Friday Dopamine Dump (37 Photos)

  • Just Sayin

    Glad I didn't do it.

  • otto


    Dear Diary…..

    • Big Poppa

      ….went to London today….

  • xBigBossx

    #15 I would rock a pair of those (insert Chuck Norris joke here)

  • jamie

    #3 #8 Deal with it ! #17 BRAZZERS #34 Sweet Baby Jeebus

    • Guest

      34 has gorgeous eyes, and one of those innocent faces that are just drop-dead appealing.

      • Garf

        That's Innis McAllister

  • MattKL

    #15 Disclaimer: Will not let you roundhouse kick like Chuck Norris.

  • rooster

    Eager……I like that in a woman

  • MattKL

    Great view. I'm sure the one from the house is OK too.

    • Epitomizer

      Who the fuck is reporting all these comments today?

  • rooster

    I must be getting old, hell, this made me dizzy just watching

    • Skevin

      I don't think getting black out drunk is considered "living life, and having fun" We're not 17 anymore.

      • Panda

        My good sir, I agree with you.

    • Dano

      If I could afford fun, I would have some.

  • Boy blue

    Ammitday #34

  • FLChiver

    #7. All kinds of wrong.

  • sfb101

    #1 Shades of Vacation
    #23 Epic drive-in!

  • Enlightened

    #23 Taking Ingress too far! Get out of the car.

  • Mickey Mouse

    #33, #12, #35 WANT!!

  • eoj

    #29, at the risk of never getting laid again, i gotta point out…
    A Velociraptor's vision is not likely based on movement, you're thinking of the Tyrannosaurus. Velociraptors are just cooler these days is all. No Excuse.

    • Bhodi

      Hello Newman!

      • tv_paul

        T-Rex was just mean because he couldn't scratch his own balls (saw it on NeoGeo.)

  • Woodford DoubleOak

    #35 Gimme some Woodford Reserve with that cigar please and Hell yeah

  • sea253

    Ehukai Beach Oahu…Also known as Pipeline.

  • Paterkiller

    #31 BRAVO!!

    • angiebaby

      I remember that face but I can't remember his name…..

      • guest

        Doug "It’s an Illusion" Henning

        • crazydog

          lol, you actually know who that is…wait…so do I…dammit!!

  • det


  • _DoC_

    No, cause that would be etched in my screen if it were

  • Tillman61

    Agreed, coolest pic on here – coolest guy on here.

  • _DoC_

    Fact: Any burger is a burger for ants.

    • Julio_Fungoolio

      It was a Zoolander reference.

      • _DoC_

        Yes, we all know.

        • jim

          Fact: bears eat beats

          • Bhodi

            Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

            • Dwight


      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Report me or not I still say #10 is a badass shirt.

  • Peter

    Thank YOU chuck Norris

    • Thor

      why is every comment on front page DELETED by administrator?? Did chive get HACKED?? or did they use all pictures without the rights??

      • Guz

        They did this a few weeks ago. It was to get rid of spam posts that are put up but they don't read them, just get rid of the lot in one go or something.

  • Aaron Trumble

    #18 seen on the 101 by gilroy

  • Marco

    As good as it gets…

  • Ron Woods

    #10 is great!

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