Fried spiders? How ’bout no, Scott (16 Photos)

  • Livin' Legend

    I'd give it a try, as long as sometime during the process the hair were removed. If it's just burned off in the oil, that does not cut it.

  • Static

    i just threw up in my mouth….

  • Jerry Esposito Jr

    Piece of shit spammer

  • Madcap Laughs

    I'd eat it, the bizarre foods guy said they taste like soft shell crab, plus ppl eat fast food—that shit is waaay worse than a spider

  • KayMan

    yea, how's about no!


    KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sfb101

    Who the hell is Scott?

  • yermon

    #16- sir… thers a spider on ur head

  • taylorM

    It actually has the same consistency and taste as soft shell crab… really good

  • gryphonesse

    you can have all of my NOPES. I would sooner eat my own foot.

  • cooktiludrop

    SO would have starved to death…..

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – umm, no mas.

  • Chad

    I have eaten one in Cambodia it just tasted like a crunchy BBQ snack. Though your brain really tries to override you.
    Admittedly I did end up puking my guts out in the airport hours later

  • dr313

    how about a whole mound of fuck no

  • omar

    This appeared in both Bizarre Foods and the BBC documentary Human Planet. Supposedly they're very tasty.

  • KyleGamgee

    Bred in a hole in the ground, I see a bucket of spiders. #2

    What do they eat?

  • David

    Oh hell yeah!
    I munch some down!

  • Guest

    Its easy to judge what you would or wouldn't eat when you live in a country that has an abundance of food. If you have never faced real starvation you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

  • pannychous

    I just stepped in a big pile of NOPE.

  • @TheHim5

    I'd rather shit in a cup and eat it

  • matt

    They taste like soft shell crabs when breaded and fried. Just make sure the fangs are pulled out first. Not that gross or freaky. More 'mercans need to eat more cheap, low fat protein. If you like shrimp, crab, lobster, etc. There's no real reason not to try spider, grasshopper, beetle larvae, honey pot ants, etc. (Well, other than the 'you're a pussy' reason.)

  • Mike

    How about no.

  • JP1

    Don't know if I'd have starved before eating them, but I certainly would have discontinued the practice once ANYTHING else became available!!

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