Black is Beautiful (34 Photos)

  • bringthepain

    not feelin it.

    • John

      then take a little blue pill

    • What ev

      You have nothing to feel it with.

    • TheGnome

      Must be because gay.

      • fact

        Must be because he has access to better looking chicks.

        • Non believer

          Maybe. Probably not though.

          Prove your fact.

          • fact

            somethings are self evident

            • Waiting

              Any yet still no fact.

      • bringthepain

        because im not into black chicks? good one, you act as though i said something rude.

        • Confused

          You talking to yourself?

        • ChicO85T

          then why did you bother opening up this post?

    • Smokehouse

      Yet you clicked on the post and looked at every picture and commented. First comment no less

  • DannoTheManno88

    #23 Baby got back

    • jsrockies

      No….baby got eating problems and an entire sub-culture that says a larded up, cellulite-ridden ass looks good.

      • DannoTheManno88

        I tend to agree with Sir Mix A Lot

        • Monsta

          I agree with DannoTheManno88….

    • Lboogie13

      I think #23 is in the wrong post. She should be in the junk in the trunk post.

  • Guest

    Looks to me like only mulato is beautiful

    • Lboogie13

      Mulato? What is this 1963? Who even uses that term anymore?

  • willy

    #27 isn't black…hahaha

    • JESSE

      I'm going to assume this photo has changed

      • terdfergason

        Lacy Duvalle pornstar check her out she can suck a D like Woah!

  • KayMan

    #32 yes please

    • Lboogie13

      Dare I say moar please!

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    Jesus, #29 you are fine…

  • @LosTorre

    #5 mmmmmm…..lips

    • Mak

      She must have two sets of really fat lips.

    • HuskerDu

      This post makes me want to procreate gorgeous babies…

  • TheYesMan25

    Ehhhh idk

    • Your right.


  • Yesss

    Wow! Stunning.

  • sfb101

    #27 &#31 Assume the position!

    • Irish cjive

      #27 Lacey Duvalle NSFW

  • @LosTorre

    #4 mmmmmmmm…..light skin

  • orion

    #4 black magic woman

    • ftw

      chivette for the win

  • Jonny Apps

    #27 may have a tan..but she's definitely not black

    • Osgood

      You're blind.

      • Jonny Apps

        They changed the picture with the number!! Look at all the other posts that mention the same thing. Not my fault!

        • usiknme

          Porn star Lacey Duvalle, is black

  • tv_paul

    #31 I think I can probably hit that without even waking her …that really doesn't say much about me does it?

  • Brian

    Love you all

  • Shaolin Killa

    Bums me out thinking about the HAF black Chivettes (holy shit, #4 #19 #22) who send in their pics, and then have to deal with the inevitable racism in the comments.

    • Murph

      Only thing to say about #4 is that she is gorgeous.

    • Sweet_Lew

      Umm … shouldn't we be bummed out about all inevitable racism in the comments?

  • zgl

    #26 – please.

  • snore


    • Your dumb.

      Wake up idiot!! Your missing some beautiful women here!!

      • snore

        Isn't your name really "You're dumb"?


        • Lol

          It's what ever I want it to be. And yes, it is brilliant!!

          Ps. Your dumb

          • snore

            Your mother seems to be ignorant in grammatical matters as well then.

            • Abc 123

              Oh shit!!! It's the spelling fuzz!!

              Got nothin better than that huh. That's to bad.

              • Spelling Police

                That is usually the response given by people that can't spell.

                BTW It's "too." Stay in school.

                • F in perfection

                  Or people who can spell but don't care because this isn't a paper that will be graded.

            • Coach

              And yours seems to be absent in all matters of home training little guy. Eat a dick

              • Straight

                Not sure how my mom got involved here.

                Um, please stop offering me your dick to eat. I don't swing that way. Cool of you do though!!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 Yessireee… Not hard to look at, at all.

    • Nope

      She looks like a palm tree dude

  • Canucks_Rule

    #21 #25 – not trying to be a jerk or anything. but black girls really gotta be done to the nines for me to find them really pretty. just personal preference.

    • Lukeatmacok

      meanwhile your GF goes about 220 230 and is 5'3 , thats even giving you credit for being able to get one

      • Jeffrey

        hhaha, are you trying to tell us somethng about you?

      • Canucks_Rule

        actually she's 5'7", buck-35, and a yoga instructor. cheers.

        • Canadia

          and is also your sister, aye

        • I bet

          Yea….uhhhh, way to go sport??

          • Canucks_Rule

            compliment accepted. 🙂

    • A Loyal Chiver

      I know he is not being a jerk cause its what he looks for in a girl and what he likes. Everybody has their own opinion on what they perfer and what attracts them to a lady. Its what makes life go around. If we didn't, we would be all going for the same girl. I do back him up on that. For me, the type of black girls that I am attractive to are the light skin ones like the ones he picked out.

      • McBeastie666

        Yeah, sure. Dismissing an entire race of women as unattractive unless caked with makeup is "what makes the world go around."

      • Canucks_Rule

        someone got it. cheers.

  • baddbuzz

    I guess #31 needs a better tan . . lookn kind of pale for a black woman

  • Unit


  • snore

    unattractive yes, but your characterization is not appropriate

    • Eat a dick

      And I suppose the both of you are gods gift?

  • Sirgallahad4



  • LineHog

    What? No Beyonce?

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