Alexandra Markina toes the line between sexy and needing a hamburger (28 Photos)

Some of you will recognize Alexandra from photographer Alexander Tikhomirov's now-famous Nike Underboob shoot. She sparked quite a debate on theCHIVE when I featured her last. Some Chivers thought she was quite lovely while others thought she was a few fries short of full meal. Let's settle this...

  • 情趣用品


  • hey_cwryder

    Hips need to match shoulders. Atleast

  • alexroon

    Anyone who thinks she isn't seriously Fit must be Gay!

  • JustMy2Cents

    Ugly face

  • ddp


  • JM23

    She's perfect.

  • Scott

    This chick looks like someone smacked her in the face with a buick, UGLY AS FUCK.

  • tommytwotime

    a lot of people say the same thing about Ashley Sky but it's all a moot point, we can all fap to them

  • LBF 4 ever

    hell no

  • freezer boy

    #3, #25 I'll supply the beef!

  • Tromin


  • michelle

    she is clearly anorexic. girls with anorexia sometimes hide it with a boob job like this girl. she has tight abs because she is addicted to fitness as a part of the disorder. men who think this is acceptable need a reality check. i was anorexic for a year and the consequences of it on my body and self esteem continue to ruin my life. she doesnt need a cheeseburger, she needs a therapist.

  • slim

    Fantastic awesome fit body!


    she looks (damn) fine to me. skinny or voluptuous doesn't really matter. There's only one thing that bothers me and that's in the first pic only: she looks like a plastic surgery addict there…

  • KevinLC

    I think she's perfect but then again I like them thin and petitie – everybody has their own tastes!

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