A little Asian persuasion if you know what I’m saysian (18 Photos)

  • Bigair

    Dibs on all of them

  • phlipnstik

    #3 gets my vote!

  • Ryan

    I would say this post and the black is beautiful post are my favorite. Exotic looking women is where it's at

    • Luke

      I second that one !

  • Holy Shit!

    I need to put my tongue in all of them!

  • THErealWAVE

    #3 I'd break her in half

  • elder

    #19 FIND HER! FUCK IT. FIND THEM ALL!!!!!!!!

  • crash25

    #3,#6,#24. huh, i guess i like japanese girls….

  • Cheese Masta

    #12 looks like a blast

  • justin

    #33 #41 wow, holy shit.

  • johnnyarchuleta

    moar of 13,21,25,and 34 please

  • Guest

    Whitegirls come on here and troll because they can't stand to see another race of women being admired.

  • Jimmy3024

    12 certainly does it for me.wowwww

  • Jay

    i have to make an asian match.com to meet these women.#38

  • kimoho

    Love #3, & #32

  • Bntly

    S/O #20 Game Changer. One of those Genuinely Sexy even in morning type

  • Anthony

    best chive post of the week..love asian women..

  • Paul

    #6!!!!!! No other chivette comes a tiny bit close……. SO SEXY!!!!!!!!

  • jerky

    #6 #43
    Take me to your reeder

  • erikhart

    #18 Dannie Reil!! One of God's little gifts to us!!

  • Ed Hardley

    #3 #35
    I'm so sprung!

  • SmoothGuyE

    #22 AND #29 OH MY..

  • Crimson K-9

    #38, is that a Pedobear iPhone case? I mean, I'm ok with it either way. Damn!

  • Incognegro

    #12 Jailbait, awesome and beautiful, but still jailbait.

  • horncusker

    I wonder why PSY's Gangnam Style girl is never in these posts…

  • Stephen


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