This is an amazing rock we live on (HQ Video)

Time to be inspired. Happy Friday, world!!

This is what the Internet was made for 2012 Edition

Music Playlist:
1. Time (We Plants are Happy Remix) – Hans Zimmer
2.This Is So Good (Original Mix) – Ehrencrona
3.Fortune Days – The Glitch Mob
4. Levitate (NFS Shift2 Dirty Remix) – Hollywood Undead
5. Never Surrender – Brand X Music

  • Роман


  • Nishtai

    Vid removed over copyright claim… Awesome people live in this rock…

  • Meve

    not available anymore…

  • Banana_man

    not sure if it's the same video, but I really liked it.

    well done, humans.

    • Grateful

      Thanks, buddy!

    • DerJöe

      also down

  • Willy

    Such an amazing copyright-protected rock we live on

  • DerJöe

    new link:

    • john


  • mikennc

    Dickheads. Copyright infringement. If those fu**ers had any idea of how much music I've purchased because I HEARD IT ON SOMEONE'S VIDEO ON THE INTERNET… Well, they would rush to let everyone use their shit for fair public use, or whatever the phrase is.

  • Lmessiah
  • non, a

    Hey Chive, instead of just posting stuff and collecting the money; check it once in a while, thanks! (The vid is removed now)

  • brennen

    I think it's a fact that the internet wouldn't be what it is today had it not been for porn. Idk about this education source that's being spoken of haha

  • Rusty Nail

    Another link :

    why wont this let me log in. grrr

  • Shane
  • alex

    this video has been removed :/

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