• SteveW

    Live everyday to its fullest and don't ever forget to KCCO

    • GrofDeLord

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    • cascadians

      GoPro videos.

  • http://twitter.com/FL_Chiver @FL_Chiver

    thanks for making this HD

  • Benny

    I wish I had great skills the the guys in this video. Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

    • Jouhker

      Not totally true! I have no skills and my wife loves the shit out of me. Just be good being you. Rock the shit out of being the greatest you that you can be. People love fun, happy people!

      • Rando

        Agreed with Jouhker. No skills here (besides my work). Wife loves me more than life itself. KCCO dude.

    • bigyawns

      Well, you have a sweet bike. And you're really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you're like the only guy at school who has a mustache.

    • Bruno

      You only need one skill. Take it from a fat old man. Figure it out buddy

    • cels0_o

      Am I the only one that got the Napoleon Dynamite reference?

      • cels0_o

        Also I'm a fatty with no skills and still managed to marry a beautiful, smart and talented woman.

    • mario

      you're wrong bro,
      believe me' most girls always judge a man from his potential. she'll know you're not a rich boy, not handsome, poor skill, fat/skiny, bla..bla.. .But magically she can recognize your potential, which is your will power, enthusiasm/passion, kind of a hardworker, protective person, etc. so she have faith in you' that 'someday' you' gonna be successful/rich or else. simple as that, just be grateful & do your best

  • Brandon

    @2:45; can someone find the original video.

    • Chels
      • Brandon


  • SeanFzL

    Shit is cray

  • Yak Surfer

    Thanks Chive. I'm up to my asshole in aligators today. This helps.

    • jim thorton

      wait. Literally? you should probably post some photos if so…

    • MajorTom

      Now there's a complaint you don't hear everyday

    • HatBomb

      Better then having an alligator in your asshole. I think…

  • AnItalianChiver

    Amazing, simple but still an insufficient adjective for this video

  • bigyawns

    3:20 excuse me while I fucking 3 flip on my longboard

    • kashakesh

      actually, 3:20 is a nice tush… if flipping on your longboard is your thing, then by all means.

  • SouthernGent

    what is this song?

    • McIver

      Agnes Obel – Riverside

    • GMUchiver

      Riverside by Obel with a techno beat thrown in…I think it makes it a lot better

      • captnjak

        It's a remix specially done for the FTW site by Sheila Hill. According to http://www.ftw.nl/video/amazing_world_ii

        • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

          its too bad.. I want to buy this remix

    • McIver

      And the actual vesion is Agnes Obel – Riverside (Sheila Hill remix)

    • Frosti

      Agnes Obel – Riverside (Sheila Hill remix)

    • You got this

      Best question ever!!

  • CapeLA86

    2:03 That is all.

    • Justin

      good lord… FIND HER.

  • DuckDiver67

    lol at the duck. i saw it falling and thought oh man little duck is diving and then he hit the ground and i felt kinda bad

  • RealZoo

    Awesome!!! There are some real bad @$$es in this video.

  • Adam

    What is the song???

    • JA Boyce

      The song in the vid.


    • Anthony

      Here's a less lazy response. Agnes Obel – Riverside

  • Lame

    The real news plagiarizing videos and adding a new soundtrack now gets you a spot on the Chive.

    • Jesse Pinkman

      Take the stick out of your ass. Bitch.

    • Bubb

      Anybody can take the Go Pro commerical and throw a slow song to it, rip-offs indeed

  • electric boogalo

    I like the part when it was in slow motion.

  • Craig Powers

    Dang I've done nothing with my life. Time to get off my duff and do something with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Not a Skater

    If skateboarding isn't your idea of an amazing world, you could condense this video to about 20 seconds.

    • David

      We must not be watching the same video.

  • Archie

    This video is great, but it's just a copy of this GoPro ad…

  • http://twitter.com/therealJ_Alty @therealJ_Alty

    level 1 represent @3:51

  • GMUchiver

    The shit these people do is ridiculous!

  • Jurke

    Soooo many cut scenes from GoPro Videos…

  • zhengcl86

    whats the song/track title to this video? music is smoothing!

    • JA Boyce

      The song in the song.


      • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

        this isnt the song

  • http://www.cyrusmagus.hu huncyrus

    I hope we can watch the "amazing world hq 3" video 😉 as soon as possible!
    Great work, congratulation, you guys, totally on the top 🙂

  • Anthony

    Agnes Obel – Riverside

  • Crash_N_Burn

    The title should be: Life looks better in slow motion. There might be a lesson there.

    • lim

      Can we make that a new weekly post together with FLBP or Hump Day??

      • Crash_N_Burn

        They should.

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