Life is short, so have some fun (32 Photos)

  • sonny

    #12 Well my whole carrier has been arounf construction machines but I have never seen somebody taking so much fun with them and I have seen some really crazy tricks even a wedding ceremony on them.

    • HickoryHeel01

      Looks fun. And dangerous.

    • TheFrontier


      • RSTLN E


    • Mick Taylor

      You should have seen this one, it's been on Chive so often,

  • NobleChive

    #21. Hey there…

    • Hank Mardukas

      on my bucket list

  • afewlittletrysts

    #23 seem like pretty awesome people. having fun and not taking life too seriously. RIP and chive on to your grandpa

    • WaGGuM

      My Grandparents/friends : ) Thank you to all chivers who enjoyed this memory

      • mateo

        KCCO "Pop"

    • WaGGuM

      wow 75 likes I'm so happy and humbled! Kicking myself for that typo though.. think i just finished a few rounds of pong when i wrote it <facepalm>

  • ForZakk
    • Riley Freeman


  • passwordistaco

    #32 You know she's singing a capella, that kid stopped playing a few seconds ago.

    • Plurp

      Check that Mosrite. Classic.

      • yoyo

        the force is strong in this one

  • whyme1973

    #16 Nope.
    #21 Hell yeah.

  • Shockteck

    #15 Amen folks. A wise women told me once, never grow up because one day you will have kids and need to know how to be a kid again. KCCO FOREVER!!

  • Rafael Ruiz

    #1 and #12 are awesome
    #24 #29 are not funny.

    • North

      I donno…I think a soldier riding a dinosaur is pretty alright.

      • Mn dude

        I agree with the NOT FUNNY remark. I feel that there is never a good time to treat guns like toys when children are present. Might as well hand the kid the gun and let him take some photo too.

        • Jen

          im pretty sure that kid has probably been exposed to guns before.

    • Mister_2

      #24 is a kid in a shitty situation who is having fun regardless. And #29 is a soldier who even in the middle of patrol can still find time to act a kid. Awesome pics that fit the title perfectly if u ask me.

    • Craigery

      I think you're missing the point. They're not supposed to be funny pictures; they're pictures of people having fun. Maybe you don't know what fun is?

  • llew11

    Dydd gwyl dewi hapus I pawb!

    • Hara

      Me too, bro!

    • fact checker

      feckin' welsh.

      happy st. dave's day mate

      • Sooo....

        Good work, my friend. I'm impressed.

        • thumb


  • MylesofStyles

    #14 Being a father, I am more than confident that this picture was taken exactly 1.3 seconds before the ice cream falls on the floor.

    • Hrdwood

      …and 1.8 seconds before the family dog runs over and eats it while the kid screams and your wife is yelling at YOU for letting him drop it.

  • FLChiver

    #11. There's a guy in the middle!

  • thecircu5

    I know that feel bro'. #30

    • Alicia

      When your drink is too big for your cup holder?

  • paledian

    #32 That looks like the move my wife does when she waxes her pubes, minus the microphone…

    • Matt the King

      No it doesn't.

  • pimpninjaa

    #21 looks like fun

  • noegod

    #23 your grandparents ROCK! I'm sure Pop is KCCOing in the great beyond!!! Just Awesome!

    • WaGGuM

      Thank you : ) you guys are the best

  • prison_mike

    #3 what a fucking nerd!

    • Fuck off

      Butt hurt there prison Mike?

      • MylesofStyles

        He hasn't named his asshole "The Grand Canyon" for no reason.

    • mateo


  • lawnguyland

    #16 Yeah. Hold on to that rope. That will save you.

  • David_Lyons

    #11 He isn't having as much fun as the two lovely ladies behind him. And #19 Brilliant.

    • B-to-the-H

      #11 – The guy between them is having the most fun though.

      • David_Lyons

        Ha. Good spot. I did not notice that lucky bastard.

  • Gregory Jones

    #6 I love this girl already… We need moar I do believe kind sirs…

  • cdlind

    #29 Both the soldier and his trusted mount are experts with small arms…

    • Hara

      bazing, sir!

    • Jen

      SHAZAM! you win the internet today.

    • bdtrngl

      You sir win the internet today.

  • NonBrit

    #28 Toyobaru!

  • tv_paul

    #11 This is about as close as I've ever gotten involved in a three way too.

    • G_Had

      There is actually a guy in the middle! (I didn't saw it either, FLChiver did…)

      • tv_paul

        Good call. BTW, I lied I did have a three-way once. I was drunk and one thing led to another and my right hand got tired …so I had to call in back up from lefty.

        • @LosTorre


  • criddler

    what the balls is #24 thats a trash heap and a horrible city in some horrible country….real fun

    • Craigery

      I think the point is that no matter how bad your situation is, you can still enjoy life. It's all about your perspective.

    • Craigery

      Compare this kid to the woman in #13 who can't even manage to crack a smile on a ride in "the Happiest Place on Earth".

    • usually-censored

      Kids make do with what they have. In Laos I saw kids put stick up a beetle's ass and waive it around while it flapped its wings – that was their toy and they were just as happy with it as my nephews are with their expensive Mattel toys.

  • Craigery

    #13 FLBP alert

  • Fuck N Right

    #28 haha top gear rules!

    • Ed Venture

      Yes it does, particularly Clarkson, but that image is terrifying.

      • Smitty

        That makes it all the better.


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