BYOB – Burn Your Own Bra (59 Photos)

  • StudleyDoRight

    #59 YES!!

    Moar and state?

  • Krisars

    What's the name of 54? I'd really like to know and she made my day a dozen of times =)

  • opeysdaddy

    #25 Disgusting! And wearing a rosary. Classless! I'll be your president is proud though.

  • David Fp

    #4.. My light saber just cut through my jeans.. Hate when that happens…

  • AmericoPolk

    #23 is a fox

  • nah

    Notice none of the laundry and toilet shots made the comments

  • TheMAN117

    #4,9,10,21 you make being a marine, serving this country, and being away from family and friends a little easier. Your bfs are lucky privileged guys.

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