A future without lower back problems is no future of mine (70 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #37 Well hello then…

    • N8orius

      to R. Shacklelford, D.B.?

    • Radam

      what guy isnt???

    • desertsteel

      Didn't even notice the sign until i got to comments…..

  • abe froman

    #43 Good Morning!!

    • Troy

      Is that Juelz the pron star?

  • Chavezey18

    Love them all

    • Optometrist

      #26, #28, #42, #46, #54, #68 – There's a lot of roadkill in this post. Do send pics to the internet if you look like shit. Don't do it.

  • ILchiver

    I appreciate the models, but i love the real girls! Winner goes to #49

    • bdg

      #66 will have to be able to share the win!!!!! Who is this dream girl???

    • Head Chef

      Real? They look fake to me!

    • fire

      Those are fake, noob.

    • ILchiver

      I guess I worded it improperly. I am also figuring they r fake boobs. But by real girl i meant she took a self shot pic. This picture wasn't taken by a professional photographer at the beach with artificial lighting. I'll b more specific next time

      • Prick

        Don't worry about it, anybody that doesn't have their head up their ass knew what you meant.

        • Dumbass

          Actually, for a post about boobs, most people would think 'real' refers to boobs, since that is on their minds, and not the candid "authenticity" of the photos.

  • RealZoo

    #22 #53 #55 #62…Yowza!!!

    • bdg

      #3 #7 #44 and #50 will round out this list of WIN!!!

    • Anotherwes

      #22 has been on here a few times – check out the link below, Kinda NSFW

    • IWatchLotsOfPorn

      #22 is Yurizan Beltran… Fap it up

      • PnB

        No, Jenn Kaelin.

  • Chavezey18

    But, If I have to. Had a hard time getting past #1

    • blue_bronco

      In awe

    • Walter sobcheck

      queen of the chivettes

    • jim thorton

      uh, also, what about the blond in the background? Find her!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 #3 #69 gorgeous and stunning

  • flyingzombie

    Golfers get caddies, it only seems reasonable that these girls should get similar assistance…. at your service ladies!

    #3 #15 #55 # 62 and more…

    • flyingzombie

      #62 was missing. My bad but I'll make it up to you if given the chance!

  • bOObies

    I need faces for #7 and #23 please. YUM!

    • Not Me

      Did not need the face for #42

      • Amanda Hugandkiss

        Holy shit I love this site!

    • dude

      #23 WTF happened to her arms

    • ryan

      #7 needs to be found and given chivette of the week

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    This many boobs, this early in the morning makes Tesla dizzy.

    • Seattle

      Is Tesla the name of your dick? Mine's named Dogma…

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/David_Lyons David_Lyons

    #3 & #62 Fantastic.

  • IDC

    Totally worth staying up till 4:23

  • NZChiver

    #62 Irene Nell is a BABE!!! plus #1 was pretty hard to scroll past

  • LoveRedHead

    Soooo SEXY!!!

    • true story

      that was my favorite as well, superhot

      • The Sheriff

        3rd that. Where is she!

  • Marcus

    Oey vey

  • wolf

    #3 smoking kills but she make me alive

    • Dan

      I honestly didn't even notice the cigar until I saw your post.

    • Tdog

      Didn't even notice the cigar until I read this.

    • Rubberbandman

      Makes sense, since she's got a smokin' bod

  • Eddie

    Need moar #7

    • zackgonick

      Her lower back must be made of steel.

  • BT2

    #33 – turn…. turn your head around bro.

  • el niño

    #61 #50 gotta love

    • Brandon

      50 is all kinds of hot. Gorgeous and an amazing body.

  • Mark

    #55 #56

    • Raul

      #56 is bryci nsfw

      • http://prestigechirovirginia.com Sweet_Lew

        Thank you.

    • coheed

      #55 is Fernanda Ferrari

    • Zyggo

      #56 … google Bryci

      • jimmyblong

        she's doing it right

  • NZChiver

    #70 without the cat and without the top 😛

    • D_Mouse

      I would very much like to see more of her as well.

      • Russell

        Absolutely!! Let's see a pic of her bending over to put the kitty on the floor, please!

  • freezer boy

    #3,#22,#42 nice

    • say it isn't so

      Sometimes less is more.
      Should have left the face shot out of the mix.

      • gum

        id hit it

        • i like boobs

          with a truck

    • Kato

      #22 is Jenn Kaelin. Your welcome.

      • gramar-nazi


  • MDamholtN

    Instant crush on #26!

  • SAChiverSteven

    After my last ex, I promised myself that I was done with blondes but god damn #1

  • ghostwriter

    #40 don't see how you can show how much you adore somebody by posting this half naked picture for the whole world to see. You could have sent it straight to him, then again, women and attention are like humans and air… but you are gorgeous by the way…

    • EriktheRed

      I think you spelled "Thanks for sending in the picture" wrong.

      • zero_kool81

        I think you spelled "I'm a douche bag and a dick" in your reply wrong…

    • Gimletmike

      Men like to show their women off. It's a way of establishing dominance. Why do you think that rich older men want to be seen in public with "arm candy". Therefore she is helping her "fella" feel studly.

      • Truetalk

        Not really making the guy "feel studly" if nobody knows who he is or can see him which is really the entire crux of your "arm candy" argument. This chick just wants attention. Its not a bad thing. It just is what it is.

    • Livin' Legend

      You're just mad because you weren't the one to give her a Dirty Sanchez.

    • ILoveChivettes

      Lighten up, Francis

    • Ryan

      White women are f'ing nuts

      • Poncho

        We will probably get a lot if down votes but I agree. They are very superficial to me they use their fake boobs that daddy paid for to get everything they want they want the men they date to have money but they don't have s***

        • Inko

          That's why my friend I date other than white women myself. Superficial is the best way you could've described them

          • Nes

            Wow, you guys must have had some real bad experiences…

        • Rich

          Wow! Stereotype much?!?

      • Guest

        If they aren't cheating on you they are trying to take all you got

    • http://prestigechirovirginia.com Sweet_Lew

      Is it bad that I first assumed she was a German scat chick from the pic?

    • Drew

      Youre argument is invalid.

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