how many "Did you knows" are fragments of truth smothered in a heavy cream of "oh sounds cool".

    Much like the internet as a whole, it's amateur hour, every idiot with a blog or website somehow believes they are a creative genius. Another 10 years or so and there isn't going to be much left other than fart jokes and porn, which will be nice.

    Fuck I need a drink…

    • Garret

      It's a little early but…what liquor goes best with breakfast? I'm guessing vodka.

      • Timmer

        It's not early if you haven't gone to bed yet…

        • Karli

          It's 5 o' clock somewhere.

    • Danica SmashYA

      then why bother to be on it? go drink and be merry, and stop worrying about the internet, it will get along just fine.

    • Kyle

      Non-religious Amen to that sister!

  • ATomBoom

    is'nt the water vapor from a shuttle launch the result of the hydrogen engines?

    • Garret

      Just before launch thousands of gallon of water floods the bottom of the launch pad as an attenuator to reduce sound waves. The liquid absorbs the sound waves as opposed to the concrete reflecting them back at the shuttle.

    • Pvtdeth

      Why was this downvoted? The main engines on the shuttle used pure hydrogen as fuel and pure oxygen as oxidizer, resulting in a whole lot of water vapor in the exhaust. The pic is correct, and so is this guy. Only the solid rocket boosters made smoke.

    • SkillinVillain

      That is also correct sir!. They dump 400,000 gallons of water just before ignition. You can see it just before sparks fly under the boosters. When the booster kick the large plume is mostly from the 4000,000 of water used to block heat and sound. Although the exhaust trail doesn't stop after it leaves the launch pad. It trails for 160 miles. If the smoke was just from the water used to block heat and sound at the launch pad, it would stop shortly after liftoff. The large external tank contains liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen which is fed to the shuttle's main engines. The combustion of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen creates water in its gaseous form, steam. This steam joins the cloud made by the noise dampening system and is carried away into the atmosphere.

  • oo0o00ooo0o

    #9 There was just something about "Alexis Texas" sounded too adult for young Miley, but they couldn't a finger in it… I mean on it.

  • tits maghee


  • Ay Ay Caramba


    *raising glass*

    1.5 million bottles of beer on the wall… 1.5 million bottles of beeeer…

  • mrme

    #18 what is 40% more than 0%?

    • mrme

      wait, that came out wrong 🙂

      • Jack Handy

        I wonder what the chance of surviving in the bathroom is

        • cheezee 1-0-4


    • bmh9500

      40%. Addition!

  • Tonmi

    Well that's an accident waiting to happen in several teenagers' houses.

    • @Couteret

      Teenagers? I wonder how many adult Chivers are going to try this today and hurt themselves. Can that be a new gallery?

      • Bob

        my son spent an entire afternoon once wathing some stupid kids youtube channel where he does nothing but put different things in microwaves. i slept with a fire extinguisher by the bed for a week…

  • ZiaChiver

    Ain't nobody got time to hear about rotten ass herring…

  • George Zip

    #8 Oh, really; *do* they?

  • Brad

    #20 A fellow Canadian. I'm sure He Kept Calm and said sorry.

    • echogeo

      Did you know he looks a lot like Kevin Kline?

  • DDD

    #19 Makes people think youre a Douchebag and want to punch you in the face

  • Alex

    #10 Find her?

    • Euroranger

      Pretty sure she's at Starbucks…

  • Stephen

    I know that this was the case in a contest between Liszt and Chopin wherein they wrote pieces for the other to sight-read because they had a debate over who was the better sight-reader. I think it was Chopin that wrote a chord at the end where there was a note at the bottom of the piano, one at the top, and one in the middle. When Liszt couldn't play it, Chopin demonstrated the two hand and nose trick!

    • Murphy, it's you

      Thank you for posting something useful. You are a diamond in the rough.

  • mad mick

    #25 well yup,I'm off to the kitchen to play with the microwave

  • Stunt_Chicken


    Always seems like a paradox to me that if you went out and killed 309 civilians you would be called a mass murderer. However, if you kill 309 soldiers you're a hero.

    • Jen

      somebody's gotta fucking do it, though.

    • doug

      how is that a paradox? Quite a big difference between civilian and soldier.

      • sam

        civilians pay taxes to buy bullets that kill and oppress people. there are no fucking civilians in this world. no one is innocent.

        "we all got it coming, kid."
        – will munny

    • Euroranger

      Kind of the same difference between taking a few thousand out of your local bank with a withdrawal slip and taking a few thousand out with a note and a pistol.

      Same actions in different circumstances isn't paradoxical at all. Context matters.

      • Lemmingstad

        Wonder what the civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki thought about the context of being nuked.

        • Euroranger

          Who knows? The good news is that they had all kinds of chances to find out beforehand by asking the civilians in London, Honolulu, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow, Leningrad, Nanking and lots of other places.

          War causes lots of untimely deaths and always has. Inasmuch as the context switching from guns/bayonets/fire/collapsing buildings/bombs/starvation/gassing to atomic weapons, I don't discern the point you're trying to make here. To the dead, do you think they'd have preferred to have been killed by other means?

        • credible hulk

          nukes. made in America, tested in Japan.

    • P90

      Depends on the people who get killed. You kill civillians you are a murderer, you kill the scumbags who kill civillians (Nazis, Taliban etc.) you are definately a hero.

    • pogogogo

      The Nazis had a plan to murder ever slavic person on the planet, right after they were finished getting rid of the jews. They were part of the Nazi's "Untermensch" category of racial ideology. Many of them died in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

      I say, good by her.

    • spliggs

      War is hell. Pussy.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • sturbeetus

    I need a starbucks PPO for my diabeetus

  • Aaa

    #35 > What is your definition of destroyed? That tornado did a lot more damage than that. You can still vaguely see the path it tore down, today.

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