That’s a really nice… shirt (43 Photos)

  • Poof

    #3 #24 fart face

    • Not quite

      #3 it looks like she's trying to hold in the fart

  • Chinka

    Where the natural beauties.. All I see are a bunch of make-up clowns

    • @letmeclrmythrt

      #35 No make up….so your comment is here by invalid

      • NonSexual Tendencies

        one example does not make a comment invalid.

    • Robert

      No shit where the bbw's

  • Master Blaster

    How come we cant just tap on an article of clothing and it just vanish? Thats it. Im writing a letter.

  • Ouch

    #43 just took one up the butt

    • Ravaged

      That's the double penetration face

      • Gapping

        …By two black dongs

    • hello

      Id give her a pearl necklace 🙂

    • Fapping

      Bukkake face

    • Hehe

      Could just be mid orgasm…

    • olly

      or just uuh… playful?

    • Mg3rd

      I'd love to give her something up the butt.

  • Like a boss

    #35 make me a sandwich while ur in there

    • Tom

      My wife asked me to go to a place she has never been before. I said, why don't you try the kitchen? It's then when the war has begon… :-p

    • Feed me

      Don't get why women wanna break tradition…

    • Spoiled

      I don't complain when they tell me to do yard work

    • Smh

      Women are becoming too Politically correct… Make the sandwich!!!

    • Yes

      Make the sandwich while sucking my dong is the level all women should strive for

      • Really!

        a real man gets up off his ass and makes his own food!

  • almost perfect

    Isn't anyone else sick of seeing this one popping up in every other post?
    Average, at best.

    • Leeks

      I actually appreciate the, not having 10 pounds of makeup caked on her face, look she has going.

    • Kyle Bartley

      Eh, decent rack.

    • a 4 at best

      ya, I think you're being generous rating her as average but she has the right product placement as far as the Chive is concerned, I'm sure that's why she gets included

  • Thad

    #40 scorching hot! Damn!!

    • Jander

      #40 gorgeous & #41 Go Leafs Go!!!

  • Poof

    #27 fart face

    • Troy

      I personally have no problems here, but if you do, maybe you could just buy a horse mask and leave it at that.

  • Yimm

    #11 love that position.. Perfect for ball dipping

  • Mehhh

    Butter faces


    This also could be FLBP! Haha
    # 6 Motorboating FUN time 👍

    • Hmm

      Let me help you out *sighs*

      • bdg

        Don't forget #17

  • xinfectx

    #21 is a hot pic. #29 moar?

  • Ruben Patiño

    #7, #11, #23 More for this Texas Chiver!! 😉

    • HereWeGo

      Perfect photobomb in #23

  • cheer4lite


    • Roland

      …what shirt?

  • BloodyTrauma

    #28 my winner

    • Bahumbug

      The winner, more like the weener… Tranny

    • Joe

      Eeewwww. Gross

    • Not Me

      Winner in a unique way.

    • jeff

      Nice boobs and Crunch n Munch. Shes wife material.

    • Schnizz56

      I paused on this one too, I believe it's the quiet; unassuming ones that wind up being the freakiest in bed!

  • throwing up

    Keep calm and Heave on? #43 sums up this post today.

  • oqsig99

    #6 #11 #17 & #19 make this Sunday all better.

    • Nyr

      Nice sets to all

  • savagecabbage

    #4 hoooooooooollllly crap

    • Jason

      I would smash her pastie boom

  • xinfectx

    #6 #19 need some facetime.

  • matt

    #8 #31 #35 beautiful, throw the rest away

  • WalterSobchak_

    #6 #17 need to be in HD

    • Boob lover

      Man if only #17 was letting me hold them sexy boobs (.v.)


    #41 Her sweater exploded!

    • Go habs go

      Cuz all leafs stock suck

    • Nyr

      Bad hoody nice boobs

    • rgh

      Got to love a Leafs fan…with boobs.

    • tyler

      I've been waiting for a sexy leaf fan on here. Nice work! GO LEAFS GO!!

  • kimoho

    I want #2, #4, #25

  • D_Money

    #25 all the way! God damn!

    • Noidios

      I have the weirdest boner right now

    • Dax

      Except for the fucking shit in her ear

  • alfred

    #28 moar and find her

    • eri

      ten pound head on a five pound body.

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