Due to Anniversary overconsumption, ‘Sexy Chivers’ moved to Monday.

Hey Chivers,

Last night, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd anniversary by throwing a bonanza for the ages. You’ll see photos of it next week. It turned into one of THOSE nights if you know what I mean. I remember watching the sun come up and thinking, ‘Wow. Tomorrow’s gonna’ hurt’
So I woke up 10 minutes ago, biggest hangover of my adult life and an inbox with hundreds of Sexy Chivers that I’ll never be able to sift though in an hour or four. So I’ll make it up to you with two ‘Sexy Chivers’ next week on Monday and Friday. Deal? This leaves an extra couple days for all you Chivettes to send in your photos! I’ll still roll out the Afternoon Randomness her in a spell. Thanks for understanding, Chivers.

– John

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  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    om nom nom nom nom nom

  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221


    • geezie

      Dear John, This is your intervention. It seems that you are far too old to be acting-like and pandering-to the 20-something drinking crowd. You have gone too far this time. I know they make you feel like a god, and I know you like thier girlfriends, but it just isn't doing your constitution any real justice. thx -geezie

  • celz

    Damm not first Nice pic Though!!!!!

  • llano

    Epic Fail

  • Ballzonya

    I knew something was wrong with the Chive today…

  • Jared


    I have a hangover too though, so all if forgiven and will make Monday a little less jump-off-a-cliffic.

  • motorboater

    if you insist on lifting up your shirt and leaving your mouth open, lets have you go your knees and put your talent to use…. 🙂

  • jamison

    forgiven, Chive. happy anniversary, guys!

  • busted

    I was wondering why you guys weren't as post happy as you normally are. Totally forgiven. Slug some alkaseltzer and coconut milk, hangover cures from the gods.

    • busted

      Separately by the way…alkaseltzer IN coconut milk probably would make you yack.

  • dorian

    well an anniversary does only come once a year. i can wait till monday

  • bbbutter

    thanks for ruining Friday, bastards…lucky for you I'm going to start drinking ina exactly 0 minutes…and I'm still in the office.

    • kate

      Chive should take this as a compliment. You know you've done something right when your absence starts to ruin strangers fridays.

  • ssf

    Goddamn it…how am I supposed to see pictures of hot chicks now <opens new tab, types any word in the dictionary into Google search bar, hits enter>Hey! Hot chicks! No problemo, Chive!

  • WHT

    Fat, drunk and stupid is not way to go through life, son.


  • Raul Duke

    How about a randomness then?

  • koyf

    lame.. worst friday ever

  • stickeys

    I'll never make it through the weekend. WHY CAN"T IT BE MONDAY NOW!!
    Great teaser pic though.

  • kate

    Thums up if we forgive the Chive —->

    And happy aniversary! Now that we have until monday i shall submit my boobs.

    • kate

      i meant thumbs you guys, im not blonde.

    • ShyGuy

      Hooray!! boobies! xD

  • dude

    #1 – "put it in my mouth"

  • rawnoyz

    i know its winter, but its even better in cold weather!!!

    lets have a sexy chivette wet t-shirt contest! ————————————————->

  • Big E

    Fine no sexy chivers but lets get randomness goin

  • GTO

    You have yourself a deal

  • lisa

    If you liked my pic, wait till you see the rest if it xxxx

    • GTO

      i am sure it will be good. not much sexier than a sexy girl in a babydoll

    • tomorrowbystorm
    • Anon B

      Gosh Lisa, has anyone ever told you that you look alot like Adrienne Manning, aka Sweet Adri, the softcore porn model. 🙂

  • hector

    Chive you have the best excuse for non posting Sexy Chivettes: hangover, we understand, we forgive you, but Monday Chivettes MUST BE excellent!! Happy Anniversary Chive!

  • tomorrowbystorm


  • Del

    Unless you have a sign that says CHIVE or write on your body, the pic is bullshit….the girl in the title is a porn star. i call bullshit submission.

    • BigDickDaddy

      Exactly who is she? Strictly curious. Not gonna search the intergoogle high and low or anything like that.

    • Viper

      She might be a porn star who uses the chive

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