I like girls because squishy (38 Photos)

  • tim

    mother of god #3

    • ...

      and that's what you call a horrible boob job

      • Boobs4Ever

        and that's what I call a gay

      • Guest

        I don't get that impression from the picture at all. It looks more like a girl with some decent squishy is laying down and her boobs are settling higher outside of her bikini. Have you ever seen a girl with decent sized breast lay down on her back? Them being like that is actually quite normal.

        • ...

          hey dummy, breasts that do not have an implant in them to not sit up perfectly round. Look at the one on the right, perfectly round. Now look at the other one on the left, her breast is all the way down into her armpit!!!! lol if you think those are real you need to reevaluate

          • Jimmy

            This person is clearly about 15 and has never seen real, large boobs, or probably any boobs in person at all.

            The boobs in this picture are being confined in a (probably one size too small) bikini. They are being "squished". When she lays down they move up and out to the side.

            • ...

              your name would be jimmy, think what you want there ole buddy

            • KBCool

              I looks more than a size small and definitely look real to me

      • I'm Awesome

        That is Shannon Prince, she's from the UK and they're 100% real. LAWYERED!

        • BSmike

          Of course she's from the UK

    • Fazool


    • karloz
      • gross

        I wish you hadn't posted that link

      • seriously...

        How the fuck am I supposed to get anything done now?

  • Scottie


    She's giving you all she's got Captain!

    • enterprise

      I'm gonna eject my core

      • Epitomizer

        You win.

    • Bango

      My dilithium chamber is filling with plasma!!

      • tv_paul

        To boldly go where no man has cum before…..

        • Epitomizer

          You're better than that.

    • Notknowing

      I'm a doctor, not a pool man!

    • Brian

      Resistance to this outfit is futile

    • Telephone Man

      Hottest no-name ensign ever.

    • Livin' Legend

      O captain my captain!

    • felisucat

      She's losing containment.

  • MrPuffer

    I want to squeeze all of all of you

    • Kelso

      Still not as good as Things That Bounce

      • Jack Wagon

        #19 the only thing sexier than a girl playing with her tits is that girl playing with another girls tits. Epic post chive! Home run!

  • Jay


    Sweet baby Jesus

    • Sam

      Fucking excellent Body!

    • I would

      She would be fun to make sex on.

    • George Zip

      Same here; I did a Chuck Jones esque double take wolf whistle for this one.

    • wombat86

      I couldn't scroll past for at least an hour.

  • Ish287


  • IrishInNJ

    #19 No to the duckface! Down with that sort of thing. Squishy though.

    • D_O_W

      carefull now

      • IrishInNJ

        Is it dubbed or subtitled?

        • Stomper

          a little nipple action?

  • UHUH44

    #23 I wish the picture was taken just one second later. Bet she has some nice sized areolas.

  • Pat_Bateman1

    #1 is my number 1

  • E Tex

    #7 YES

    • guest

      and #11

    • johan

      she is on tumblr vickybaybeez or something like that

    • knoson

      Vicki Li, Sugarland Texas @@

  • Bhodi

    #38 I would like to take a nap on you

  • Ol' Sailor

    #10 I like the cut of your jib…

    • Notknowing

      Now THAT'S some squishy I can get behind.

    • Homer

      Whats a jib?

      • The Captain

        Ha! Promote that man.

        • Ol' Sailor

          Is a poop deck really what I think it is?…

      • blue_bronco

        You beat me to it.

    • Gsus

      Damn! Just want to rip that off of her and fuck that body hard and fast before covering those amazing tits in cum!!!

    • Chris

      Lilly Roma, very nice young lady, to look at…

  • 9th time

    The best post on the chive.

    • fact

      one of the worst…. not attractive, just sloppy big

      • 9th time

        How dare you sir

      • Kristen

        Agreed. They're all hogs.

        • Plz

          Kristin! Show us your tits you miserable bitch!

    • Squishy ftw

      I'm more of a bulging rib cage kinda guy myself.. Wait, what am I saying? MORE SQUISHY!

  • rAs

    #14 Oh, hi.

    • Epitomizer

      That Undertoe could drown a man

      • ILchiver

        I think that is the fourth pleasure hole that Quagmire was talking about

        • Epitomizer

          Nope, its behind the knee. He said so.

  • kentholio

    #23 should be a .gif. WHY IS THIS NOT A .GIF!?!?!?!?

  • Jonaln

    #23…that's not FLBP….that is LBP

    • gman0821

      If the average boob weighs about 1.5 pounds, those must be 5 pounders. She must be at risk of a black eye when getting it doggy style !!

    • Varsity

      Agreed. That's definitely CLBP. (Current)

  • chiver

    #6 MOAR – looks like a fun gal

    • Chuck Schick

      looks like a drunk gal

      • chiver

        One in the same

    • spliggs

      "Quick, light a match!"

  • Texas Chivette

    #25 Where did you get that?! I want one. Your boobs look amazing too!

    • Kristen

      Great. A whore pretending to like another whore.

      • Jack Wagon

        Kristen, why in the fuck have you not done yourself and all of humanity a huge favor and committed suicide?? You miserable fuck.

  • thechivingpickle

    #25 BEAM ME UP…to your bedroom… #28 can come too

    • dickhole

      #28 is shay maria

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/David_Lyons David_Lyons

    #4 #11 #13 Magical.

    • Solidus

      #4 Sara Brinsfield

  • ChadE

    #11 I said "God damn!!!!!" MOAR please!!!!

    • Bens

      She is perfection, we need more PLEASE

    • Slim


      • Cudaman

        She's pissed because the chive "stole" this picture off of the internet. Well learn from Angie Verona, don't post shit you don't want people to ogle over dumb ass.

  • KCCOlatrobe

    #10….. pure heaven

  • orion

    #4 so cute, #28 just pretty

    • alec

      #4 is mia fever nsfw

    • meisco

      #28 is Shay Maria

  • Dribble

    Squishy is my favorite Chive topic. Evar.

  • jerry likes green

    Squishies approves this post…

  • Dave

    #3 marry me.. And my wife

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