Tyrannical Valentine’s Day cards. You heard me right (11 Photos)

Yep, these are all horribly evil men. So if you are easily offended maybe this post isn’t for you.

Just know, it’s all in good fun.

Via Reddit

  • #387

    Nothing says I love you like a dicktastership!

  • chorizoblanco

    This post is going to piss of a few with left leaning tendencies!

    • Awesome

      Nah. It's just funny

    • RobDL

      I am proudly conservative and I find this in bad taste and frankly not very funny. Please don't bundle all conservatives with your idea of what a conservative is. Maybe for next Christmas someone will put something about S.H.E.S. for you.

      • what

        I think you might be confused about right and left hold your hands out in front off you and the one that makes an L with your thumb and pointer finger is your left and therefore liberal

      • alex

        yeah you're a bit dumb

    • Tokey the Bear

      I am very left leaning and I think its pretty damn funny. "Trotsky thinks you're hotsky" had me laughing out loud.

  • penguin slayer

    How was queen Elisabeth evil?

    • realmadrid

      she exploited so many small countries ,not any different from hitler or obama for example 🙂

      • pilot

        You might want to re-read your history. Elizabethan England had no standing army, only a small navy, and no colonies. Its approach to the world was largely defensive with the exception of one failed effort to take and hold Le Havre. Even its biggest victory over the Spanish Armada had as much to do with the weather as with any English efforts.

      • AnItalianChiver

        Are you pissed off for the yesterday's match result? Don't worry, we'll take care of you @Old Trafford 😉

        • Trig

          Lets not forget the fine things carried out under the name of the Spanish People. There was the Conquistadors With Out Borders, the "Surprise" enlightenment of its own people with the Spanish Inquisition and its support, if not founding, of the IRA in Ireland by introducing the potato (when their shit navy got torn apart by god, who is English, and the brave souls led by Sir Walter Really.:)

          • Dr. Gonzo

            Good God, I do love a good European flame war!

  • LaF310

    I Love You Colleen, Happy V Day

    • colleen

      I love you too Andrew. Make me proud and keep chivin!

      • Colleen's man

        Dammit.. Who the hell is Andrew, Colleen?? I'm so glad your sister licked my penis. We are through.

  • ThatGuy

    Expected at least ONE Tyrannosaurus Valentine's card.

    i am disappoint.

  • tralfaz

    What do you get when you cross a penis and a potato?

    • tralfaz

      A dictator.

    • tv_paul

      A pud spud … a tuber steak … Mastertater….

    • Mr. A Knife

      a DIck Tater!!!

    • MylesofStyles

      Potato dick.

    • what

      Tater tot? I guess that's just me

  • VLAD

    I want to Impale you with my Dick.

  • Bob


    • tralfaz

      Quick somebody call the internet police.

      • Oltimey

        Called em…they just gave out their last fuck yesterday.

        • Mondo Burger

          But I'm not on 4Chan. I'm on TheChive. Check your address bar.

  • Hrdwood

    #5 …but jew don't really love me.

    • tv_paul

      This romance could start quite a Führer. She's still looking for Mister Reich.

      • Hrdwood

        I did nazi that comment coming… well played.

      • Heinrich Himmler

        if you can't stand the heat of my heart step away from the oven

        • Hrdwood

          your comments require more concentration and less camp…

          • Tokey the Bear

            not funny, Anne Frankly im offended

            • tv_paul

              Heil have to back to you on that one.

              • MylesofStyles

                It's getting pretty dark in here. Someone find auschwitz for the lights.

                • Doug

                  Was going to send this to my girlfriend, but Dachau broke up with me.

    • EJoplin


  • HerpDaDerp

    You used the tag 'Funny'.

    You should probably delete that tag.

  • Jack

    Where is the Obama one?

    • anon

      The worst of them all

    • True Story

      How dare you make a joke of supreme ruler! incoming drone strike.

      • what

        Hussein you wouldn't be my Valentine?
        or (like "I'm gonna") Obama take all your love…. and by love I mean taxes

  • bergues

    obama , merkel , cameroon , sarcozy are missing.Make more pics 🙂

  • Arvid

    #1 Actually, JFK signed the embargo against Cuba. Shouldn't he be the tyrant pictured?

    • Fish

      Arvid, go fuck yourself. Kennedy was a great President.

  • bryan

    maybe you should get a history lesson rob, how are we defining evil, cause your off base on a few of these folks, particularly Marx, Trotsky, Castro (whom is admired by many outside the US) and queen E. how about Pinochet, hoover, George Bush, Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, etc

    • Brother Maynard

      I promise if you get the fuck over yourself, and take life less seriously, you will be much happier, and maybe even get a girlfriend.

      • bryan

        maybe you should read a book and not make assumptions. i see the humor. haha I've seen better spam from tea party grandmothers.

        • thomas

          America is a free country you may leave at any time

    • Brother Maynard


    • Boo

      "Whom" is an object. You should use 'who' as the subject of a sentence. It's like people who use "and I" instead of "and me" when it's actually appropriate. You try to sound smart, but you just come across as an ignorant asshole to those of us with a complete education.

  • tim

    Nobody made one for Obama? I'm disappointed.

    • nameiz

      Drone you be my valentine? – Obama

  • warren zevon

    preach bryan preach!

  • FLChiver

    meh, and more meh

  • sneakypete

    Karl Marx: the most evil economist in all the land

    • sam

      you're a dumb ass. communism fails for the same reason capitalism fails, because people are shit!

  • maxpowers

    this is stupid! FIRE BOB!

  • niftysunburn

    How about:

    Leon Trotsky says, "Ice pick you to be my valentine!"

  • jshiver15


    Be mein fuhr-ever!

  • JovialJoe

    The original of these are actually from this guy:

  • Shepard Wong

    How about Saddam Hussein???

    You are the WMD of my heart!

  • shoestring

    All evel men, really…………………..

  • ZPowers

    #12 Is kind of a combo breaker. Marx never had any political power, he was just a philosopher/economist.

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