• Spocker

    8, 9, 11, and 13 are dudes. Look at the hands.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Glad you see it too. And the feet what’s goin on there?

      • arturocr

        Wow! Thanks for the warning. Guess I’ve been fooled…

    • Angel

      Your saying because she has big hands shes not a girl?

  • poppajo8

    Me soooooo horny!

  • aosux

    Me love you long time

    • Borat

      Very Nice! How Much?

  • Thisisme

    Where’s missly?

  • Booger

    I prefer the asian girls with big titties.

    #11 has some HUGE feet!

    • Moe

      i saw that too, damn

    • GFHunter

      She gives awesome FJs though!

      • Guest

        Naaah, the picture is taken with a wide angle lens to make the legs look longer!

  • nastyb


  • DaddyD

    Xie xie!

  • poppajo8

    It’s becoming obvious that many who respond to threads like this and dismiss beautiful women in all forms, have never been laid.

  • Anonymous


  • Mustafa_Beer

    I have to admit, I went through the post several times. Just enjoying the beauty and no smartass comments were needed. Thank you, John.

  • anon

    #23 is stunning, please somebody give me a name.

    • Anonymous

      Fook Yu

  • bigBLACKguy

    all tiny asian dicks just went BOOIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!

  • Anonymous

    Other than Lucy, I think they’re dudes…..

  • HellHathShortness

    Wow! Lovely and lucky! Can anyone spare a few inches of leg?

    • Anonymous

      Let’s just get it out of the way HHNF……
      No but I can give you about 8 inches of something else.
      sorry had to be done.

      • Xeteh

        8 inches of whatever you keep in your nightstand?

  • mj

    I didn’t know people were into the “muscular atrophy” look.

  • bababooey

    HHNF, I have a few inches for ya! and yes…sadly just a few.

  • Langy

    Is it just me of does #19 have the biggest feet you have ever seen?

  • HANK

    #7 must have been a nudie shot that was shopped it just doesn’t look possible

  • top dog

    OKayyyy, you made me hungry. Now feed me seymour !!!!!

  • Equalizer

    Asian girls don’t have long legs, they are just slim compare to girls here in the states.

    • garp

      ….Kent’s gonna bite your ass for that comment

  • viking

    # 26 has a great pair of legs best of the bunch

  • califguy

    Get them to wax that jungle between their legs, that’ll make them just about perfect.

    • northerner

      OMG, YESSSSS! A “Leg Man’s” Paradise! Gorgeous legs! Wow! Made my day, Chive! WooHoo!

    • northerner

      Hey, hate waxing, love some fuzz! No waxing, just some judicious trimming. Leave something to the imagination, man! Bare labia aren’t sexy to me, but labia “peaking out” from the forest, now that’s sexy!

  • Huhwut?

    Anybody else see see something odd about #7?

    • mr. t

      it does not look realistic!

  • Mroww!

    Ah, such lovely and beautiful ladies. I envy the fortunate ones with the privelige of being lover to these divine women. TheChive, I applaud you for presenting us this feast for the eyes.


    Ya got chaself a misspelled word thar, pardner. But I agree with your proclamations.

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