Hot Right Now: Emily Lewis is the apex of the vortex of babe engineering (20 Photos)

Hybrid animals make my brain feel funny (31 Photos)

  • Bad Movie Tuesday: Which Mutated/Indignant Creature Are You? | Movies, Films & Flix

    […] Now. imagine your creature. The Chive did a fantastic job with their animal hybrids.  […]

  • Hybrid Animals Created Through Photoshop Crossbreeding - Weird Cool Dumb

    […] If you’re looking for even more hybrid animal fun, check out this HybridAnimals subreddit. Also, visit the following pages where most of these images came from: chilloutpoint, memeboss & thechive. […]

  • こんな動物に会いたい!合成技術で生まれたハイブリッドアニマル | THISCOVERY

    […] ゴリラ × ゾウ / ペンギン × シャチ Via : Peg It Board / THE CHIVE […]

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