Alexandra Markina toes the line between sexy and needing a hamburger (28 Photos)

Some of you will recognize Alexandra from photographer Alexander Tikhomirov's now-famous Nike Underboob shoot. She sparked quite a debate on theCHIVE when I featured her last. Some Chivers thought she was quite lovely while others thought she was a few fries short of full meal. Let's settle this...

  • Raul

    Would not bang

    • eljefe9


      • TCOW

        you're kidding yourself geek

        • wantomas

          Think you meant 'could not bang'

      • yonotan

        no, he's right he wouldnt. not his type. I say this based only on the fact that she's a girl.

    • Brian

      As if

    • Shenanigans

      But you jerk off to her.

    • NotsoFastTriggerman

      Your load would be busted in your pants before you had a chance to bang- so your right!

    • daveh873

      Relax guys. He meant to say "could". Just a simple typo.

      • Dreck

        Broad defiantly needs a couple dozen burgers before hand

        • Hara

          Yeah… no. I like some meat on my ladies. She looks like she's dying.

          • SpotJohnny

            She is too skinny IMO… and as far as the internet is concerned… she is okay hot.

            If you saw her at a bar… She would be SUPER HOT I am sure. It always works out that way.

        • spelling nazi

          "defiantly" you can't spell dick-faced anal-licker

          • Mayor McCheese

            Actually, defiantly could work here. She looks as though she'd be very defiant about eating anything in general.

    • Euroranger
    • Love it. Yes

      She's perfect for me. Only thing that would really set me off…. What the hell is wrong with her knee cap in pic #18?

      • Just sayin'

        She's a bonerack, that's why those kneecaps do NOT look right.

      • Rawn

        When you see it, you can't unsee it. Much like Megan Fox's thumbs though, I can look past it

    • macpearce


    • Yo Mamma

      I would say one cheeseburger, and she's perfect!

    • techno_viking

      I'm sure the feeling would be mutual.

    • shawn white

      i'd pee in her butt

    • CaptainInsano

      Amazing how picky men have become recently, the girl is gorgeous so stop putting on as if she doesn't meet exacting standards for you and your lifestyle (That's kind of a girly thing to do). Just embrace that every woman can be sexy in a different way… well not ALL but you get my point.

      • Big Joe

        My grandfather always said, all women are beautiful, just some more so than others.

    • kodythompson113


    • greg

      Wow, someone says that would fuck anything that walks and he gets down voted -150? There's some seriously little boys on this site.

    • EnditAll

      You are so full of shit, kill yourself. Fag.

    • oftenagentleman

      People come in all shapes and sizes, and I for one think this woman is sexy and gorgeous. I'm tall, skinny, and athletic too, and I've spent my whole life trying to put weight on to look normal. After 10 years of lifting, I hit 180 lbs and I feel great. The fact is, I'm always going to be skinny and I'm always going to like skinny women. Alexandra is the sexiest girl I've seen in a while, I'd love to see moar.

      • ace

        No need for ur life story douche nozzle. They are homo blogs for that. So go there.

    • ace

      I bet u get tons of ass with those standards. Get over urself

  • Alicia

    Most definitely needs a cheeseburger.

    • thatguy188

      More like a double whooper with cheese & an extra large fry. I don't wanna hump straight bone.

      • Applefish

        Amen to that!

    • Potsie

      Word. A ten pound cheesburger

    • finalfour

      I wish more girls would strive to be this skinny. Big girls don't need love, they need a treadmill.

    • waterboy

      first of all nutritionaly speaking NOBODY needs a hamburger. the girl is perfect. get off it already gents. you live in the states (as do i) and are way too used to overweight girls being the norm.

      • NICE

        agreed mr waterboy…………….this is quoting a previous persons relpy """"Yup. Guys here seem to like the giant watermelon hanging tits and huge shopped asses. No taste. The girl above is amazing.''''

      • oftenagentleman

        THANK YOU!

    • Narf

      Needs less duckface too… And a cheeseburger.

    • Berty

      Alicia, can we see some pics of you sober can judge how much less attractive you are than this girl. Thank you.

      • Berty

        So we*

      • Alicia

        I think she is gorgeous, but I also think that she looks ill.

        • MissVega84

          hmmm guys sure do love the emaciated with big fake tits look 'round here.

          • Berty

            Miss vega, skinny with big tits is always 3 points higher in my book.

          • GlibTongue

            Nah, men are just stupid in general.

            If you don't conform to the 'if it's skinny and has big tits=beautiful' mindset you must obviously be gay…

            Half of these guys talk a big game, but let's face it, 90% of them wouldn't know how to approach what they would label as an 'average' looking girl.

            Which is why they're looking at them on the internet and commenting.

        • Berty

          How can you look gorgeous and ill at the same time?


      How come it's not insulting to tell a woman to eat a cheeseburger but pointing out that she is overweight is considered a dick move?

      Underweight and overweight are both unhealthy. How come we can only make snarky remarks about thin girls?

      Seems unfair to the thin girls

      • GlibTongue

        Really? I think it's a broader problem in general on this site. Not just about thin girls or overweight women. Usually if I see a guy being critical of a girl in ANY post he must be:
        A) Gay
        B) A Hater
        C) A really ugly person who is jealous on the inside.
        Then you can throw in the usual 'Your entitled to your opinion, but we don't need your negativity or putting anyone down here on the chive'

        If only that applied to every other post where say, a guy was doing something or there was a contest that required actual talent. Then the negativity is ok. Oh you chivers…such hypocrites.

