Freckled girls for the win (30 Photos)

  • nick

    not sayng 1st cause thats so stupid

    • olé

      These pretzels are making me firsty.

  • Steveo

    #2 is looking thru my soul

    • J Dub

      No Faye Reagan?!?

      • Steveo

        Captain 5?

  • Tillman61

    #1 #2 #3 Love the freckles.

  • Quirck


    • Poop Stain


  • Ryan

    These are always my favorite posts

  • Tom

    #27 Ow my…

    • house

      vica kerekes, google it, you're welcome

      • Kámo

        oo vica, the hottest slovakian of all.. 🙂

  • BFD

    #1, #5, #9, #29 and #21's rack FTW .

  • Lucas

    #10 Bacon!! You have really pretty eyes 🙂

    • @keymasterbacon

      Haha. I love you! And thanks

      • Lucas

        You're welcome 🙂

  • Matt

    #6 ftw

    • Hampsterstand

      Winner by far. Stopped on this one for a while.

  • Jimbo

    I'd like to punch all these girls in the face. Teach them to be freckly.

    • Yojimbo

      I'd like to punch *you* in the face, teach you not to talk out of your ass.

  • Ish287

    Stopped on #14 no need to go further .

  • Dale Gorman

    #17 for the win, #29 a close 2nd

  • Albert Wesker

    #23 Meet me at the alter!

  • JAG

    #20 ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!

  • Smitty

    Not bad, but you left Olivia Munn:
    and Meghan Markle out :

  • Carl

    #12 The new Mrs. Timberlake? She wins either way.

    • jmf10

      definitely not jessica biel

      • anon

        Definitely Shannon Miller

  • Jean K. Jean

    #4 Will do anything you want. Sexually.

    • A Friend
      • Jean K. Jean

        You are my new best friend.

        • A New Best Friend

          She lives in my hometown. One of the most amazingly beautiful and talented people ever.

          • Jean K. Jean

            Does she know you're in love with her?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 #5 #7 #9 #27 They are all incredibly beautiful. 27 knocks me out

  • Ghilo

    It's like I've fallen in love 30 times.

  • John Dick

    Thats ugly shit MAN!

    • TheMan

      Obviously gay….not that there's anything wrong with that…..

      • Poop Stain

        Ya, obviously gay because he isn't attracted to someone who looks like they got sneezed on by someone eating oreos. Fucking douche.

        • almolester

          no one gives a fuck about your shitty opinion. you've got a simple choice to make; if you don't like it, don't look at it.

      • almolester

        why gay? that just makes you look like as much of a fucking douchebag as the OP that you replied to. get a fucking life.

  • waltgator

    #17 freckles are hawt!

  • @LosTorre

    I'll take a #17 to go

  • alfred

    #17 #23 #28 beautiful

  • Geaux

    Freckles are my biggest weakness
    Favorite Girl Post EVER

  • Meander

    Mother of God – these are all so gorgeous, I can't pick just one, but…
    #21 – Made stop cold.
    #27 – Vica Kerekes, always welcome.

    • Roderick

      There's something quite seductive about #21

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