theCHIVE announces the Official Atlanta Meetup!

atlanta yep theCHIVE announces the Official Atlanta Meetup!

After seeing all the amazing unoffical Chive meetups y’all are throwing in Atlanta, our ATL Chivers have definitely earned the next Official Chive Meetup.

It’s all going down next Friday, February 22nd at the Lost Dog Tavern.

Tickets will be available this Friday, Feb. 15th at 1pm EST. We know some of the unofficial meetups have brought out hundreds of Chivers so these tickets will go fast! As usual, the cost of your ticket will pay for beer, booze, and debauchery. These meetups are about Chivers getting together to raise a glass, we don’t make a dime.

Feel free to suggest the next meetup city in the comments!

See you next Friday, Atlanta!

  • Jared

    Charleston, SC could use a good Chive meet up, might even run into Bill he's always hanging around here.

    • @burende

      Ive been saying the exact same thing, Ran into so many Chiver's this weekend during Folly-gra

  • Mac

    I'm going to do a lot of alcohol.

    • Epitomizer

      John will probably make you stay home & cat sit for his girlfriend.

    • FunKiller

      …and whip-its, do a lot of whip-its.

    • boom

      Wouldn't expect anything less!

    • @erikaskarlet

      I have been given instructions to spank you, so get ready. see you Friday @Mel_Fab

    • Yeahhh

      And bitches??

    • Paula_

      OK, but do me FIRST!!1!

      – the one…. for you…

      • Yuppp

        Ewwwwwww, she's back.

        • Paula_

          To be 'back' I'd have to be GONE first asshat!!1!

          Also if I really had gone even the Chivers would have noticed something by meow.

          Spit in your free drink,
          – Hmmmpf!

  • Another Jared

    Come to Cincinnati

    • TrueStory

      Haha. That was funny.

  • Curran

    Boston guys!

    • echogeo

      Now that you're coming East, turn North and visit Boston. Long overdue.

      • Smitty


        Sucks the meetup is going to the ATL after I moved "home." Come to Boston.

    • markhats

      I thought you guys promised Boston during last summer?!

  • FL_Chivette

    West Palm Beach, or Orlando!

  • TCSthesecond

    I am so happy

  • Catherine

    Somewhere in the UK!! No harm in asking…

  • sfb101

    Why no you come to Bay area !?!

    • Teddy Roxspin

      I second the notion for S.F.!

      • Mac

        S.F. would be awesome!

  • brucebruce

    Pray for ATL. I'll see you fools there

  • SarahC

    Florida Chivers (and Chivettes!) would LOVE a Tampa meetup!
    Love, a Florida Chivette ❤

    • Sean

      Hyde park would be a great place

      • Ben

        Why is a Tampa meet up getting negative ratings? I am all for a tampa meet up!!!!

    • Timo

      Downtown St Pete Chive Bar Crawl!!

    • MIKE


  • @S_Davidson1222

    Fredericksburg, VA or Richmond, VA…..Virginia Beach VA….somewhere in VA!!!!

    • Sweet_Lew

      I agree on Richmond totally. I'm up in DC now and in all honesty would love it if they did a RVA meetup moreso than DC

    • Novalee531

      YES! a Va meet up! I'm 1.5 hours from DC and Richmond, either one would be awesome!

    • @Turly58

      One more vote here for the RVA!

  • Kris-ATL

    And join our merry little band of Atlanta Chivers on facebook!

  • Jose Adam Ramirez

    Chicago or Milwaukee!

  • Tyler


  • Weeksy


    • Ryguy_Chive

      I concur, make a short trip north!

  • NeedleFapper

    Cannot freakin wait! Finally!

    • Yuppp

      Gave you a thumbs up for your name. Lol, classic.


    HELL YES!!! I live right down the street! I'm there!

  • Jeff

    Nashville or Memphis ( but let's be honest, who the hell would want to purposefully come to Memphis, unless it was for Memphis in May BBQ 🙂 )

    • kait

      No! Nashville!

  • nicole


  • CMF901

    Memphis needs some Chive in its life!

    • TheChamber

      Welcome to Memphis, The Detroit of the South.

  • unorthodoxjane

    DENVER! Didn't we get 2nd in the last contest? Why no love Chive? We promise we won't disappoint!

    • sankeyr

      And didn't someone mention a pole dancing team or something?

      • unorthodoxjane

        If that's what it takes to get an official meetup in Denver then I'll start taking classes and gathering the Denver Chivettes RIGHT NOW DAMNIT!

        • @DJintheMHC

          Have you guys ever seen the parties at the XGames? That's how we do things. A Denver MeetUp will go off as one of the alltimers… guaranteed.

        • Nina Reed

          If you ever wanna take classes, let me know! I was the one who offered to bring a pole to the meetup when we were voting last time 🙂

      • BOCO_Kid

        Yes we did. My Wifey will be involved in that part!

    • cochikers


      For unofficial meetup info check out @cochikers on Twitter too!

    • Truth

      We got second by like 50 votes… now nothing?! COME ON CHIVE!!! Dafuq did Denver ever do to you?!

    • KAJ

      Listen to this lovely lady, Chive…she has a very good point!

    • MHC

      No kidding! Apparently Denver offended the Chive at some point 😦

    • AndySaximus

      Jane, you are awesome (creeped on your profile). We have awesome chivettes here like Jane and two COTWs from a couple months ago – Anna Banana and Courtney macomb. We got it, you want it, let's do this.

  • JDF

    Yikes, Lost Dog huh, gonna be a wee bit crowded.

    • Nathan Rigsby

      We have the inside bar, patio bar and also the garden patio downstairs with a brand new bar beneath the building. Buck up buttercup, we'll be alright.

  • WindyCityKid13


  • tounge ring

    RuFF Raleigh NC

    • infi47


    • HamptonsWorld80

      Hell any NC area!

    • Nathan Rigsby

      Check out my buddy's Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Chive group! Search FB for 'Triangle Chivers'…

  • Justin

    Four days before the Georgia bar exam. Really wish I could be there, unfortunately I'll be at home under a pile of books.

    • Jeff

      Good luck w/ the bar exam.

    • Captain Obvious

      Its at a bar.. Whats the issue?

    • ATL Chiver

      You must take a break. Studies show cramming with no break will reduce cognitive performance.

    • Yeahhh

      Come on man, get your priorities in order.

    • fuzzbucker

      what's the bar say?…cold
      now what's this bar say?…. super cold
      great, you pass here's an ice cold coors light

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