KCCO Beer coming soon. We’re seeking a brewery to partner with for creation of liquid gold (11 HQ Photos)

If you show up to theCHIVE office for a tour, the first thing that happens is you'll be led to theCHIVE's famous beer fridge. Taking a tour without a beer in hand is a silly thing.

When you open the fridge you notice a selection of the best beers around. At your eye level you'll find curious row of humble beers marked 'KCCO' on masking tape. For about 6 months, theCHIVE has been mastering two home brews in the office that are actually, well, fucking delicious.

The first is our Black Lager (German Schwarzbier). It's a toasty fucker with notes of chocolate but, unlike a heavy porter or stout, it's amazingly crisp, clean, and light. It's really a remarkable beer.

The second is a Gold Lager. Very light and clean with a nice hop backbone (we switched to a Czech hop a while back which did the trick). Both beers are amazingly balanced and sessionable. We drink a lot here and I don't like feeling full after 2 beers.

The beer has become so popular about Venice Beach, the new batches barely last a day.

We're going to need a bigger boat.

We want to share our special home brew with America, or at least a couple lucky cities to start. We'd like to partner with a quality brewer with a healthy capacity - emphasis on the word 'partner'. We know craft brewers are a passionate lot and we want your name proudly with ours on our label.

We want to make the highest quality beer possible here in America. It's time to get away from bloated Macro brewers who don't give a feathered fuck about their customers.

As theCHIVE moves forward, our primary interest is in connecting people. It's what our shirts do amazingly well. There isn't anything wrong with the digital likes, pokes, and winks in the digital space. But nothing beats a physical connection. - A room full of friends, laughter, and raised glasses. Let's give the Chivers a great, American beer to toast.

If you're interested contact the new President of KCCO Beers, Joe Michaels, at info@kccobrewery.com

If you're a bar owner/manager interested in carrying KCCO Dark or Gold, email us at iwantmybeer@kccobrewery.com

Sign up individually ON THIS AWESOME NEW WEBSITE to find out which bar will be carrying KCCO Beer in your neck of the woods.

Now enjoy theCHIVE's beer fridge!

You can sign up RIGHT HERE to be the very first to find out which bar is carrying KCCO Beer in your neck of the woods.

Bar owners are welcome to contact us at iwantmybeer@kccobrewery.com if you’re interested in carrying KCCO Black or KCCO Gold Beers. We’ll try to make enough for you to actually keep in stock.

To partner with KCCO Beer and help launch a beer revolution, contact Joe Michaels at info@kccobrewery.com

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