• R. Burgundy-SanDiego


    I still have #49. Great old school game!

    • Zoey

      I still have the 2nd version of this game (the green one). I throw and 9V in it and play it every now and them when i come across it in the basement.

      • R. Burgundy-SanDiego

        I actually have the older version that was my dads from the '70s or so. The batteries are held in by duct tape and some of the lights are burned out but it still a blast to roll old school style.

  • Lewis

    Whats the film in the first image?! I remember it but dont

    • Nemesis

      Dark Crystal

    • Jim

      The Dark Crystal – it was a Henson

    • aleXTC

      The movie is Dark Crystal. Don't watch on LSD…….just sayin

    • Sarah

      Dark Crystal was great – but what about Labyrinth

      Oooh as a kid I loved David Bowie in that movie… hehehehheheee

  • the black mamba

    Puts tears to my eyes!!!!! i would give anything to go back to these days….. (25 years old)

    • JagHammer

      I agree with you. When I seen "Where the Red Fern Grows," I was done.

    • SreyaNotfilc

      26 year old here. The McBurger Cage (pic 10) gave me tears.

    • Ash

      Wait til you hit 39, and realize yer half way done…and haven't gotten anywhere 🙁

  • Wickedjack

    #9 Holy shit! I remember that game! We played it in elementary all the time! Does anyone remember wat it was called??

    • Anonymous

      Number Munchers!

      • Hez26

        i will find and play this game before the day is over!

    • Tim

      holy crap those characters are unforgettable! Totally forgot about that game though ahah

    • Ebisnea

      it called number munchers or math munchers or something

  • fieldy409

    46 i know is darkwing duck, i loved that show! I used to read goosebumps all the time, remember the monster blood books and the choose your own adventure ones? most are either before my time or i didnt pay enough attention to notice them at the time because i was an add kid.

    • uberbrie

      don't forget duck tails

      • Sarah

        Don't know if we had the same think in the UK but it kinda reminded me of Count Duckula
        (very awesome)

        • Chi Town

          yeah count duckula made it state side!!!!! Danger mouse was great too.

  • Jeff Todd

    It's the Dark Crystal. WOW I remember all this. How is it that I'm 27!!

  • Frans

    this must be the best post everrr… how did you knew????

  • Chance

    I'm with Jeff, how am I 27??? Seems like yesterday I was rocking the Atari in my Ghostbusters t-shirt.

    • Slacker Bob

      If a kid didn't have Atari, their parents didn't love them.


  • Nemesis

    Just read yesterday that they're deploying a heat-ray weapon in Afghanistan. Well, I recognise a lot of the stuff in this post and I can say proudly, "I was there before the future started".

  • http://www.facebook.com/JasonASmith Jason A Smith

    Is it just me, or does #9 look like an man in suspenders taking a piss?

    • http://www.facebook.com/JasonASmith Jason A Smith

      Opps, I mean #19

      • Andy

        It's just you.

      • Pedantic

        Yeah it's just you. I'd suggest reducing your dosage.

    • john

      number munchers

  • Gregg

    Last week I plugged my NES and duckhunt into my LCD TV. I found out the hard way that the gun doesn't work on these TV's! Now I need to save my old TV for the occasional hunt.

    • tad

      I had the same problem lol I guess it needs the reflection of the glass

      • Slacker Bob

        YEA! Where's our Nex-Gen Guns!!! Fuckers!

  • Sizzle

    I TOTALLY had a Skip-It and Where the Red Fern Grows is definitely still one of my all-time favorite books! I'm 24.

  • Brett

    What is #45? I recognize it, but can't name it. And now it's bugging me.

    • andrew

      step by step

    • Geex

      Step-By-Step Tv Show

  • Zoey

    What ever happened to Mayor McCheese? Did his political career get ruined by some sex scandal? You don't hear much from him anymore, although he was on the Simpson's once.
    And you gotta love the METAL playground equipment. None of this weak, wimpy plastic stuff of today.
    I miss it all.

    • Nugget

      If that is you in the pic when are you getting your own Chive post?

  • pufffdragon

    "You can't do that on TV" . The show that started the whole getting slimed thing. And Barf burgers. How could I forget you. So many memories. Best post ever!

    • Slacker Bob

      "I Heaarrd Thaat!!"

  • Hez26

    #20, always enjoyed those 17 seconds of flavor!

    #33, accelerated.reader

    #36, always wanted a piece of the oatmeal creme pie in that movie…remember the roger rabbit cartoon at the beginning of the vhs?

    #46, Lets, Get, DANGEROUS!

  • uberbrie

    Dear Chive Uncle Cody was a stoner, he lived in a van parked next to his relatives, never really did any thing, was always happy, and was definitely permafried…I never got that until later in life. Additionally please bring back snap Bracelets, that is all.

    • Slacker Bob

      Grats on your permafried status! Too bad it took you until later in life to get it!

    • courtney

      They DID bring back snap bracelets, in a way, only now they don't DO anything except look weird. They're those armful of skinny pieces of rubber that're supposed to mean how many friends you have, or something. I forget what THEY'RE called. Slacker thinks YOU'RE permafried. I guess HE is.

  • MissChris

    Hells yea, this post is a big time WIN! I remember that exact episode of Step by Step! I still love Where the Red Fern Grows & Where the Sidewalk Ends. Loved my Skip-it! Honey I Shrunk the Kids = Awesome!
    LOL. I'm 26 and this was totally my childhood!

  • peteyroberto

    You must be exactly 27 years of age this brought a tear 2 my eye and every image brought back memories

  • Vonshine

    Pitfall was one of my favorite game on Colecovision

  • C-man

    Squirt is still out there! I just had one yesterday!

    • Pedantic

      I bet you did

      • Slakker Bob

        Boo Yea!!

  • MarkyMark

    I still have that issue of Nintendo Power!!! Love these nostalgia posts too.

    • chris

      loser I bet you have a shit load of star tack card aswell

      • Slakker Bob

        The meek shall inherit what's left of the Earth, Fucker. And fucking learn how to spell Star Trek dipshit! You'll need that for future job interviews!

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  • j12goose

    #4….Am I the only one on here old enough to have had the Fisher-Price service station?????

    • Travis

      I had one, also! I'm 35.

    • Vince

      oh no… I think my mom kept some of that old Fisher-Price stuff. I don't know if she's still got the station or not.

    • Slypig

      Nope, I had one. And now my son has the new version, which is no where near as good.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=543642503 G. A. Christian Bilou

      Not at all, and my Fisher Price people came with wood bodies, not plastic.

    • Slakker Bob

      If you didn't have one, your parents didn't love you. Just like the Hotwheels carpet thing, hey where the hell is the Car Carpet?!! I'm 33 btw.

    • Ally

      I had one! I'm the youngest at 30 🙂

  • Sarge

    Thanks for this awesome montage! I remember each and every one of those things! Great.

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