Finding Her should be a professional sport (34 Photos)

  • steve

    #30 is pure sexiness

    • Slim Jim

      well since football is over?

      • fat tom


    • ThatGuy

      Good taste in a team as well

    • steven

      shes a whore

    • ABQChiver

      What a surprise there is a camera involved with the patriots.

  • lucid_eye

    I would love to find a curvy girls post on the Chive.

    • Shay

      Look for the Squishy posts Alec does! They have a bit more in there… but yes, I agree!

    • DrFunkenstein

      Make it so, Chive!

    • Captain Obvious

      No fat chicks

    • Ashley

      Not gonna happen! Im a curvy girl myself and seeing all these hip bones one here freak me out! To each their own I guess!

      • lucid_eye

        have you tried posting Ashley?

      • Irish-Man

        Ignore jack asses like Capt Obvious. Curvy girls are MOAR, just like the Chivettes we see regularly.

      • hmm

        a post full of girls like #23 would be nice

      • Harry Dunn

        we need MOAR so make it happen ashley! give us the curvy women us real men want!

      • The Dude

        Ashley, let's see your curves. I like curvy, too.

      • opm

        no fat chix

      • bdg

        Ashley bones are for dogs!!! Real men want a woman they can get a hold of!!!! Please show these prepubescent teens what a real woman looks like!!!

    • Yo Mamma

      #7 Um…. the arrow is NOT pointing at the one I was thinking

      • Matthew Cain

        I agree!

        • Visitohr

          I only just now noticed the arrow, so…. I agree

  • tv_paul

    #22 Words to totally ignore living by..BTW what's with the painted on eyebrows?

    • NorCal420

      Doesnt matter. shes super hot!

    • beetlejuice

      my mother was born without eyebrows. still not to be disrespected.

      • tv_paul

        No, she's cute and no disrespect to your mom it just seems like a trend now that women are getting makeup tattooed on. I'm not knocking it I just don't understand it.

        • coleyy_bee

          She wasn't born with out eyebrows, but naturally they are very blonde and light (barely visible). She's my best friend and I think she's beautiful either way, but it makes her feel better about herself so don't judge.

          • tv_paul

            I wasn't trying to insult her. I think she is attractive I just don't understand the why people think they need to do it that's all.

  • foxinthewoods

    #10 Imagine that looking up at you!

    • foxinthewoods

      Err, I meant #17, but #10 is Paulina Gretzky

    • loonytik

      "Why couldn't I have jumped on the money train of a baseball/football/basketball player so I could sit in box seats instead of out in this damn rain."



      • ChicO85T

        i'm pretty sure cosidering who her daddy is she probably has more money then most athletes

    • Jeff_DC

      Paulina Greatzky

    • steve

      Thats Paulina Gretzky

  • ChrisTheChiver

    #4 wins

    • Captain Obvious

      I've never used the phrase breath taking before but in get it now… Good Lord she's beautiful

    • Cory

      agreed, best i could find… She has a couple other scorchers…

      • the one from above


  • Brett D.

    #22 It better not be sticky or we have some issues.

  • rooster

    #4 #28
    Stunning, just stunning

    • Shawn

      I think #4 is Daniel Lönnborg

    • lonn

      yes #28 is incredible

      • AdamBaldick

        Im with you for sure

  • Jack Kinly

    #10 paulina gretzky?

    • justin smith

      yes, dating PGA player Dustin Johnson

  • FL_Chivette

    #17, #26 yes, do find

  • Sethiroth

    #9 #12 Sweet heavens….

    • Shawn

      # 12 is Ashley Osuna (NSFW)

      • Goober

        Well done Sir!

  • @JohnJofre


    Yankee Chivette FTW

    • true story

      She is so hot, be kind girl be kind-

  • SilentWrath

    OMG #9 find her please!!!

    • Meatstick


    • bdg

      I love where she hides her tic tacs!!!



    • James

      And she has this fake smile with a micro expression of disgust on her…high maintenance.

      • nick

        I would maintain her no problem

    • Richard Hair

      Man you're tough on one, she is gorgeous.

    • z chiver

      doesn't matter had sex

    • Chiver

      Her name is Rachel. I go to school with her at North Texas. She's a dime. Haters

    • opm

      Hey it's not her fault they don't make foundation the same toxic orange as her tits.

  • @keymasterbacon

    #6 is @TexasChivette on twitter

    • OhioChiver

      ^^so sexy

    • @NorCalChiver

      i don't think she really wanted her real name out there

    • @TexasChivette

      Yeah def didn't want people finding me on fb… Cool, thanks fucker

      • @BeardedChiver

        It's been deleted.

  • Tarkus

    #1, for sure (in the face she sort of reminds me of Camilla Luddington – but Camilla isn't blessed with a body quite like that).

    • Sean

      At least we know she was at the Australian Open in 2013

    • Shawn
    • No coffee yet today

      Samara Maloney. Google it and pull up her Facebook.

      • Kris

        Here's her twitter machine, not much on there at the moment

        • No coffee yet today

          All about her fb.

        • samara

          Haha, yeah I'm not much of a Tweeter…

      • Knows Samara

        What you cant see in this photo is that she has an RF tattoo above her elbow! She's actually an enormous fan! If she wasn't so hot and legitimately funny (no seriously she's stand up comedienne funny) you'd pass her off as a kook!

        • No coffee yet today

          Nice to know she has a good personality on her. Hope to see more of her. She's definitely getting some exposure from this.

  • JetBuilder777

    Dear Goddess yes please find #3

    • tralfaz

      Yeah, but not sure if lip piercing or da herp.

    • Big_James

      I agree this girl has a massive cute factor not sure what it is could be the smirk. Totally hot none the less.

    • Imphisisis

      Her name is Graphica De Computadora. She's Welsh, from Narnia.

      • Xing Fah

        I think I love you man of hot funny.

        /Not male Chinese spammer.

        • Ehh?

          srsly, wtf?

    • pep

      i choose you!

  • Obi

    These are the droids we are looking for.

  • Epitomizer

    I found #4, #9, and #34. They were in my dreams…

    • 209Chive

      #34 intoxicatingtori on IG. You're welcome.

  • Jeff

    #4 #13 #34

    These three made my heart skip momentarily and had to catch my breath.

  • sure

    #19 #25 who are them?

    • kash

      #19 – deviant art – TrySarahTops

    • ben

      Is that a blood engorged tick on her face?

  • blue_bronco


    Need a Hockey Hottie post

    Go Hawks!

    • Bhodi

      Agreed. Let's Go Hawks!

  • StarboardEngine

    I'm not the best at Wheel Of Fortune, but that might be Roger's wife.

    • Jeff

      Yes, i'm sure Roger would want his wife wearing a T-shirt like that. lol

    • Dan

      Not even close

      • StarboardEngine

        Thank you Capt. Obvious. I'm assuming it's too early in the week for some to handle a little sarcastic humor.

    • Throwaway1234567

      Samara Maloney, Austrailian lingerie model

    • Samara

      I wish!!!!

  • Spicy weiner

    More #18 and #21

    • Tammera

      Hey that's me!!!

  • whyme1973

    #9 #18 #27 I would not object to seeing a lot more of these lovely's!

  • techno_viking

    For the love of gaps, #12 must be found.

    • Shawn

      # 12 is Ashley Osuna (google is NSFW)

    • I am

      Lol when you find her, feed her.

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