    • Smitty

      Agreed. As the title states, she is toeing the line… Yes, she is super thin but doesn't quite seem to be too thin. However, with normal weight fluctuation, this girl could stray into the clinically underweight area.

      Sure, if she gained a couple, it wouldn't affect her looks. Most, including myself, would find her a bit more attractive. The alternative in the other direction however… I'll leave it at saying it is less appealing.

    • Sarazyy

      Extra Mayo. 😦 She's really pretty and has a sweet bod but needs some padding. OMG I hope everyone isn't giving this girl a total complex…. :-/

  • Machew

    Too skinny for my taste but to each their own!

    • @LukesThumbs

      she's definitely skinny but she doesn't look sickly skinny

      • Anonymous

        would i pass on the very slim chance of sleeping with her? absolutely not, but if a girl's stomach is going to have definite lines on it, I'd rather they be abs and not rib bones

        • SpotJohnny

          I agree, I do not like girls that skinny. I prefer for them to be fit, but I am not fond of seeings abs on girls.

          Rosie Jones is a great example of having that perfect balance in my opinion.

  • AB

    No debate. Insane hot. Lawyered.

    • RDAB

      Agreed, She is hot as hell

    • Steve

      What's the link to that video she was in?

    • Yeahhh

      She is super hot. I would take her like she is, or with a little more weight on her. Either way, would totally bang..

    • @JohnGre38805239

      Thank you! Why are so many worthless creepers hating on this gorgeous girl? I love women of all shapes and sizes, but that girl is especially sexy. Chivers, you can't be disrespectful and expect the Chivettes to continue to contribute!

    • Slim Jim

      she wont get fat when i get her pregnant

  • bobinaustin

    she is pretty and her implants are well done, but yeah… she needs to eat SOMETHING soon

    • Experience matters

      There are some girls who are naturally skinny, just like others who are naturally "big boned". She doesn't need to eat, she needs to be herself.

      Dated a girl like that at A&M for close to 2 years. Looked just like this girl, except lighter hair. No amount of sandwiches would change her. People come in all shapes and sizes. Go figure.

      • Don't judge

        Agree, we don't know the situation. Maybe she starves herself, or maybe she just can't keep on any weight, or maybe she just naturally doesn't feel comfortable eating that much. There are a lot of different body types that can be attractive. This body type can still be attractive, It's on her to know whether she is healthy or not

  • echogeo

    "Who wants to hug a bag of bones, anyway?"
    ~Anna Nicole Smith

    • tv_paul

      I think by now Anne Nicole is a bag of bones herself(unless she was cremated).

      • @JustinYnolds

        Box of bones?

    • r00s7a

      "This Guy"
      ~Rusty Shackleford

    • electric boogalo

      Oh, it's getting all intellectual up in here now.

    • Jim

      Quoting Anna Nicole Smith is a great move. Said no one…. Ever.

      • dwtomek

        "Quoting Anna Nicole Smith is a great move," said Jim.

  • Eetown

    Like her the way she is. Works for her, works for me!

    • SOhioChiver

      I would like to feed her something! #29 Favorite Shot.

    • Gusto

      I agree Eetown. It is a fine line but she walks it nicely.

  • Goober

    Still needs a couple of good steaks or something. Too skinny!

    • yonotan

      I agree. like tube steak.

  • Captain Obvious

    She looks like she is toeing the line between death and crack


    I wouldn't turn it down… if that's what your asking. KCCO! They all need lovin'

    • BOOM!


  • Josh

    Still would…

  • Darrell

    My load has a few calories, that'll help her.

    • skappak1

      i agree with that man

  • drbman

    #6 those are 2 hamburgers I could sink my mouth into,

    • Ely

      more like big Mac

  • Captain Obvious

    #24 I'll suck your d*#k for some rock

    • Peter

      Her lips are so tired from DuckFacing, she has to help them out sometimes.

    • Tiber_Septim


    • @AntiWojr

      I thought #3 had the better "sex for drugs" look in her eyes.

    • duh

      if i had some rock, i'd let her…

  • Marc

    So hot want to touch the hinee.

  • Vaughner

    Something just isn't right. I wouldn't.

  • Mak

    I need to see her pu ssy first to make a true determination.

    • WithoutRemorse

      just click the link in the description just under the first pic- its all over her sight. just keep scrolling.

  • Sean D

    Where is the rest of her?

  • Phil knight

    Just do it.

  • DoubleNickelJP

    What part of discussing someone's possible eating disorder evokes KCCO? She's a pretty lady, leave it at that.


      I would give you a hundred thumbs up if I could.

  • el niño

    She is cute… Might need just a little bit but cute..

  • Larryville

    I need a glass of milk after looking at those jugs!

  • c2tha3

    I don't know… But it looks fun

  • bkibbs

    There's no cushion for the pushin'!

    • yep

      but there's a hole for my cock…

  • dolanski

    Beautiful, but hey everyone likes what they like cannot change that!

    • gabeutseks

      too skinny fake boobs. I like real girls. Nice fake tan too. ew.

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