• Slushee


    that looked fun.

  • Nightmare

    LOL! I saw that on Failblog earlier today, and it's still hilarious.

  • vince

    Gawd…flailing around like that, she's lucky if she didn't break at least an arm or leg with that much height. It is funny as hell to watch, but I wouldn't want to hit the water like that.

    • http://phillymagic.com Jumper

      Wasnt high enough to cause lots of damage. I just jumped off of a 50 foot cliff and accidentally landed in shallow water (ouch) and came out wit just a bruised foot. That looked sweeeeeet!

  • Panzerschrek

    I would try

  • http://www.facebook.com/IrBaB00n Craig McMahan

    HOLY SH!T!!!

  • An Amazed European

    WOOOW now thats extreme :p

  • markkens

    Nothing like screaming Mexicans to set the tone for a lame video.

    • Phil

      they are clearly speaking a language that is not Spanish. also, video is opposite of lame.

  • Kyle

    You know what would've been funnier? If a bear was launched into the air. [Unintentional rhyme! :D]

    • ithink

      it is russia…

  • gUEST

    In Soviet Russia, the blob launches YOU.

    Had to say it..

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