People who have surprisingly never won an oscar (24 Photos)

  • T-Rizzy

    Rob Schneider? Really?

    • Muchacho

      Welome to trolling 101

      • Veratiserum

        Welcome to trolling 101

        • Truth

          Welcome to trolling 101

          • yamoms

            Welcome to trolling 101

            • @LosTorre

              trolling 101….welcome

              • BUMBARASS

                trolling 102

                • Frank O. Fone

                  Bienvenue a "pecher a la traine" 101.

                  • Goo!

                    101 trolling to welcome

                    • Spelling Police


    • Cool_Manchu

      Seriously! I was thinking the exact same thing. It's obviously a joke.

      • Veratiserum

        Seriously! I was thinking the exact same thing. It's obviously a joke.

    • Brad

      He got robbed for best supporting actor in "Surf Ninjas"

  • Vet

    #16 is a surprise to you? Really?

    • RSTLN E

      In addition, Pee Wee Herman & Pauly Shore

      • McBeastie666

        Please don't lump Peewee in with Pauly Shore and Rob Schneider.

        • panduh


        • RSTLN E

          I do what I want. I'm a loner, Beastie, A Rebel

    • pannychous

      Seriously! WTF, Chive? Did you accidentally forget Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Nick Swardson?

      • soups818

        God damn you people are dumb. That one's a joke.

        • sixdeadelves

          you mad?

          • RSTLN E

            No doubt. Lighten up, Francis.

        • pannychous

          I'm sure you're right, but I wasn't the only one who fell for it. KCCO, bro.

        • Frank M

          I thought the George Lucas addition was the joke.

    • mynameisjulian

      Rob Schneider dee derp dee derpdee derp

    • Sneak Ninja

      Rob Schneider is a carrot

    • Joey

      Should have won for Hot Chick.

  • nick

    #15 Neasons aint got a statue!

    • Turd F.

      If they made a movie with Willie AND Neesons, that would be…MAHHH…SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (head explodes)

    • Jeff

      Liam Neesons is mah shiz-NIT!

    • FoolOfATook

      Liam doesn't need an Oscar, he has the Lifetime Acheivement Award for Life in general.

    • Tooken

      I have a certain set of skills

    • Tooken 2

      e Oscar goes to…Liam Neesons "Darkman"….n****'s face was changin! How hard is that?

    • quailman8907
      • MonkeyMadness

        Is he saying "Hey, I'm a kitty kat"?

  • Bee

    Kingpin should've won every award alive..

  • Erik Dudley


    Should have won an Oscar for…..THE STAPLER!

    • Mikey

      What about The Carrot?

      • TCC

        Its 24-carrot comedy

    • Guest

      Rated PG-13

    • mmsavior4

      Heck yeah his performance in "Kenny" was perfect.

    • SpotJohnny

      Not only did I think the same thing…

      When read your comment, I read it in Trey Parkers voice for the Trailer

      • John Locke

        rob shneider is der derp de derp de tiddly tum de der

  • sanclementejedi

    ummm WTF is Rob Schneider on this list for, is that a trick or something?

    • Gtrguy22

      ya think????

  • ChrisDG74

    #16 ? Really?
    Can't tell if trolling…..

  • iAm

    #1 …this comes as a surprise to me.

    But then again, the oscar isn't really about specific skills, like the grammy isn't about musicians with talent.

    • ClintSucks

      Leo not winning isn't quite as shocking as Eastwood snatching up a few…

    • PayHeed

      He hasn't really been in anything that will get him the hardware.

      • johnny

        django unchained?!?

      • Wowzer

        I thought he was great in The Departed, Inception, Django Unchained, etc.

      • wdh

        The Aviator and Blood Diamond were his best performances hands down..

        • randyshotski

          Whats eating Gilbert grape

          • Brett

            You never go full retard.

            • John

              Hah. The Aviator was just a flat out fantastic performance though. He lost to Ray and not 100% sure that was the right call.

              • Dr_StrangePants

                So Jamie Foxx had bested him at the Oscars…AND in Django

                • Mmmotorboat


                  • Timmy

                    It sank, hit a frigging iceberg that came out of fucking no where!

      • Burnsblue

        Shutter Island? Brilliant film, kind of have to watch it twice to fully appreciate the acting!

    • hgxv

      Those lyin, God-damned, time-wastin', sons of bitches……sons of bitches!!

      greatest line ever.

    • Mike

      To the people naming off his movies and wondering why he hasnt been nominated or won. He declines them submitting his footage(the departed was the big one) because he feels it disrespects the talent of the other actors in the movies and feels its not right for them if he ends up winning.

      • Tyler

        He did that for one film, the departed beause he didnt want to compete with his co stars so they nominated him for Blood Diamond instead, the reason he hasnt won was because he hasnt deserved it yet, the oscar doesnt go to the biggest actor that has the best career, it goes to the best performance out of the nominated five, which he hasnt been yet. I agree he could have won for Aviator, that was magnificent performance. Paul Newman one of he greatest actors of all time, never won until he was 65, simply because he didnt have the best performance each year.

