What 2-year-old Trent Harris lacks in pitch, rhythm, and remembering the words, he more than makes up for in cuteness, fashion, and good old-fashioned American swagger.

Microwaving a sliced grape will cause a spark as a result of electrons being ripped away from the atom. These free electrons can compound on themselves through a process called ‘runaway breakdown’ and cause a massive surge of plasma. Which is basically scientist lingo for ‘it looks awesome’.

64-year-old Aleksander Doba of Poland set sail from the capitol of Senegal. After 98 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes at sea, Doba and his custom 23-foot-long, 39-inch-wide human-powered kayak landed at Acaraú, a city on Brazil’s northeast coast. The trip covered some 3,320 miles in all, and Doba became only the fourth known person to accomplish such a feat, and the very first to do it nonstop.

In FPV Racing, drivers sport video camera goggles that show them exactly what their quadcopter sees. They then race each other through custom-designed courses trying their best not to crash. As video streaming quality improves, FPV racing will continue to grow.

After losing her 19-year-old son in a tragic accident, Michelle was struggling to get back on her feet financially. Her daughter, Crystal, took it into her own hands to find a way to help her mother. Crystal got in contact with a local radio station and they offered to help Michelle get through this tough time by paying her mortgage for 6 months and also covering the costs of the outdoor renovations her son Blaine was working on at the time of his accident.

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