19 facts about Bourbon to further your alcohol IQ (19 HQ Photos)

  • http://inebriati.org/link-19-facts-about-bourbon-to-up-your-iq/ Link: 19 Facts about Bourbon to up your IQ | Inebriati

    […] From America’s Native Spirit’s origins to tax facts, the items in the article really will expand your knowledge about bourbon. My favorite is one that I’ve repeated to several fellow bourbon drinkers: “If you can’t afford the Van Winkle, go with the Weller.” Read the whole engaging article here. […]

  • http://whiskyexperts.net/the-chive-19-fakten-ueber-bourbon/ The Chive: 19 Fakten über Bourbon - WhiskyExperts

    […] sich einen guten Überblick über die Besonderheiten des Bourbon machen will, der findet auf The Chive 19 kurze und prägnante Fakten über ihn, zum Beispiel, dass er der einzige Whisky ist, der nicht […]

  • http://whiskyexperts.com/the-chive-19-facts-about-bourbon/ The Chive: 19 Facts about Bourbon - WhiskyExperts

    […] popularity – and as knowledge is one pillar of enjoyment, we like to point you to a nice article on The Chive with 19 facts about this whiskey. Especially in Europe, knowledge about bourbon is lower than that […]

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