Fire and Ice (16 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • bigyawns

    I always knew Ben Gay was a person

    • bigyawns

      welp that didnt make any sense.

      • bigyawns

        forever alone

    • majorfathead

      First would have been better

  • Twiga

    That's pretty cool…

  • kokuryuha

    damn #16 about sums it up. much respect for that.

    • fish

      Tough guys. Good on 'em.

    • Bob

      Glad to see no one got hurt at that job.

  • steven ibinson

    Hats off to them, working in them conditions. Respect given

    • NattyIce

      Hats firmly kept ON to you for using "them conditions." Yick

  • echogeo

    The men and women who go into burning buildings, fight extreme conditions like this cannot be praised enough. KCCO to all of you!

  • DannoTheManno88

    #14 All of a sudden I'm feeling much warmer. WOW

  • Jesse

    Talk about blue balls. Mad respect.

  • Jesus Christ


  • sfb101

    #9 Suddenly, ice sculptures!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    I think they deserve some Fire Fighter KCCO shirts

    • Southern Fireman

      There are over 4,300 firefighters in the Chicago Fire Department. That's a lot of shirts. lol

      • GuntherSquirrel

        Seemed like a good idea at the time?

      • McIrish

        I'd buy one for them. Only 4,299 to go.

  • rhodytarheel

    #16 If you're one of those folks that likes to complain about firefighter pensions, benefits, etc., ask yourself…is this what your workplace looks like?

    • ChiverLance


      • Anonymous

        I wish I could continuously give you thumbs up.

  • Chippy

    KCCO to these brave Men and Women.

  • Herrick

    Looks like someone got iced

  • Beander

    I grew up in Chicago, then moved to Europe, Im moving back in June and seeing this makes me proud to be from that part of the world.

  • Gabe

    I live in chicago. The original fire was yesterday…It rekindled really early this morning. How that happens with this weather and all that ice is insane.

    • Anonymous

      I bet if they let it burn it will melt the ice and put itself out.

    • Squints

      Yeah turns out it was an old furniture factory warehouse, they had rolls of fabric and stuff still in there. And you know when you burn a pad of paper it peels revealing unburnt paper? well the fabric did just that, all it took was one strong gust of wind and the thing re-lit like one of those damned trick birthday candles.

  • jepabst
  • drtyjrz

    Badasses. That is all.

  • Jon

    this place was a super popular spot for urban exploration photography…was very cool. i went shooting there a few years ago – here is a link to some photos of the interior before the fire:

    • dasuperfan

      very cool pics

  • mobuile

    wow. ice climbing in downtown chicago.

  • 911


  • hammer

    they put it out and hours later it re-ignited.

  • Leigh

    WOW #3 & #12 are my favorite pics – I hope all those involved are now indoors warming up!

  • vol_fan

    #16 Great pic. I wouldn't give up being a fire fighter for anything…

    • ChiverLance

      Amen, I feel the same way. Keep Calm and Stay Safe.

  • steve-O

    now….who wants to break off all this ice! lol

    • JAFitC

      That's the responsibility of Officer Summers. He'll be here in a bit.

  • Ben

    Great job brothers. $hitty conditions, but everyone went home.

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