If you could only add one mail-order bride to cart, who would it be? (25 Photos)

As ya'll know, I think mail-order brides nudge out the wheel for best invention ever. All the girls here are real Russian mail-order brides. If you could import just one of 'em, which one would it be? Choose wisely...

  • Langy

    I’m going to go with #16

  • paul

    this was a tough call. I have to go with #6 b/c of the side boob.

    • Gary

      Me too. #1 aint bad

  • nastyb123

    Just added # 22, $35 bucks for shippin, c’mon!

  • Zappa

    # 22, those eyes…

  • Anonymous

    #3 or #18 i cant decide

  • Anonymous


  • uber mask

    won’t lie, I kinda like the girl trying to squeeze her own head off

  • Chris

    #13 is high up there in my list… but #21 wins. She can cook, and more importantly, she can cook pizza. What else is needed?

    • arturocr

      21, if the pizza is included. Otherwise, I pick the 18

  • Javier

    10 all the way!!!

    • thegreatfatsby

      I have to agree with you there good sir. 10 is the clear winner

  • Travis

    Undoubtedly #10.

  • peterjacobs


    let’s see some thumbs

  • stephanie

    so far a lot of different answers…

    I’m a girl and if I had to choose one of these girls I’d go with #15. Yep, I’d let her go down on me.

    • chance

      i love you

    • steve

      me too

    • BigRobert

      So far, only you and I think 15 wins. Does that make me a lesbian?
      I think I’m ok with that. Oh yeah, I love you as well.

  • Bonzo98

    #8, love that secretary look.

    #14 is a close second………..if middle aged russian strippers are your thing

  • marathonser

    #3 for sure!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Following the Consumer Reports suggestion, I will need a one week test drive of each model and a printed warrantee. I wouldn’t want to make a decision lightly.

  • The Dude

    Im all for 22. a little sexy but still staying classy.

  • Umigame

    #3 by a LONG shot

  • Matt

    tough call. i’m going with either 7, 16, or 18.

  • Anonymous

    2 or 7 (:

  • Anonymous

    None of them. They are sluts.

    • someguy

      so what ? All women are sluts except mom. I take slut #22.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, your mom is a total slut.

        I say #7

  • amanda


  • poppajo8

    I’ll take a #22 and a bottle of vodka to go please!

  • bowhuntpa

    random select

    but not the dude in 14

  • Supercat

    No contest, #21, she has pizza.

  • Anonymous

    3 ftw

    —–> RP

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