Friday Dopamine Dump (37 Photos)

  • lydilei

    i just love n°10!!!

  • Anonymous.

    #34 wow. who is that?

  • thisonethatone

    #17 from ultra

  • Darr

    What's with the massive ads that take up 3/4 of my screen on my iPhone? I don't care that they are there but when I can't see the pics it's a bit much

  • Jawbone

    #24 Your dad looks like a fuckstick. And that's not your dad.

    • Jawbone

      #4 Anyway. Although, shit, this guy's dad might be a cocksucker too.

  • Eddie

    Haha #10 is awesome!

  • @kooshbox

    #10 I love your shirt and YOU! #12 I WANT THAT! I WANT THERE!

  • Odintorr

    Damnit Winger! That's a T-Rex!

    • Dexter

      both wrong when talking about Taylor swift's a black hole, nothing can escape from this hole, even light .Especially teenage looking dudes barely out of puberty .

  • Livin' Legend

    #10 Down's Syndrome folks are generally the nicest folks I've ever encountered. Maybe I'm just antisocial, but I'd choose their company over most of the 'normal' people I encounter.

  • Christopher James Elder

    #34 find her

  • tommy2X4

    #27 Lindsay Lohan?

  • Sam

    #26 what was he laughing at?

  • Robert

    This comment might be deleted by an administrator.

  • Dave

    #34 is Stacey Hannant. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Lukas van der Zee


    Waldorf on wheels…

  • Macro

    #32 is really damn hilarious

  • septic

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.

  • BaconZombie

    Hennessey, a Monte Cristo and Cohiba? Could at least have a little bit of originality. Overpriced crap only yuppies like if you ask me.

  • Chris Kohlenberger

    where is #33?

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