Can you believe it? It’s Hump Day! (54 Photos)

  • Mn dude

    Where are the boobs

    • Yuppp

      Who cares, humps are better.

    • bigyawns

      probably in the boobs album

    • lawnguyland

      Titties are for babies. Asses are for men!

      • Jack Wagon

        You are incorrect sir. Nothing beats some big fat tits AND a beautiful ass!

    • kcco6

      You must be new here…it's going to be okay…KCCO!

  • Jay_Yk

    #6 love it!!

    • SW1

      I want to pull those panties to the side and fuck her from behind while she's still wearing them. I want to feel her sweaty ass push back onto my cock as she takes it deep insider her…

    • factchecker

      Doesn't she kind of look like the redhead who won the last season of the voice?

    • Mike Hunt


    • hmmmm

      duck face and all, I still LOVE IT DAT HUMP!!!!!

    • Milly

      its Stanija Dobrojevic

    • bUSTERA

      My fav in this post for sure

  • Shap

    #47 nice butt-stock

    • Huell

      I'd like to poke her with my pistol.

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      Yoga pants, you're doing it correctly

  • john

    damn you internet, when will you invent the scratch and sniff page?

  • blue_bronco

    I'd buy that for a buck!!

    • eaglesfanone

      • Peek at you

        She'd be a holographic one if she was a Pokemon card.

    • guest

      One whole doll hair

  • Cracker

    #29 nip!

    • Michelada

      Tis Nip Day.

    • TheAssMan

      You made me look. Good catch buddy!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      she wins.


    • EriktheRed

      glad I saw it before it gets taken down.

  • echogeo

    Ever stop when putting newspaper down before painting a room to read an article?
    #5 is like that.

    • theWizz

      best in show….

  • FL_Chivette

    #29 I spy with my little eye….something besides a tush 😛

  • kuiu84

    Have been drooling over the new lineup for a few days now. Thanks Chive!

    • Jim

      I sense an awesome chivette filled hump day coming up.

  • DirtBag

    #36 damn I wanna smack that thing. Give you $1…

  • true story

    #6 God I love white girls w/ a big ass-

    • looking at it

      and thats not a big ass

      • Deon

        As long as I can slap it while fucking her tight pussy from behind, I don't care how big it is.

    • whodat

      With the "dat asssss" First elation, then amusement…looking for my furniture in the background.

    • ass lover

      damn!! i love white girl asses

    • Junior

      That ass is dieing to be ridden

  • Magnus

    I REFUSE to imagine a world without hump day.

  • misschris

    #22 Add to cart. What a cutie!

    • Baby jesus

      Please tell me she really is from Denver.

    • <MARKLAR>

      This girl might be dead now, it looks like Jason is behind her in the top pic.

  • Marco

    #28 – Couldn't agree more…
    #32 #35 – That's some tushies… Fantastic curves ladies… MOAR!

    • Capt Obvious


      Daaat muffin top?

      • Nat

        It made me sad

    • muffin

      #28 Daaat Guuut

      • lucid_eye

        I am so tired of the "if a chick is not anorexic shes fat" bull shit

    • Notknowing

      #28 Baby got BACK!

    • thebeefinjector

      i think she has a booty-do. Where the stomach sticks out more than the BOOTY-DO

  • Yeahhh

    #13 great ass and sexy face.

    • josh

      she is a dime!

    • deadpool


    • Bheld

      By far the hottest girl in this post. Gave me a chub when I first saw her and that's not easy to do! Bravo we need more!!!

      • bigwang4u

        Aside from the fake tan.

  • bignewf

    #51 What animal is attacking her head???

    • Dutch

      Ha Ha, that doo is from the 80's. Reminds me of my mom.

    • Hrdwood

      I'm guessing from the amount of styling product on her counter that it's a MousseaHiveaWrexASauras…

    • Jerk

      I will admit to the hot body, but way too much goop on the head! natural beauty my dear is what we chivers like. try scraping a layer off next time

    • loonytik

      Is that a helmet?

    • chief

      blonde Elvira?

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I just shed a few tears. Beautiful.

  • beerfanboy

    29 Nipple-slip – YAY!

    • thebeefinjector


    • Sweet_Lew

      You, good sir, are a liar! And I turn my nose up to you! Good day, sir!

      • halfsmoke00

        They shopped it out already.

  • Pleasefind!

    #42 WE NEED MOAR!

  • SteveinEtown

    #39 feet… She did them wrong

    • meat.

      Feet? Where?

    • Marco

      She made Victoria very proud…

    • Quick Rick

      I bet her knees are just as rough.

      • fernando

        I quite seriously did not know she had feet until you mentioned it

  • Kiki

    #17 FUCKING SWEET! #53 DAT TOE!! Yum ladies

    • bUSTERA

      must find #53

  • Captain Obvious

    I love ass… Sheeeww…. Nice thread

  • DatAss!

    Anyone know who #36 is?! Need MOAR of that!

  • Michael Maness

    Find her !!!!

  • Captain Obvious

    #50 is the inspiration for yoga pants

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