There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (117 Photos)

  • Feeder

    #56 Those 'Nuts' are perfect

    • Judochop

      why the thumbs down??

      • No_Filter_HOOK

        Damn good question!!!

  • Bhodi

    #88 Blackhawk Girl – Nice!

    • Mayor McCheese

      looks like a tweaker slam-pig to me! Come get your slops bitch!

    • Teddy Roxspin

      COTW?? And you, sir, above my comment… Are a doucher!

    • Bhodi

      And just realized 88 – Kaner! Good job John!

  • dumpster

    first to take a big weekend dump?

  • fng

    #50 & #111, girl next door kinda sexy.

  • xBigBossx

    All these Chivettes are stunning, can't pick just one or a few

    • Mayor McCheese

      slam-pigs*, all these Chivettes are SLAM-PIGS!!!

    • bdg

      #49 Can I put my finger in your starfish???

    • DjDiddles

      I'm pretty sure #32 is supergirl!!!

  • Feeder

    #13 Clearly an Ass pounding is in order!!!

    • fng

      Not sure if i should thumbs up or down that ^ comment. Cause I do agree but dont think it should have been said that way!

      • Feeder

        Ummmmm, you visit this website because? IMO, we've got beautiful women with exceptional figures,willing to"drop their drawers" for a snap from a camera for all the world to see and you wanna evaluate weather you agree or not??? For fuck sakes stop "fucking your hand" and give a thumbs up if you think its worthy….Great cans deserve honest comments with NO filter attached.

        • fng

          Well said sir. Thumbs up coming your way!

    • orl

      I have to agree. I mean let's be honest. When a girl that looks like that posts a pic like that. Seriously what guy isn't thinking about what they want to do to her from behind.

      It's just being honest. I mean damn. She is one sexy girl from that angle.

    • T.A.R.D.I.S.


  • pimpninjaa

    #16 #42 #62 gotta get me some!

  • epic ass is epic

    #13 My lucky number

  • Beev

    Almost don't have to go through the post because #1 takes the cake

    • Drtychez


  • sfb101

    The eyes have it for me today #2, #23, #30, #78 & #111

    • echogeo

      You forgot #4. Can get lost in those eyes.

  • brian

    #13 is perfect…

    Why are perfectly good Chive images banned from Tapiture? Seems wrong.

    • brian

      Agreed. I'd tap the @#$% out of that.

    • techno_viking

      Because tapiture has become a place where you can look at a well dressed mannequin with a unique tie knot, instead of a scantily clad woman with huge cans and a nice ass.

      • guest

        Then tapiture is sucking. It needs more T&A!

  • JimBozo

    #68 Holy Bewbs!!

    • Red

      One word: SCHWING!

  • TheAssMan

    #30 WOuld love to see you when there's a heat spell

  • Notknowing

    #68 You're doin' it right. Need moar SQUISHY!

  • chivecitybitch

    #68 holy tits


    #68 and the BOOBs take it this week!

  • Mak

    #107 should be the new chivette pose. 🙂 sexy..

  • Lok_D

    #30 wins.

  • Jokey

    #61 what a cross eyed cutie! #79. What a smile!

    • Keller

      #79. Those dimples!

      • Dexter

        Well even if she's focusing hard on her camera, she's really cute and has so deeeep blue eyes, oh mon dieu…congrat' Angel, you're the One to me !! i want more of you !

  • @angryprof13

    Good call Chive, I was done with work for today anyway.

  • echogeo

    Dazzling smile. Submit moar early & often please.

    • WAchiver425

      #74 WA Chivette!

  • Mayor McCheese

    Wow, what a bunch of common slampigs, not even worthy of a dumpster fuck!

  • Winning!

    #27 Keep doing what your doing, and #64.. Fantasy.. Gorgeous.

    • SOhioChiver

      #27 for the win…Showin that tender skin

  • truestory

    My lord…there is some serious talent in this post.

  • YOYO

    #47 Twins Bazzle.
    #24 #106 Whattt Up

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