theCHIVE goes to Atlanta! (49 HQ Photos)

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  • juan

    Please release them #23

  • 神威

    #43 , #44.

  • watters

    #36 + #37 whats up with that jaw line?

    • Lukey_Dukey

      lol. just posted the same thing. pretty weird looking.

    • TooRude

      Not very chive like of you guys. Pretty rude actually. You 2 must be the best looking guys in the world…..

  • Jezdezpez

    This is awkward; John looks like a creepy old man sneaking into parties. I think John should move on to something more his age and leave these hot young ones to our young seeds.

    • MrPants

      amen to that brother

    • JP1

      Not nice. Age is relative, fun is relative, hot chicks and cold beer are forces of nature that should be appreciated as often as possible by those at the ages at which such are appropriate for the individual (or laws of your land). Why do you feel otherwise? Ageist!

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  • Otto

    Who's the girl bitting the sticker? She is HOT!

  • Lukey_Dukey

    #36 and #37. wtf is up with that girls jaw??? Quagmire

    • grady

      glad i wasn't the only one who saw it. also, giggity.

  • cjay

    #5 Blond on left FIND HER !!! #23 MOAR of know which one..

  • sINVdoc

    Gotta come to DC, great following here

  • dima_c

    #39 please find the two on the right! wow

  • Cudaman

    Well at least it wasn't in this neighborhood –

    • Elicia

      And people wonder why we held it in Buckhead…..

  • Beards R Us

    I'm seriously dissappointed that nobody commented on #21. Thats Alie, she's a bartender, loves 311, free spirit and general awesome person. Nobody can rock the wolf hat like that.

    • Zach

      and shes shes got that sexy English accent from Manchester cant forget that!

      • Beards R Us

        How the fuck did I get -4 in ratings?

  • jake

    Noooooo!!!!!!!! HOW DID I MISS THIS!!!! I live in atlanta and go to those bars all the time! DAMN YOU UNNOFFICIAL MEETUUPS!

  • NHChiver

    #22 – This girl is GORGEOUS!!!

  • ChiverMedic

    #35 So much Happy. Great job with the Yuengling John

  • idk

    Where can I see the rest of the pictures. I'm pretty disappointed I'm not in any and I took a few.

  • mfavor

    Damn, come to Norfolk, it would be an awesome time.

  • JP1

    Happy people! That's why I love The Chive! Glad you had fun in ATL!!

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