Fun with potholes (15 photos)

a pothole photograhy 5 Fun with potholes (15 photos)

  • LOL

    Alright. This is just silly. Straight up silly. I like it…but it’s silly. 😛 Goofy people.

  • Hilbillyman

    Portsmouth, Ohio………Home to many potholes and potheads!!!!!!!!!

  • mook

    It is sad that some people have enough time on their hands to sit around and make this kind of crap. Makes me reflect and wonder why I even look at this site. Eat me.

    • God

      It’s called entertainment. I think it’s the reason you come to this site. I HOPE it’s the reason you come to this site…

    • Mook is a fucktard

      Hey Mook – fuck youself.

    • ha

      It isn’t really free time, it is a way of peacefully letting the city know that something needs to be done about the potholes, they aren’t normally considered something important, and quite obviously these people feel otherwise. Especially the plants that’s going to grab some attention real quick.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Doing donuts in the road…ur doin it rong

  • Gonz

    this is a very misleading gallery. I neither see pot or sluts

  • bro

    so many of them are from montreal

  • Tanya Rancourt

    Que faire de nos nombreux nids de poule… voilà quelques idées!!!!!

  • Dude

    There is nothing interesting about this gallery at all.

  • Mr.Guy

    Looks like a job for the… UKRAINIAN ROAD FIXERS!!!! hahahahahahaha

  • walter

    Come to SA here you can’t even drive 2 kilometers whithout seeing at least 9 potholes

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