        • troll

          that's bullshit. it is just hollywood politics, it goes to the movie that the government controlled media thinks would put a good message in people heads. for an example, Zero Dark Thirty did not win specifically because the government opposed the film. Acting capabilities aside, the oscar goes to the best representative for modern media, most popular, ect…….

  • melanie5000

    What is Rob Schneider doing on this list?

    • blue_bronco

      Did you see Benchwarmers? Duece Bigelow?

      I hope you are joking.

      • HUH?

        waterboy made me cry. dicaprio never made me cry. nuff said.

    • ISNBH

      Making me laugh out loud.

    • Jawbone

      He's here to weed out retards like you.

      • melanie5000

        Good one.

    • wtf

      I can only assume, keeping John Travolta company.

  • don s

    Some of those aren't really a surprise, exe Rob Schneider and George Lucas.

    • Golden Statue

      The only ones that are a surprise are Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. The rest are some two-bit actors and directors who have made some terrible stuff along with the good. Then I realized this wasn't a serious list with the inclusion of… Brad Pitt. (You thought I was going to say that other guy, didn't you…)

    • Anon

      Lucas could have won some for music or special effects though. Although perhaps those simply don't count as awards for Lucas himself.

      • Chivejunkie

        Lucas should have gotten one for directing and screenplay for Star Wars IV

  • @DJOsito


    Schneider? what the hell for?


    maybe the biggest snub of the list

  • david

    #16 #18, What movies from these two were good enough for an Oscar??

    • Adam

      Have you ever seen Unbreakable?

    • David

      snakes on a plane. duh

    • Mark

      "say what again motherfucker"

    • Pace

      pulp fiction…come on now

    • Monty

      A Time to Kill

    • saltygary

      Are you crazy, have you ever seen "Deep Blue Sea"?

      • @IAM_splashnasty

        "have u seen my movies? deep blue sea, they ate me, a fucking shark ate me" – samuel jackson from chappelle show

        • Mike

          "Sam Jackson beer! It'll get you drunk!"

          • Arjay

            "You'll be f***in' fat girls in no time!"

            • hgxv

              Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!

    • Dustin


    • Billy

      Sammy was great in black snake moan but he really deserved one for Django

    • dima_c

      unbreakable, the negotiator, jackie brown, pulp fiction, a time to kill, die hard 3, the incredibles…

      • acastaner

        And Do The Right Thing, from Spike Lee.

  • saltygary



    • Burt

      well played

    • MonkeyMadness


  • JTP

    Why the fuck is #16 on this list? That is inexplicable…

  • Epitomizer

    The academy awards are as much a fraud as the grammy's. Fah-Q Hollywood.

  • jsj

    Most of these are not surprising at all. And Kubrick does have one- just not for best director.

  • Stick

    #24 Best film was Meatballs, so go figure.
    His types of film aren't usually Oscar-worthy.

    • Bill Murray

      The statement you made is false

      • Stick

        Not really.

        • Brett

          Ghostbusters was nominated for two Oscars and he was nominated for best actor for Lost in Translation, which also won an Oscar. Not to mention the numerous other films he was part of that were nominated. So I'm gonna have to agree with Mr. Murray above when he said the statement you made is false.

    • Mike


    • PayHeed

      I agree. He doesn't make films that appeal to everyone. That's why he's the best.

    • RyanMS3


    • ale

      lost in translation????

  • Evan

    Why is rob schneider on this list?

  • Porkins

    You mean these millionaires didn't get gold statues from other millionaires?

    • joeA927

      omg im going to cry cause theyre plp out there who are rich omg just because u make a lot of money doesnt mean u cant win something god forbid they try to win something they love doing and oh ur a hater

      • Porkins

        Next time Joe, just keep watching reruns of Joan Rivers asking people who they are wearing.

      • hello please

        Punctuation is no fucking joke, sunshine.

        Clean your act up.

  • Epitomizer

    #16 I do enjoy a bit of sarcasm sprinkled in a post.

    • MHCinCO

      It was almost too subtle though. I would have chosen Pauly Shore.

      • Warren

        Rob Schneider doesn't know the meaning of "too subtle".

        • Epitomizer

          It's Rob Schneider in "The Dictionary", coming to a theater in South Park, CO.

  • yoselahonda

    Didn't Leo get best supporting actor for What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

    • tv_paul

      Nope, just the nomination which most of these people have had but have not won.

    • R.Pgh

      He went full retard. You never go full retard.

    • Some guy

      Speaking of which, where is Peter Dinklage?

  • Karl

    80% of these are not surprising at all

  • RedStone

    #3 not a surprise at all #4 a STUNNER

    • Macro

      Really? … Benjamin Button? Seven?

      • RedStone

        Seven was a good movie, but he was far from Oscar worthy in it, and Benjamin Button? REALLY?

      • hhgfd

        fight club
        a river runs through it

    • McBeastie666

      Pitt was nomination worthy in Killing Them Softly.

    • Bilbo Teabaggins

      One word: SNATCH!!!

      • a-nom

        Fan-freakin-tastic.. Periwinkle blue.

    • dan


  • ChiveOnFromCalgary

    #24 should be a poster for sale. That's an awesome picture.

    • Shane

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I did that with another picture I found on here of Mr. Murray!

    • dudder


  • @LosSaysSwag

    One of these things is not like the others… #16

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