Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have returned!


After many months off the grid, Canadian KCCO’s are back! We’re as excited as you are. They are not going to last long so here we go:

Canadian KCCO’s available in men’s and women’s sizes available RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s in all the colors of the Canadian Armed Forces RIGHT HERE.

* You do not need to be a member of the Canadian Armed Forces to purchase these badass shirts.

** Yes, a Canada meetup is in the future. It’s cold up there now and Mac has fragile bones so spring/summer is more likely. We are narrowing down the cities now. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: All Men’s and Women’s sizes SOLD OUT.

  • Yup

    How about Denver Colorado???

    • dtjrjrj

      How about get a globe

      • Canada eh?

        its not yups fault. he's clearly confused by the snow and thinks that its Canada. Here's how you can tell if its Canada. Igloo's and dog sled's = Canada. Electricity and plubing = U.S.A

        • wolfvale

          Good schools and health care = Canada. Obesity and bad spelling = U.S.A.

    • warren zevon

      the only thing to do in denver

  • William

    Alberta area has been representing well lately

    • BFM

      Calgary Stampede + Chive Meetup = Epic Party!

      • IamWhoIAM

        Holy Shit. That idea is brilliant.

    • Cote

      Banff representy

      • ratedgg13

        Canmore parties harder than Banff any day.

  • Sherry

    I finally have a chive shirt 😉

  • sean m.

    oh Canada…KCCO from KCMO

  • Jess

    Calgary or Edmonton visit!!!!!!

    • Dude

      Wearing my chive shirts out, Edmonton has by far had the better response then Calgary.

  • Phil

    Toronto!!!! Be real, Toronto is the place to be!

    • Jeff

      It does make the most sence

  • KyleHeier


  • chiver

    Road tripping up to canada this summer, going to be looking for all you Canadian chivers and chivettes!

    • Airdrieboy

      Lots of Chivers and Chivettes at the Calgary Stampede! Greatest Show on Earth!

  • dimaman15

    Toronto. Please and thank you. KCCO

  • Nailedit

    Waterloo, Ontario!

  • John

    Toronto for sure!!

  • St.Eve

    St. John's, baby, yeah.

    • Yeah

      I second that. George Street says it all!

    • Matt

      TOTALLY AGREE!!! Why not party in north america's oldest city.

  • Frog


  • Greg west

    Calgary has a huge Chive following. I see Chivers all over the city. Bring the noise!

    • Excellcior

      Hahaha!! It's well known to be a redneck pool as well!!

  • mikeyjp00

    I would prefer Kitchener but I have to say a see there are plenty of stunning Alberta chivettes sending pics.

  • Ktown

    Score one of each!

    • Ktown

      oh and a toque to!

  • AllAlone

    Calgary FOR THE WIN!!! because, let's face it, we have the FINEST CHIVETTES!!!

  • kg1


  • Jordan Williams

    Kelowna, B.C.

    • jdsixsix

      Agreed. There is no place outside of Kelowna in the summer that guarantees this level of girls and parties.

  • Jordan

    Edmonton or Calgary!

  • Kurt

    I vote Calgary. If you came during Stampede and were actually able to secure a venue somewhere near downtown/Stampede grounds, a party hosted by the Chive would be the craziest party in the history of ever. However, any party any day with a collection of Chivers would be epic. Huge following here in Alberta.

    • joe

      cause hot women love dead horses!

  • Rich


  • Justin

    Toronto or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area is the place to be! As always KCCO


    Going to the visit the Ice Hotel next year so I bought one just to support Canada!

    • Alex

      Well done!

  • Laura

    Toronto for sure! or GTA (clearly you will just need to go across Canada and have a bunch!)

    • Sachin

      Totally agree…on the list of stops should be St. John's, Newfoundland (George St. is a party and a half), Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and end it off in Vancouver…Epic Chive Canadian Road Trip!!

      • Rick

        I have a hunch a road trip in inevitable!

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