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    • Me.

      She must be introduced to theChive… She's a Chivette and doesn't even know it!

      • Yuup

        Corky and jennifer lawrence are from the same neighborhood? Wow, who would've guessed?

    • Boogieloo

      New chive feature…stories about 'tards

      • Epitomizer

        First one will feature you, bitch.

      • ChiveAndy

        Peter Griifin – "They don't like that word being used anymore, they prefer little people"

  • Golden Frog

    Jennifer Lawrence…Your awesome! KCCO!

    • you're not your

      her awesome what?

      • bizarrogreg

        If we are going to play grammar Nazi, capitalize the beginning of your sentences.

        • herp de derp

          Grammer Nazi was my favorite board game when I was growing up.

          • backflipman

            Goddamn guys… There are far more Grammar Nazis than necessarry on the Internet, let's just take a break on theChive, shall we? I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but give this… Gold Frog? a break!
            Btw KCCO er'ryone

    • Spelling Police

      you're* – it's a contraction of "you are." Stay in school.

  • DTAB

    Her mom's not bad….

  • McBeastie666

    Dude must have been psyched to see her win the academy award. Pretty cool. Hope she keeps her shit together.

    • Jay

      It's sad that in Hollywood, not going batshit crazy is an accomplishment worthy of praise.

    • BlueSailor

      He was! He dressed up and had a party: http://cjky.it/W72EFv

  • ZackMorrisIsADick

    Wonder if he is beating it to her as much as the rest of us…

    • Felcus

      Not possible. Twice while I wrote this.

    • RedHotChivette

      Haha, first thing I thought of.

  • SATXChiver

    She has beautiful eyes and a warm heart that goes back before she was famous. I'd be happy to be in her friend zone.

  • Chris

    OH MY GOD. Seriously – is there anything about her that isn't amazing?!

    Jennifer Lawrence must be the balance for Snooki.

  • Yep

    He could fuck her

  • yermon

    Fuck Hunger Game its almost a complete copy of Battle Royale from japan which was written almost 15 years ago. The moment I saw HG i knew its a copy.

    • Dagonny

      Your point being?

    • Harmonica

      yes that movie sucked and is a knockoff, but Jennifer Lawerence seems to be a pretty cool person.

    • Shugo

      The real question is "Who gives a shit?"

      No one person ever came up with an idea. Given enough time history has show the almost inevitable evolutionary quality to the spread of ideas, even on a sub-conscious level. As we progress technologically the ability for ideas to influence people at a distance is expanded on a huge degree. The same ideas are occurring, at random, to more people than ever before. Welcome to the future.

      And at the end of the day as Picasso said "Good artists borrow, great artists steal".

      In the meantime, take your moral outrage and throw it at the creators of "Btooom" on of Japan's currently running anime. It's so closely linked to "Battle Royale" its appalling.

      • adfadf

        easy homo, don't get your panties in a knot lol

    • asdasd


      It had an influence on a lot of shit, so who cares?

    • titsburgh feelers

      Oh. You mean Battle Royale from Japan. That no one ever heard of ever? Good call. I'm so glad you brought that up. Like anyone gives a flying FUCK!! And BTW, this story is about Jennifer Lawrence, not The Hunger Games. Douche bag.

      • McBeastie666

        Not for nuthin' but a shitload of people have heard of Battle Royale. I wouldn't freak out about it like the OP, but your response was about as dickish.

    • BallzMcGee

      Hollywood copied off of another movie?? Thanks for the detective work Sherlock, get the prez on the phone!

    • whl hntr

      Chivers don't like history lessons fyi. Interesting fact tho….

  • Cartridge

    It really would be difficult for her to be any more awesome.

  • Fred savage

    Hey maybe Fred savage could play him in the movie about her life

  • SnackPacks

    Her mom's a MILF

  • mack45

    you know if he wasn't retarded people would call him a stalker..kinda a double standard if you ask me

    • Visitohr

      I'm pretty sure they would call him 'a fan' still. She invites him so even if he wanted to stalk her, cant stalk the willing.

    • Means

      And im pretty sure he was a friend from HS, and she herself sends him most of the stuff.

    • Mr Black

      He has her digits douche bag! Tell us more about this double standard…

  • HickoryHeel01

    What a sweet story! Ms. Lawrence seems like a wonderful young woman, and is certainly a talented actress. And she obviously comes by her considerable good looks honestly.

  • TallPK

    She really is a level headed cool chick which makes her even more deserving of the Oscar she won. Oh and she's pretty f'ing hot too. love her

  • meh

    A Kentucky post AND a Louisville post?!? Big ups to the K Y Commonwealth!

    Time for a meet up. If Derby is too cliche, come on the day before for the Oaks, the REAL party…

  • Brian

    Too late. Already all in.

  • PDiags

    Not only is she absolutely drop dead beautiful, and a sweetheart, I need to thank her for keeping me in business. As a certified archery instructor, she has been fantastic for bringing me new clients. Thanks Jennifer, chivette at heart KCCO !!!

  • skylar

    Did anyone else think the guy said "Fuck 'em" when he actually said "Welcome."

  • Livin' Legend

    I'm genuinely impressed. She's either the saintliest person humanity has produced in decades, or the greatest sociopath in history and we'll find bodies under her house after a long and successful career of movies and eventually politics.

    Either way she's exactly what Hollywood needs.

  • Spelling Police

    I had to turn it off at the :42 mark. What happened?


    couldn't even change the headline that was on reddit

    • BallzMcGee

      Give it a rest already, getting pretty sick of people posting this. Reddit does not own this material so why even bother bringing it up?? Did reddit send the reporter to do this piece, NO.

  • Davis

    Didn't know Uma Thurman was a local news anchor

  • http://twitter.com/morosz3 @morosz3

    We found his FAP page! (pages sticking together)

  • RedHotChivette

    She is so great ❤

    • Mike

      She is.

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