User submit: muddy training, muddy girls (58 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #5 #9 #24 #29 #56 Dirty girls make for dirtier thoughts.

    • Mike Larson

      <img src=""/&gt; i think #29 is the best, what's she doing there though?


        Looking for her belt buckle apparently. Cos, y'know, her pants are slipping down and we can see her underwear. Can't think of any reason she would actually want people to see that.

  • orion

    #28 mud queen

  • bee

    #5 #4 #23 #46 dirty dirty dirty mmmmmmmmm time to get out the hose

  • chumba

    You got a lil sumthin on your…uh…everything.

  • rhodytarheel

    #13 A little cropping and this is the best picture ever. I don't think any further explanation is necessary.

  • ohgawd!

    #26 isnt mud…..

  • anne
  • Brett Hall

    #5 Dear god I would lick her clean

  • jmonster

    We need MOOARRR of the sexy little thing in #36

    • you love it too

      not enough cock

      • Ramon

        Roosters, right? Totally.

  • Josh

    btw every military man pictures was a Marine…. we do the real dirty work.

    • kodythompson113


      • Jason

        NTA (Northern Training Area) Okinawa. Semper!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 #14 #30 – excellent.

  • hello please

    Should've used Ultra Ever Dry.

  • echogeo

    Dressed for the occasion.
    Outstanding body under that mud.

  • Kevrhutch

    Mud never looked so good!!

  • whatwhatinthebutt


    Smile so i can see you!

    (it's not racist when it is a white chick covered with mud)

    • Wayne

      Thats my boy Oyugi, Machine Gunner, From Kenya. Built like a fucking truck.

  • Yak Surfer

    #28 MILF – Mudder I'd like to F***


      Go home.

  • dan


  • Ramon

    #35 #39 #51 #48 #55 #57 I feel like a total pansy right now behind a laptop computer. Bless you guys.

  • @JuanPaBackPack

    #28 EPIC!!!

  • tv_paul

    #34 Mud Faps

  • Kris

    Not normally my thing, but damn this is indeed a hot post.

  • aniahafrey

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  • tex

    #1 / #54 win.

    • spliggs

      It's the same picture, but posted twice, which is almost enough. Sweet!

  • Wayne

    Theres are all my boys, 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment, Alpha Company. Training in Oki right now. love you guys.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    I always did love a dirty girl….

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