Life is short, so have some fun (32 Photos)

  • Craigery

    #31 looks like a blast. Where in the world is this?

    • jesus

      the first thing came into my mind when i saw this was: No, thanks LOL

    • hansdampf

      Stanserhorn Switzerland


    Him and the baby geezus

  • Gunny

    #26 Go home lions, you are drunk!

    • Bunny on nite shift

      Get a room, lions!

  • DannoTheManno88

    #8 Phase 1: Collect swimmers
    Phase 2: ???
    Phase 3: Profit

  • Rob

    #23 awesome as it get's. And a big should out to pops.(sorry) KCCO

    • WaGGuM

      Thank you very much : )

  • Jamforever

    Keep On With The Force Don't Stop
    Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

  • Joshua

    #23 KCCO and RIP to your awesome grandparents. CHIVE ON! BRO!

    • WaGGuM

      Thank You!

  • jai

    #25 awesomeness!!!! I want to make one now!

  • TxChiver05

    Life isn't short it's the longest thing you'll ever do.


    #26 I do what I want

  • Johnny

    #28 MY IDOL!!!!!!

  • Kyle

    #12 Awesome

  • Keith_D

    #15- Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.

  • @parthaameer

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  • Shelby

    #2 way to be Colt! Finally made 'er!

  • Rob_Just_Rob

    #8 Junior Officer says, "Skipper, I can't find the men.!."

  • Spence

    #23 grandpa must be chivin on at the big pong table in the sky!! Awesome!!

  • Bulls

    #31 . . . I wanna go there – where is it?

  • JP1

    #23 Bless them both, and you too for knowing what to truly value in life! Nothing like a great family! KCCO!!

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