theCHIVE goes to Atlanta! (49 HQ Photos)

These days, we keep a close eye on the cities throwing unofficial meetups. Nathan Rigsby and the Atlanta Area Chivers grabbed our attention with their bonkers meetups.

The ATL Meetup was one for the books. If there was a piece of furniture, somebody was dancing on it. We can't thank the Lost Dog Tavern enough for stepping up big time for this event. It was a fucking amazing event.

Thanks also to Churchills for letting us pour ourselves into your fine establishment for the afterparty.

And we'd especially like to thank all the Chivers we met in Atlanta this weekend. Y'all were so kind and generous to all of us. We won't forget it. Thanks again.

Now let's get to it...

  • MattKL

    #9 Hello, nice to meet you.

  • J-Walk

    #23 Get on it fellas!

  • Hank Hill

    Way too many Caucasians for ATL.

    • Hank Hill

      Whomever thumbed this down has never been to ATL.

    • Hank Hill

      Nevermind, it's in Buckhead. Caucasians welcome.

  • Andy

    The guys face on #50 needs to be photoshopped onto many things.

  • Kyle429

    Please have an NC meetup! Preferably in or near Greensboro…

  • THErealWAVE

    so how many did you bend over the barrel and show the 50 states?

    • Hank Hill

      Is that even a thing?

      • Bhodi

        Now it is

  • Jill

    Have the next meetup in NYC!

  • bones

    #11 #12 so close. please do a post just for her

  • BoobToob7

    Come to Seattle!

    • thom

      They have been here.

  • Tracy

    Is it just me or does Mac remind you of the human Grumpy Cat? #49

  • xBigBossx

    #22 Edward Furlong showed up?

  • ChiverJason

    Who's the Megan Fox look-a-like in #17? I want MOAR

    • Aaron

      Yea I remember her there! MOAR

    • Noidios

      That photo doesn't even do her justice. She was stunning!

    • Rob


    • Heckmantis

      That's Crystal, she's awesome!

  • Skol???

    #6, Skol Vodka? Are you serious? I thought you guys were ballers? I can help you guys out and send you a $20 to buy some good vodka

  • Hilarious

    $26, Fucking Hilarious. The MR never smiles! I love the look

  • Giblets

    Paddy's day in just over 2 weeks I'm thinking the chive should get its ass over to Dublin

  • @ortegaralph

    I wish the Chive came to Toronto.

  • Golden Frog

    That's freaking awesome! Wish I was there!

  • Michael

    Hey guy in pic 29 in the white shirt waving. Those are some sweaty pits man. You should get some Old spice, smells like out doors and freedom. Chive you guys should think about making a deoderant line with calming entities in it. KCCO from an avid Texas Chiver.

  • Johninfirestone

    Denver/Boulder Chive meet up must happen!

  • Tylor Weaver

    Far right… Find her! Gorgeous smile

    • Tylor


      Far right… Find her!! Gorgeous smile!

  • John

    #41 Please for the love of All please find her and a section on just her.

  • Kcco

    Why you no come to San Francisco??????

  • Andy

    Dear John at theCHIVE – If Megan is single, can you put in a good word for a single Midwest Chiver? Or maybe just come host a party in Kansas City and I will do it myself.

  • John

    #43 Please for the love of All please find her and a section on just her. even more

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #36 Giggity.

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