The construction of Disneyland (29 Photos)

  • Give it a go.

    Home of illuminati brain washers preying on your children. Smoke and mirrors people. Look it up. So disturbing.

    While your at it check out the new world order in detail. Being informed might save you.

    Of course….you'll probably just put me on the crazy list an ignore everything I just said. None the less, you should check it out anyway.

  • Kevin

    This is pretty inaccurate.
    #4 and #5 are the Matterhorn which opened in 1959, 4 years after the park opened. These were likely taking in 1958,

    #13 Is the Sub Lagoon and Monorail, both opened in 1959 along with the Matterhorn. This photo was probable taking in 1958 from the Matterhorn's construction.

    #25 Is Space Mountain's construction which opened in 1977, 22 years after the park opened.

    #29 is Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty's Castle) at Disneyland Paris.

    All very cool photos, just not all from the initial construction.

  • Kiro

    Back when people took pride in what they built.

  • Ryan

    Makes me remember why I continually want to be an Imagineer.

  • kev

    his beginning started in Ontario Canada as farm boy growing up ..though his interest wasn't in taking his parents farm over as he had magical idea's instead..he was also afraid of mice but became his most common characters

  • ram

    seeing the mind of a genius at work. one of the best posts

  • Danny

    What most people don't know, is that in the art studio's(tunnels) below Main Street, you can see his office with an hanging upside dis-honorable discharge from the United States Service. It's framed above his desk. Just say'n….. Much like many GREATS, fight the power.

  • Steel101

    #29 Is Walt Disney World not Disneyland…..

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