I try to learn something new every day (30 Photos)

  • criddler

    #19 i dont get it.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

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  • Andrew

    i liked these facts better on reddit when i read them days ago

    • ImpressMe

      Then go back to reddit…. who also took them from somewhere else….maybe you can find the actual, original posting site…then you can sit at reddit and whine at them too…….

  • Narine

    #22 Which flavor?

  • Ron

    Well that explains a lot.

  • Roland

    #30 Not really lucky…when I think of powerful American women, I think of like, Janet Reno or Hillary.

  • rosszip

    #23 We should do this to all the crooks in Washington. Street justice! Why are we such pussies about a little good old fashion public humiliation these days.

  • Joey


  • halls

    #30 well expalins a lot about "You only live twice"

  • Homeslice666

    I was there for #7 back in 1974 in Sitka Alaska, saw it as a kid from the playground. Hell, that's even a poor copy of the picture my dad took and later sold in hardcopy to a local museum. The icing on the cake, my first name is Alec as well.

  • STW

    #24 His roommate at the reformatory attended McQueen's funeral as the official rep of the school. So they remembered and honored McQueen to the end.

  • Richard T. Barnes

    #11 the only one without a source…. how can I believe anything you say now? I mean that guy LITERALLY had his mind blown while watching a movie. Thats some tear jerking stuff.

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