Photographer’s sexy girlfriend leads him around the world (30 HQ Photos)

These photo, taken by talented photographer Murad Osmann, have torched the internet recently, more of his work right here.

  • alan

    Who wouldn't follow that

    • you don't know me

      anyone else realize the obvious fact that these aren't photographs? What kind of retards are you hiring Chive?

      • TheDarkKnight

        Might I recommend you search the internet for "high dynamic range photography"

        You're welcome.

        • you don't know me

          #14, #15, #22 etc get a clue

        • you don't know me

          furthermore #1, you think he took a photo of a Soviet solider since those haven't existed in Berlin since 1989? These "photos" are so shopped to death that they can hardly be classified as such anymore. Fucking morons try and call me out while they can't add 2 +2.

          • Calle

            Not shopped, that are replicas. Those people are standing at the Brandenburg Gate and waiting for the tourists. You have to pay them to get a photo with them.

      • Yann

        You're so fucking stupid.

        You're welcome.

        • you don't know me

          #14, #15, #22 are NOT photographs you drooling twat

          • Chiver4Life

            Just because you don't leave your house doesn't mean these places don't exist. Fucking idiot.

    • Wtf

      Follow what? It could have been a guy ..gullible people believe anything and everything that's why it's a bunch of retards everywhere complete idiots

  • chivecitybitch

    #17 yes please

    • nate33uc

      @yourleo on instagram…my god

    • NorCal420

      every day of the week yes and MOAR plz

    • Stephen Davidson

      Dat ass!

  • nope.

    im saying butterface.

    • jim thorton

      I dunno dude, check out his site. He is rolling one of those chicks.

    • Scott Hansen

      Yeah, not really. I found his instagram account last week. She is smokin.

      • you don't know me

        if you like skinny girls…

    • HatBomb
      • Orukal

        Dude looks like Scott Baio.

    • Ziggy
      Yea thats her instagram.. and she is pretty hot..

      • MarblesOnTheFloor

        I'd have to disagree. If you saw her on the street, without her tits hanging out, you wouldn't give her a second glance.

        Conversely, she has a smoking hot body and I envy the fuck out of the guy for that and for being wealthy enough to travel so much.

    • FuWangaDo

      I love butterfish.

    • mariah

      Wrong, she's gorgeous:

  • guest

    Man am I jealous Awesome as hell

  • TomatoTipper

    She better slow down a bit.

  • Lukeatmacok

    How many times can you photoshop one picture?

  • SeanFzL

    I would date this guy to go to all of those places!

  • sfb101

    You lead, I'll follow.

  • Sam Ware

    this is damn cool

  • tv_paul

    #6 I think I'd be putting something else in her palm instead of my hand.

    • Jeff Fulgario

      Some Hostess snacks you got on eBay to show her that you love her since they are in bankruptcy and expensive and hard to find? Good idea.

      • tv_paul

        Good thought but no, but the items I was think of is also cream filled center and unfortunately is roughly the size of a Twinkie (sigh,whimper)

        • MHC

          Ahh, Oreos. They make everything better!

  • DWolf

    Very cool idea! Very sexy girl too!

  • bob_the_cook

    Go to his page. That lady is a stunner no matter what side if her you're looking at.

  • Wet_tosti

    #6 I know for sure he is pulling her back into the bedroom!

  • Chiver4Life
  • dyingwish

    must ….see… her face

  • reesalaurin

    I love the Hawaii pictures… Makes me miss home.

  • duh!

    go…to…dude's page…

  • Dan

    Nice body but that got old fast.

  • dirty_toenail

    perhaps with just a little more post-production editing, his talent would show though…..

  • Pit Roczny

    Simple. Sexy. Perfect

  • Kevrhutch

    Great photo concept!!

  • dave

    Is this a green screen situation?

  • teej

    by far the most legit album on this site

  • Bieberhole69

    I bet she gives great handies.

  • Schnizz56

    #11 turn around dammit!!

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