Daily Morning Awesomeness (45 Photos)

  • Juice


    • Twido

      That's not what she said

    • Don113

      And yet, you've still lost.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #24 That girl's ass is hungry!

    • See

      What couple are we making fun of here?

      • Don113

        Probably the ones whose asses we can see.

    • Brad

      It's not a girl….

      • Anomanom

        Yeah i'm pretty sure bikini shorts is a man.

    • Peter

      There is no way that the one in the shorts is a man. That would make them a gay couple, and no gay man would ever wear those terrible Hammer pants.

      • Tiffany

        As amusing as that is. You should've seen my gay roommate in college. He showered once a week, always had food in his beard. Worse he wore the same ugly grey sweatpants like a cartoon character. And I know he was gay, thin walls you know? Not every gay person is 'fabulous!' And man. Totally a dude. I'm a female. I can see if from a mile away.

        • Peter

          My college roommate was so annoying, he would always tell us about people he knew that were different than the stereotype.

        • Peter

          Also. If you went to college. You should know how. To use punctuation.

  • Winner


    • Thescribe

      You suck at everything

  • YourMom

    Whoa really?'

  • AnItalianChiver

    #30 Chive on and keep fighting, little buddy 😉

    • dude

      Hang in there little guy! Our heart goes out to you and our prayers go up for you! Keep fighting! Never ever give up!

  • http://twitter.com/bl4ckbu5 @bl4ckbu5

    goddamn #21 is something about exorcism. scary.

    • Don113

      You see a hot, flexible girl and the first thing that comes to mind is exorcism?

    • Bort

      Bad girls bend at the waist? She must be THE WORST!

    • Bert

      she could wipe her ass over her shoulder! Thats talent.

      • morebeer

        with her hair

    • DirtBag

      She could lick your nuts while you're hittin it from behind.

  • Bob

    #21 H…..hi…

  • http://twitter.com/BillyWessels @BillyWessels

    #7 I miss strawberry milk from childhood.

  • tim

    #40 is just amazing

    • hey

      crazy chinese

  • MattKL

    #37 FTW

    • Pat

      Agreed. Should alsoshow the before pic, with long grass on the lawn in fron matching the art.

  • s&s

    #44 rocket ride to Uranus…

    • nvi

      Are you wearing space pants? Cause your ass is outta this world!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      An ASS like a BOWLING BALL.

      Not like that isn't awesome in its own right, but i can't be the only one who thought about pearlescent bowling balls.

      • ratedgg13

        Interesting analogy when you consider where you put your fingers in a bowling ball…

    • elguapo

      Space Junk

  • Tiber_Septim

    #30 Kick leukemia's ass hard lil guy

  • wolf

    #21 what r u looking for?!

  • Silverstone

    #5 Obviously this is the caption writer's first Pebble Beach Pro-Am!

  • PatrickO

    #5 BFM has as many fucks as Manti Te'o's does girlfriends

  • WHAT

    #21 DAYUM GIRL

  • AnItalianChiver

    #40 powered by Nokia

  • DrummerWill

    #44 asstronomical

  • jaycizzle

    #44 i guess those ARE space pants.. cuz her ass is outta this world.

  • SirCtheIII

    #24 I see who wears the pants in that relationship…
    #30 Keep fighting little buddy.

  • WHAT

    #32 WOULD YOU??

    • ...


      • Mick Taylor

        Which one? The cow or…

  • Don113

    #3: And I imagine your response is something along the lines of "Bleargh, hate mornings, so tiredAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Lint


    Why is this awesome? Bud Light sucks

    • McBeastie666

      Kid's shoe section.

  • KiKi

    "Guuuurrrrrllll your ass is out of this galaxy."

  • cjacksallin

    Camel toeeeeeeeee

    • Alex

      I'd go for it, her ass is probably phenomenal going by those upper thighs

    • ...

      That toe would be perfect on my third leg! 😀

    • BamBam

      In this case it would be called a "moose knuckle"

      • Urban dictionary

        … Moose knuckle is when it's a guy.

        • TrueCapeBreton

          Camel tail when it's a guy

        • Bam Bam


    • Sir. Fapsalot

      Find that toe! MOAR!!!

      • Kristen

        You could probably find her at the nearest buffet.

    • Seth


    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/AtlantaAreaChivers/ The Beard

      Who knew we had moose here in Atlanta.

    • lucid_eye

      hell ya another request for curvy girls

    • Rick

      These girls are hot, no fake ass bitches!

      • Smitty

        Maybe not, but the Photo is fake/submitter is a liar. There is no subway in Atlanta. There is MARTA light rail, but its no subway.

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