It can battle but has also rescued: USS John S. McCain (45 HQ Photos)

“Photos were taken onboard the USS John S. McCain directly after the earthquake and continued on through search and rescue efforts”
Thank you William for sending these in
Source 2

  • etcrr

    To the Ship and her crew: USS John S. McCain, Thank You for your service, It is appreciated. God Bless

  • D. Bliss

    #13 703!!!!!! HSL-51 Atsugi, Japan I flew in her just yesterday! Great Pics! It was a great response by all of us out here.

    • etcrr

      D.Bliss thank you for your service

    • PushYoureNot

      I work on her every day Doug….an I see you every day…

  • Muadieb

    #7 #13 Those are some beautiful birds! Love those shots.

    • PushYoureNot

      Thanks Muadieb. I'm #13's Plane Captain.

      • Muadieb

        That's awesome Push. I wish I got to work with stuff that cool! Hopefully after I get my degree I can get into the cockpit of one of those. Again, amazing picture.

  • Mullex

    Nice ship.

  • Guntars

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