• WaGGuM

    Bought 2 mins early BOOM!!!

    XL Keep Calm Chive On!

    • rosszip

      Use coupon 'foreveralone5' for a nice discount! KCCO

    • Chris

      Got mine too! If you see the post on the main site, you're probably too late. Sign up for the e-mail and be on the site a few minutes earlier and just keep refreshing. You will probably STILL go through the headache of seeing "temporary issues" screens but just keep retrying! I got my fourth shirt today (BFM 3D) by doing this method! To the persistent go the spoils.

      • billyboy

        right on. I kept getting those messages also..I KCCO'd and boom, got the 3rd shirt..

        • Second Chris

          I know! I love the hypocrisy of people screaming "FUCK YOU" into their monitors while trying to buy a shirt that emphasizes chilling out.

          • billyboy

            LOL, exactly..

      • Justin Cider

        got 4 KCCO shirts and 2 BFM's to add to the collection!!

        • doyoucare

          oh, so that's why nobody else gets them, because you think you need several. wow, thanks for that.

          • WaGGuM

            Tricky Tricky – Peeps gotta be able to get however many they want. But I feel for people who don't have one. Think next time I'll try and then send it off to a fellow Chiver as a good deed

  • Cameron

    Issues as always!

    • voonoo


      • SpotJohnny

        Yup, thanks to the website problems. I couldn't get one.

        • Eric

          Even my 3x was sold out!!

  • bob_the_cook

    BOOM! BFM on it's way to me!

  • Chiver

    Wasn't even planning on getting a Keep Calm shirt but I watched that Cut & Sew video and John's enthusiasm for the new shirts was too infectious for me to pass up on

  • The Baze



    Should I have expected anything less. – " We're experiencing a technical problem and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible."

    • Sammiegirl

      I kept clicking that dude till it took me back, I got one!!!!!!

      • TCCCC

        Yeah iv gotten a BFM by me keep refreshing and going back. But at some point you know when to throw in the towel. The thing is thou by this time they should have the issue resolved, i understood the first couple times. They now know the kind of traffic they are going to get. Oh well. Its all part of the chase I guess.

    • NHChiver

      I had the same issue. You have keep clicking try again. Be persistent and you'll come out with a shirt.

      • KaN

        I was persistent and didn't come out with a shirt… I got on early and kept hitting refresh too, the size I needed was sold out two minutes early… total bull shit

        • Matt

          Same here. I was on a minute early and didn't get one.

    • Jmz

      Kept Calm didn't get one. Still breathing, still employed, still have my house and loving family. All is as it was before. I will try again. KCCO

  • LSUChiver

    Ha! Finally got one!

  • CallMeMaybe

    No Irish KCCO this year?

    • acupofjoe

      I toast to that comment!

      • Chivette

        Ya, wtf? Fake Patties is coming up!

  • Dustin

    Technical difficulties you say? FUCK!!

    • Dustin

      And by the time I finally clear the hurdles to checkout the XL's are sold out. Hard to KCCO at this point!

      • Jason

        Still there!!

        • Beathos

          Same for me and I'm at work dying for a BFM.

  • gingergreek


    God fucking dammit!!!

    • devadander

      Same here. Fuck.

    • KaN

      Same here, I was even on 2 min early WTF

      • Beathos

        Ditto all the bullshit everyone else is having.

      • gingergreek

        Me too GRRRRRRRR!!! it took seconds for that shit to sell what gives?!

    • Greg

      Didn't help that I couldn't even navigate the page. Took me a few minutes to even get everything in my cart. Went to check out, and they were gone.

    • JBrou

      refreshing 5 minutes early and I still can't come out with a KCCO, good lord

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      Yep I had them in cart and was checking out when … DENIED. I mean what'd they do, order 1000 shirts? That's not going to get it done for fuck sake John!

      • KaN

        I completely agree

      • gingergreek

        Well said sir!!

    • phi

      got my ass to with the weak garbage….getting real tired of their shit

  • Reenie

    Got one BABY!!!

