More women who might have to watch their lower back soon (30 Photos)

  • T=Boz

    Firsty let me say sorry , Secondly let me say First

  • Anonymous


    • Ac

      *Basil – Austin Powers reference

      • Anonymous

        Thanks I got the reference just upset by the horrific misspelling.

  • Soldier

    #20 .. thank you and please.

  • Your Local Priest

    More? Or the same photos you’ve shown us 1000 times before?

  • Sarah


    More girls that don’t have big boobs. Most of them are moderate D’s at most, and there’s a few flatties thrown in too. Apparently tight clothing means you have big boobs.

    18, 15, 14, 8, 7…sorry, but that’s not giving them aches and pains anytime soon.

    Before anyone calls jealous, I’m a 32I cup.

    • Max

      Prove it Sarah! link us up.

    • ...

      You shut your mouth when your talking to me

    • and

      you’re probably also a gigantic fatty.

      • hmm

        Yes, you’re probably a huge fatty

    • someguy

      it’s not only the boobs.. it’s the whole package. These foxes are hot AND have big bouncy titties…..

    • Ian

      What terrible choices, Sarah.

      7’s are almost small.
      8’s hang but aren’t big.
      14 is arching her back.
      15 an 18 are average at best.

      No love for 6, 10, 11, 17 or 21?

      Jim Gaffigan —->

  • anon

    #17 is Hottest.

  • Ungc0

    id on number 5?

  • Ranger Danger

    14: Negative. Arching one’s back does not mean big tatas

  • Johnny-K

    #19 Nice sweater puppy, also nice sweater puppy`s

  • psycho_freak

    #26, 27 FTW!!! cute and the package is good too 😛

    • Anonymous

      #26- YUM! Who is she?

  • Durant

    May I say they are simply Racktacular !

  • ark

    I would like have sex whit all them!

  • Anonymous

    Is # 17 that chick with the blue dress sitting on the passenger car on a photo that’s been around the net? She’s super hot and those tits are beautiful. Not sure if it’s the same one. Anyone?

    • adfasdfasdf

      was thinking the same thing…

      • bigdaddydrew

        The girl in the blue dress is Anna Song. After seeing her on the Chive I had to look her up. I believe that is her in this thread as well.

        • Anonymous

          Anna Song. Thank you sir, thank you Chive, thank you internet.

    • dave

      Yeah dude, that’s her for sure.

      • Butters

        tanya song

  • Bellone

    # 5 and 9 for me. Thanks.

  • Jon without the h

    Thouroughly enjoyable. It would be difficult to choose which is best.
    By the way, #11 is a decent photobomb as well.

  • stafferty

    #5 is the hottest to me, but #10 looks alot like Jamie Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano). #26 definately deserves honorable mention.

    Who can get enough of big breasted women in tank tops/ corsets? Seriously

  • Anonymous

    ID them plz. Btw #18, that’s me shes on 🙂

  • zym

    #5 really did a shitty job taping the door frame. Going to have all kinds of paint on there.

    #17. My lawd, #17.

  • Drizzt

    #25 all the way!! Great tits and a great stomach!!!!!

  • LOLrobot

    MOAR 17!!

  • Anonymous

    Attention Chivers

    Numbers 5. 9/10 (same person i belive). and 26

    That is all.

  • top dog

    If they had bigger butts they wouldn’t have to worry about “lower back” problems……cause they’d have “lower back” support.

  • Cooper

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  • George

    Number 11 is a great photobomb!

    • osborl12

      If u noticed the guy in #11, then I have bad news for you…

  • hardmann

    #6 id plz…anyone 🙂

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