We’re giving away Firefighter and Military KCCO’s to Chivers in need right now

chivers need Were giving away Firefighter and Military KCCOs to Chivers in need right now

Tomorrow, for the first time in nearly 3 months, Military and Firefighter KCCO’s will be available on theCHIVERY at Noon EST.

The heart and soul of theCHIVE is our service men and women, we don’t take it for granted. Time Magazine recently illuminated the strong bond between theCHIVE, Chive Charities, and our military right here.

Today we’re going to be giving away the impossible-to-get shirts to any Chiver who needs one. Email us at chiverygiveaway@gmail.com with your reason, feel free to email us on behalf of a fellow Chiver.

For those familiar, theCHIVE will cover every cost of the shirt, including shipping. We don’t put a limit on these giveaways, we simply try to hold out until our accountant cries for mercy (not kidding). After the third ‘what in the hell are you guys doing over there???’, we cut it off. Today, we plan on giving away more than we ever have, and that’s saying quite a lot actually.

For those of you who receive a shirt, just remember to pay it forward.

For the rest of you, please wait until the big show tomorrow, it’s your support that enables us to do this.

Here we go! chiverygiveaway@gmail.com


John n’ Leo

UPDATE: We’ve reached our vertical limit with the giveaway so we’ve got to cut it off. Please give us 4-5 hours to respond to all the emails!

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