We’re giving away Firefighter and Military KCCO’s to Chivers in need right now

chivers need Were giving away Firefighter and Military KCCOs to Chivers in need right now

Tomorrow, for the first time in nearly 3 months, Military and Firefighter KCCO’s will be available on theCHIVERY at Noon EST.

The heart and soul of theCHIVE is our service men and women, we don’t take it for granted. Time Magazine recently illuminated the strong bond between theCHIVE, Chive Charities, and our military right here.

Today we’re going to be giving away the impossible-to-get shirts to any Chiver who needs one. Email us at chiverygiveaway@gmail.com with your reason, feel free to email us on behalf of a fellow Chiver.

For those familiar, theCHIVE will cover every cost of the shirt, including shipping. We don’t put a limit on these giveaways, we simply try to hold out until our accountant cries for mercy (not kidding). After the third ‘what in the hell are you guys doing over there???’, we cut it off. Today, we plan on giving away more than we ever have, and that’s saying quite a lot actually.

For those of you who receive a shirt, just remember to pay it forward.

For the rest of you, please wait until the big show tomorrow, it’s your support that enables us to do this.

Here we go! chiverygiveaway@gmail.com


John n’ Leo

UPDATE: We’ve reached our vertical limit with the giveaway so we’ve got to cut it off. Please give us 4-5 hours to respond to all the emails!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Well done, gentlemen

  • John

    Don't be afraid to email us, we understand everybody has their reasons and we try to consider every submission. We read them all personally. The faster you email, the better chance you'll have to get a shirt.

    • ATL chiver

      It says 3pm here but 12 everywhere else. When is it?

    • GlibTongue

      I think, and this is just me personally, that you should consider nominations of others by personnel on a higher level.

      I'm sure there are people in the military who may have financial situations that don't allow them to afford chive t-shirts. I'm sure those people also feel a certain pride about not wanting handouts, so they may not write in despite being deserving of your goodwill. So other people nominating them should perhaps…have higher consideration.

      Just my two cents.

    • OneClownShoe

      I will totally pay it forward.

    • Livin' Legend

      Thanks for doing this. You're going to make a lot of people extremely happy!

    • Benny Johnston

      Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm a 18 year firefighter and I still haven't been able to get a shirt. Dammit!

  • tonguefoomaster

    This is why I love and support the chive.

  • ChivetteKellie

    No one deserves it more than the military and firefighters! I'd even venture to say some police deserve a shirt as well.

  • HennerPoo


  • gs425

    Should we steal the shirts so you can give them away. You seem to encourage it with the left of intellectual property so what's the diff if we steal physical property to be "noble"

    • Aiden

      yeah, that didn't even make sense.

      • gs425

        Review the post about the nobility of the old man and then do some thinking.

    • MylesofStyles

      I prayed to God for a new car, but God doesn't work that way, so I stole a car and prayed for forgiveness.

      • gs425

        but you don't get forgiveness unless you give the car back. Did you?

        • MylesofStyles

          Right. *Revs engine, lays a patch of rubber, laughs all the way into the sunset*

          • gs425

            So…..did you?

  • run_around23

    Thank You for supporting my brothers,

    -From a Navy Corpsman/Firefighting Chiver

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.searer Jonathan Searer

    as a fellow Vet, and HUGE chive fan I can't tell you how much it means to me and all of my fellow vets/active duty members. the love and support that we get on theChive is astounding. especially when there isn't much love for us in other countries, and sadly our own. You guys are the best. I know that there are those out there less fortunate than I am, so even if I can't afford one I'd rather wait till next time so someone else can get one. KCCO!!

  • toddb3

    As an Army Firefighter I just wanted to thank you for this! I have my own shirts already, but really appreciate what you are doing for those that don't have the $$. Chive on!

  • sprKCCO

    As a Canadian Combat Engineer, Thank you for everything you guys do. KCCO

  • Lillie

    Chive – y'all are amazing

  • Chris

    This is SO awesome.. Been a Chiver for about 3 months now, just sent an email in about my cousin and uncle who were both in Afghan, Uncle is back home and Cousin on his way home, hope i can get 2 to surprise them both with shirts! They LOVE the chive, KCCO!

  • TimmayShimmay


  • Manuel

    I just wanted to tell you all at the Chive Thank You. Has a Marine and now Fire Fighter. You all truly are amazing people. Keep Up All of Your Great Work!

  • Military member

    Kind of offend on the statement "can't afford one" next time leave that out, you make us sound like we are broke ass bitches.

    – Active US Military Member

  • USMC4Life


  • Mary B

    YAY! Email sent! My husband is very deserving!!

  • Melissa Becht

    Proud to be Chivette. Pay it forward guys, this is amazing.

  • http://shrimpjam.weebly.com shrimpdub

    You guys are oozing class.

  • MattKL

    The support you guys give to us military is, quite simply, amazing. It's one of the reasons this veteran is proud to call himself a Chiver. I already have my shirt though, so I'm going to let some other deserving soul get one. KCCO guys!

  • LSUChivetteSC

    You guys are awesome! And to everyone in the military, thank you for everything you do and everything you have sacrificed for us.

  • Carson

    11b and FFing Chiver here, you guys are the definition of badass.

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