A manmade tropical resort-style island? Go onnnn…(23 Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed

  • Jeff

    Tropical resort and no good Chivette-like pics already? 😛

  • flyemlow

    FIRST! but it's of no use. Make more shirts chive and get your server shit updated. You got to big for your britches bitchez

    • savagecabbage


    • Jakeman


    • bigyawns

      **FIRST! but it's of no use. I am an asshole


    #1 That back wall reminds me of the truman show

    • Moe

      That was my EXACT first thought

    • thesieryscat

      YES. That's exactly what I thought of

  • savagecabbage

    It's creepy and like something they'd make in the zombie apocalypse to remember what it used to be like

  • Craigery

    You can swim in diarrhea lake or float lazily down the E. coli river.

  • flyemlow

    I know it's "too" got over zealous to be first and fucked up. Maybe that's not TOO big a word for you

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    It's like BIO-DOME paradise edition.

    • Bhodi

      Viva Los Bio Dome!

    • Craigery

      If your definition of "paradise" is a crowded pool infected with fecal bacteria and a bunch of German men in Speedos.

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        why yes craigery that's exactly my definition little fella

    • http://www.jve.biz Rug

      where is the clothing optional beach for the Chivettes?

  • Brian


    Looks great. 'cept maybe for the mankinis.

  • Mark

    Built in Germany? Damn no-one is gonna get a sun-lounger now ………Brits will get it

  • whatwhatinthebutt

    Hitler would not be pleased with this

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbcorey Jcore3

    Looks like a bad water park….Just move to Florida, thats what i did.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    That's cool as balls.

  • YOYO

    haha the guy in #5

  • aksands

    They actually have tents that you can rent to sleep in on the beach… but unfortunately you have to buy out the whole tent, or sleep next to some smelly Germans… oh and share a bathroom/shower with everyone else in the park.

  • ILostMyShorts

    It would be much cooler to play "safety dance" all day long, instead of rainforest sounds on the speakers.

  • Dave

    I was just there last weekend and it really is as amazing as it looks. The one part that they don't have any pictures of here is the half of the dome that is a (clothing forbidden) spa with several saunas, Jacuzzi, and steam rooms. It was liberating to say the very least.

  • BubbaHotep

    Nice park, but it's not an airplane hanger. It's a former Zeppelin hanger for famous dirigibles like Graf Zeppelin and that all time famous zippo lighter, the Hindenberg.

    • mama

      It says aircraft hanger. Afaik a zeppelin counts as an aircraft.

  • thesieryscat

    If memory serves me correctly, the travel channel did a show on somewhere like this along the Canadian-US border near International Falls, Minnesota. Looks pretty awesome, except the place near Minnesota had a hotel so you could stay there too.

  • sparky

    I think TechnoViking lives here.

  • Colin

    Need to get the same people that painted the canal section of The Venetian in Vegas to paint the ceiling to give it the real feeling of being outside.

  • http://www.thingsthatamuseme.com Joel

    Brilliant! Great way to recycle!

  • Irish Chiver

    its a nice place, the health and living section is a clothes free zone, not to many english and if you go on the blue slide take precautions!

    • Irish Chiver

      Also its a former Zeppelin hangar, some German dude thought he could bring blimps back ad freight transport. Understandably he ran out of cash and the site was bought by a bunch of Asians and turned into what you see there

  • David

    One feature they didn't show in this album is the "changing area". There is no male, or female change rooms, just one big locker/changing area for everyone.

    They give you a coded magnetic wrist band when you go into the park, it can be used to buy food, drinks(incl. booze), pay for special attractions, and then you just pay when you leave, great idea.

    I stayed at this place back in march of 2007 as part of a school exchange trip to Germany, it was really great. I'd prefer this over any other water park I have been to in the United States or Canada(incl. Schlitterbahn, USA's No.1 water park, and Canada's West Edmonton Mall).

  • Ed (that is all)

    Now thats German engineering.

  • Steven Danger

    Now all they need is Pauly Shore to fuck this biodome up too, and they'd be set. #KCCO

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