A manmade tropical resort-style island? Go onnnn…(23 Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed

  • dannyalaska

    yay! all the pasty soft germans the eye can handle and none of that pesky "real sunlight" to deal with

  • Lisa

    viva los bio-dome!

  • dawson

    i bet they still get sun burnt

  • ParkerM

    You had me at hot air balloon…

  • Tom

    It's pretty close, I'm going to try to go there – USMC Chiver and HMOTB!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – whoa, want go there.

  • Luc

    ive been there last winter and its somehow strange, but nice. i stayed there a whole day, but you can even sleep there. however, it is still obviously man-made and its nice to take a day off, but not to spend your holidays.

    also, its quite expensive to get drunk in there…

  • Jesse

    I was once there and when I went up the stairs to one of the slides, I saw some people backstage doing a nude photoshoot for some playboy-style magazine. Good times.

  • iaDF!

    it must be a balmy 60 F in there.

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