    • butthurt

      AHHH! Happened to me also!

  • Question_Mark_

    Got my BFM 3d yesterday!

    • Chiver

      yep, me too

  • FL_Chivette

    seriously, you need a bigger server for these sales -.- got my two though! 😀

    • FLChiver

      Two? you need to share. 🙂

  • Mike

    Sweet! Finally Scored a BFM!!!

  • Greg

    Fuck you chive! Added two shirts to my cart, went to check out and they're sold out! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!!!

    • gupper

      Need to stop using Internet Explorer, noob. BFM and KCCO on their way to me

      • cooktiludrop

        I can never get one either. They should really do a one per customer.

      • Tyrone

        No explorer here fuck head. I hope you're shot while wearing your BFM then raped by Mexican midgets!

        • Alex

          So much for the 'Keep Calm' part of the KCCO….

        • Anthony

          The shirts are bullet proof remember? Probably rape proof too

          • Sweet_Lew

            Winning reply my friend, well played.

    • Justin112179

      Sing it sister

  • Woot...

    Oh yea it says i ordered a small when i didnt…

    • dallas

      Yeah same here wtf. O well let your dog or girl wear It.

      • Blake

        Dang, and I was trying to get a small. Sold out instantly.

    • Tim

      Go to chivery and click contact link, request exchange for different size. They are pretty good about it. Not sure with these highly demanded shirts but I had a cat Saturday shirt exchanged just fine.

  • Ryan

    Unreal!! Was on the page 15-20 minutes early and kept hitting refresh in case they went up for sale early. The second the Keep Calm listed available, it was sold out in all but small. The BFM was on my other tab, selected a large, clicked pay and it says "sorry sold out" … Unfucking real. Maybe make more than 10 damn shirts!!

    • Tom

      Same problem here

    • Mitchell

      Right there with ya man

    • KaN

      Yup Im FUCKING pissed!

    • Rahv

      Don't worry, they'll be on eBay soon for $90 just like always.

    • Goose

      The Fuck, Chive?…..The Fuck??!!

    • vin

      hilarious. but true

    • Lboogie13

      It's frustrating but also great marketing in the Chive's part. Keep demand high by releasing a few shirts at a time.

  • Chappy

    Technical difficulties to sold out… ugh!

  • nick

    I have an unopened medium Offerman Woodshop for trade. Looking for a medium original BFM unworn. Comment if interested

    • Jeff

      Good luck w/ that trade. Demand on BFM is way higher.

      • nick

        Agree…just throwing it out there bud

  • moses

    Are the neck lines fixed?

    • JJ-KCCO

      They fixed the fuckin necklines!

  • @beau_scott

    First time, BFM3D and KC&CO, 2 minutes early! 😀 just got my confirmation email.

  • damo

    Oh well maybe next time. I will just have to keep calm until next time the are back and try again.

  • Steve Grenier

    Damn, I was hoping the shirt that does not exist would make an appearance.

    • KaN

      Me too! I was seriously thinking that it would!

    • Isiah Torres

      The link for it was on the book shelf (bottom of page).

      • Steve Grenier

        You sir, just broke rule #1.

  • jojo

    Already sold out in less than 2 minutes?

    • KaN

      Yup can't believe it! Sold out two minutes
      before the release time by my calculations

  • James

    Never works, I know some get lucky but this is the third time in a row I miss out on BFM, always in the cart, always sold out while in the cart. That's a bunch of malarky.

    • hatetheworld

      they run small batches to artificially inflate perceived demand.

      i'd love to own a shirt with bill murray's face on it, but i wouldn't buy it from these cretin.

      of course, that's also because i probably wouldn't buy a shirt with the branding of a website. especially a website that is just a collection of guys reblogging pics with little or no info on the sources.

      • Chug

        I suspect you're right. I'm just going to get one of the fake ones on Amazon– if the Chive doesn't want my money, that's fine with me.

      • Chug

        I suspect you're right. I'm just going to get one of the knock-offs on Amazon. If the Chive really doesn't want my money, that's fine with me.

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