• Ross C.

    So there I was @ 2:55 all logged in to the site and ready to order…. boom added all to cart …. bam check out @ 3:01…. sold out…. this is the 3rd time I've been boned…. soi put on my one remaining chive shirt and had some beers….

  • Darre

    Waiting all fucking day for these to come online. Sat there refreshing the page until they were available. Error after error. I finally get through and try to pay and they're sold out. Within five minutes. Chive, I love you, but fuck you. Hopefully they'll get some military shirts in.

  • Nick

    really already sold out?

  • Ashlynnnation

    seeing new BFM shirts on ebay really upsets me 😦 not chiveish imo

  • RadMobile

    Both shirts on the way, thanks fellas and ladies of Chive! Can't wait to sport the new threads in Seattle… Chive On!

  • Marc

    If the Chive truly appreciated Chivers, there would've been more shirts and no ''technical difficulties''. It's a goddamn gimmick these Tees. I don't know any other club/group/company that treats its fans this way. When people like something/are proud they want to show it.

    Too many, you flood the market / not enough, you piss off your base. You're starting to piss off Chivers!

  • James

    After seeing the tweet last week, my buddy and I set alarms for 11:50PST today, he got a BFM in his cart, I got the Keep Calm and Chive On in my cart. Then came the technical difficulties, delaying us just long enough for everything to sell out….just crushed us, but we'll have to KCCO.

  • Gokage

    So many butthurt people. Got my BFM, BFM3D, both beanies, both decals and my kcco mug. Also got my hoodie 2 days ago. Suck it Trebek. You whiners just need to relax and click faster. Trying to do it on your phone? your own fault. Not gonna happen. They aren't pissing off chivers. They are pissing off the people who want to be chivers.

    • DemBone

      I had no problem getting my BFM 3D and a beanie on my phone. And that is on Sprint. Data connection with them is horrible.
      In fact, I even bought my hoodie on my phone as well.

  • esillyamused

    a year of trying and I'm still BFMless 😦
    Looks like they sold out in less than a minute. I'll get it for sure next time…or the next or the next…you get the picture.

  • Canucks_Rule

    grats to everyone that got one!!

  • Joe Hotle

    I thought I fate was on my side since it was my birthday… no such luck hahaha

  • Jay

    Damn "8 to 5" and "not getting payed till Friday"

  • Michael

    From Malaysia, waited till 4AM and tried to checkout…errors and more errors anddddd sold out. Ugh…so sad. Been trying to get a t-shirt for months.

  • jim

    I am going to get in contact with Bill Murray directly. I don't think he will like the bullshit you guys at Chive put his fans and your fans through every time you put 10 shirts on sale!

  • Name

    thanks for the 'server problem'….thanks for never notifying me via email even though I signed up – and when I went to sign up again, you say 'you're already signed up' yet I never get an email….you guys truly suck….don't need your shirt that badly

  • Mark_UK

    Does anyone else think that The Chive are the eBay t-shirt touts? lol mind blown!

    If you are thinking of getting a fake, why pay through the nose. You can just upload the image to one of the hundreds of custom t-shirt sites, then BAMM! you have one for a fraction of the price from eBay and they usually don't have server errors.

    But if having a "real" one is that important then you'll have to put up with their bull sh*t.

  • See YAaaaa

    REALLY….. What a joke Everytime I order there is a problem or sold out in less than 2 mins. Always the same problems. Piss pour way to run a business. Done with you Chive. To many other websites that offer the same thing and are run a hell of a lot better
    SEE YAAA……


    I didn't even know what the chive was until yesterday and found out how much of a demand there is for their shirts. I got 10 of each (Keep Calm, BFM, BFM-3D). I will be selling these on ebay at a ridiculously high price (since I don't give a rat's ass about these shirts at all) if anyone is interested! KCCO, whatever that means 🙂

    • WaGGuM

      Liar…. and Troll… I'd love to buy all of them from you and give em to True Chivers

  • Brett

    The reviews on the kcco shirts on amazon say 'dont buy these, they are fakes, support the chive". Well I want to support the Chive but the fuckers wont let me!!!! Seriously I love the site and the awesome things you do for people but come on man!!! How many fans did you piss off yesterday? Compared to the ones that actually got through and were able to order. The fact that you will never get on here and apologize or explain why your servers suck so bad, is PATHETIC!!! Get some balls and man up!!

  • MAC

    In response to everyone's complaints…Let me clear up a few things. Yes, we do print a limited run (this batch was 100 of each shirt in varying in sizes) and it will be the last time we do this. We are in the process of mass producing the most popular shirts so they will be available to everyone, whenever they choose to order. No more countdowns. Please be patient with us as this process can take some time. As always…KCCO!

  • Jim

    I sent an e-mail complaint explaining why I can't keep calm and I'm desperately trying to chive on. This one line I think accurately describes what the majority of us are/were feeling. "I wouldn't be pissed if I hadn't had to wait like an 11 year old girl hoping for Justin Bieber tickets only to have them pulled out of my goddamn cart!"

    The response I got in return. "We are sorry and hope to have the issue resolved soon"

  • jerry

    what's the deal? neckline on new long sleeve KCCO shirt is already stretched out. and the other shirt release yesterday… i had a shirt in my shopping cart and had already been logged in and i still wasn't able to get one. WTF?

  • Sydny

    I sent you cat pictures! C'mon man!

  • What_Tha

    Obviously, the only way to get a shirt is to have a set of tits to put in them and be willing to send photos.

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