If there's a level beyond America's Sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence has attained such a status. The world has fallen in love with the sexy, goofy, girl-next-door over this past year. By all accounts, Jennifer is as enchanting in real life as she is in her films. Congrats on your Best Actress Oscar nod last night, Jennifer. Very well deserved.

Check out the video below. Jennifer is giving an interview when Jack Nicholson interrupts, she’s hilariously starstruck.

  • Edumucation

    Great sense of humor it would seem…

    • Simon

      And for that She's my new favourite.

      That and all of the above.

  • Epitomizer

    Easily the hottest, funniest, wittiest woman in Hollywood right now, and hopefully for a long time. Oh yeah, she's also a good actress.

    • TheYesMan25

      Ehhh Anna Kendrick

      • Epitomizer

        Ooh, Anna is good. She's funny as hell & witty too, but Miss Lawrence here is a total smoke show.

      • Kidicarus

        Yeah but Jennifer Lawrence blows her and her weird jaw away in the looks department.

        • TheYesMan25

          Anna is gorgeous how dare you

  • echogeo

    #7 #12 #16 #27
    Please, please, please, do not let her go down the same road the likes of Lohan, Paris, Winehouse…

    <img src=""/&gt;

    • Epitomizer

      Those STD Transport Units are not even in the same category as this lovely lady.

    • Chuck Schick

      Paris? You put her into a conversation with women who have real talent?

      • Guest

        I don't think "talent" has anything to do with it. It's about fame, fortune, paparazzi & being able to handle it all.

    • Paul Baumeister

      The beauty is that after Hunger Games, Kristen Stewart made a comment about Lawrence being competition for her in future movies… HAH! "Competition"? Jennifer Lawrence is exponentially better looking, and can manage more than two facial expressions.

      • The_Dood


        • i8paula

          Yeah she's got heaps more than 2!
          Lets see there's – moody – brooding – grumpy – miserable – spiteful and my personal favourite "that time of the month" the kids got skills

          • HickoryHeel01

            The Dood is right. Kristen Stewart has two facial expressions. Mouth opened. Mouth closed.

            Jennifer Lawrence is the real deal.

            • MylesofStyles

              I don't know what you guys are talking about. Kristen Stewart loves facials, both with mouth opened and mouth closed.

    • asd

      you forgot amanda bynes

      • McBeastie666

        the world forgot Amanda Bynes.

    • Keith Robicheux

      I don't think Paris Hilton was ever on the right track.

      • Hank Hill

        That particular Mystique picture is Rebecca Romijn.

    • zackgonick

      I cannot agree more! She seems down to Earth which is refreshing.

    • Elle

      She already made it out of Kentucky without a drug/alcohol problem…I think she's safe!

  • Telephone Man

    I doubt I'm actually first, but she is a sweetie. Gets a yes, for sure.

  • unlovedbyal


    • Child Please

      Who's al?

      • Craigery

        Probably her dad.

  • IrishInNJ

    Didn't really get it… then I saw #23

    • twoedges

      If that's what it took for you to get it, you really don't get it.

  • RustyxTrombone

    #14 #15 #18 #22 love her.

  • Schnizz56

    I hate to admit this, but I've never seen one of her movies. 😦 She does seem like a cool chick though, and she did a good job on SNL.

    • Slim Jim

      you didn't see x-men?

      • JRT

        She was only in the newest x-men

  • Mike

    Marry me!

  • 123456789

    WOW (need I saw more?)…. WOW…. WOW

  • rooster

    Those eyes for the win.

  • Jean K. Jean

    Treads the line between adorable and sexy perfectly.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #20 If this isn't sexy, I don't know what is.

  • tv_paul

    #11 And the waiting game begins….

    • omar

      That's priceless. Take a look at everyone else on that GIF. They're so serious and offended, and she's just like "Yeah! I'm rocking the Oscars without showing my boobs!"

      • Beckers

        This isn't actually a clip from the oscars. It was edited in. She wore a strapless dress to the oscars.

        • HickoryHeel01

          That, I think, is true of all the actresses they showed. I'm sure they were instructed to act as though they were offended for comedic effect.

      • cxqx58

        It was pre-recorded, and everyone around her is acting as well. It was for a song Seth Macfarlane did.

    • guest

      challenge accepted!

    • D_Sanchez

      She needs to show those puppies

  • @dalexmu

    "Thank you. You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that's really embarrassing but thank you."

  • tehbox

    #10 I will lol everytime I see this. And i agree she seems like a very grounded actress which is pretty rare. But holy fuck John. I sort of want to link this address to my friends, but idk how that doesn't make me seem like a stalker.

  • nope.

    no clue who this bitch is.

    • Kyle

      She must not be very important then

    • no clue

      just like the rest of us with you

      • nope.

        oh man, you burned me bad!

        • no clue

          wasn't a burn

    • Catherine

      The clue to her identity is in the title of the post…

  • Drew

    I like her

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – never paid much attention to her before. but she's just a humble goofball that's hot, and has talent. check out her oscar backstage presser. needless to say, my interest has been peaked.

    • Sweet_Lew

      that video wins on so many levels

    • MarthaJeane

      I've watched this video maybe 5 times today. It's safe to say I'm enamored.
      "Sorry, I took a shot before this"… and your question was stupid.

    • omar

      So many stupid questions, man! Every actor / actress should answer them as Jennifer did. Just make a joke of it!! It's impossible to take any of them seriously.

    • Katie

      Wow, the questions they ask are so incredibly stupid, I don't blame her for trying to make it funny.

    • Geoffrey

      Piqued too

    • Geoffrey

      Piqued too 😉

  • Just sayin'


  • laurak35

    Officially my new girl crush!

  • Lunar

    She is even more less interesting than kristen stewart. The pokability is even debatable.

    • Craigery

      more or less, which is it?

      • Steven

        Guess they meant to say more UNinteresting but they don't know words good. I love this chick now. Must see silver linings playbook..

    • doland

      kristen stewart might as well be a manequin, youre an idiot

    • Lunar

      Troll post wins, FATALITY

  • sfb101

    I must admit, I like her better as a brunette. #8

    • Child Please

      I think I just like her better. Period.

  • Leigh

    #13 #14 ❤ this girl – elegance and humor!

    • KBCool

      I think she sometimes looks like Kate Hudson finally ate some food and grew boobs

  • Bob

    #12 #22 just love those boobs

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