TheCHIVE’s 2nd Anniversary Party. We beat the buffet (34 Photos)

Last Thursday, theCHIVE celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with a bunch of our close friends, including some of our most loyal Chivers and Chivettes. We're the kind of group that shouldn't be allowed near an open bar... ever... for any reason. Leo, myself, and Bob were joined by theTHROTTLE's Rick and Patty and of course our sister Emily, the Editor of theBERRY.
Thanks to Nikki's for putting up with our antics, Good Cop / Bad Cop, the best house band in Venice, and comedian Aaron Karo for the LOL's.
A special thanks to GLAM, who co-sponsored the party. But most especially to all our Chivers out there who've supported this alcohol-filled pipe dream we call theCHIVE.

And one last special thanks to our friend and magician David Blatter (pic 26).

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  • Malachi Constant

    Why wasn't I invited you bastards?!?

    • Kyle is celibate

      I like the girl in #10- Chive do me a favor and post her email so I can stalk her-

    • Jay


    • McLovin' It

      paranoid parrot says "Nobody online… THEY"RE GETTING TOGETHER WITHOUT ME!"

  • will

    Happy Anniversary, idiots. I've been here since the beginning and this is my first comment

    • jroy

      Why So Soon?

  • tommybhoy

    You bunch of drunken bastards….thats why I love The Chive!

    • facebook

      oh yeah, it looks wild .. you guys ruined that bar, outttaaa controlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. o.0

  • damon

    #30 – John moving in for the kill

    • thomas

      that's not john but i'm sure whoever that is got laid too

  • Benjamin Dennison

    #5 Awwww you two matched. That's cute.

    Now let's see some @$$

    • I fucked ET

      Ben that was fuckin funny as hell- thx bro

      • ????

        what is with all the plaid.

    • Jeremy

      I was expecting a gigantic beer can to fall on one of them in the next pic.

  • staplin

    Dibbs on Emily #8

    • mark

      sloppy seconds!

  • Diggler

    I'm betting on copious amounts of bathroom sex. Love the "Everybody get fucked up" sign too. Priceless!

    • Logic76

      yup. we'll see find out what staffers got slammed in a future post, 9mos from now! hahaha

  • MOAR

    #11 far left. MOAR!

    • I fucked ET

      Yep, she's hot and kind of looks like an alien

    • Shiyan

      She is gorgeous! I think I need to come work there! lol

    • SpRoUsA

      I second that! FIND HER! lol

    • cpt

      beat me to it, thanks
      and i second that!

  • koyf

    i want to work for you.. you need a canadian rep?

  • mike

    #34 Meme
    am i doing this right


    check out Bob's face in #34.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    All of the men are pretty hot!!

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      You read my mind. Now quit stealing my name.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        this makes me pretty sure that the thief is HHNF. still suck at commenting I see…

  • Paul V.

    #12 – John is flanked by 4 chicks. one is biting his scarf. god i hate you guys so very much

    – an accountant

  • lordes

    somebody has to make an 'am i doing this right' of #34 and send it in

  • Cynthia

    thumb me down if you want but John and Leo are hawt

    • Jillian

      let the boys thumb you down. they're very cute boys <3.

      • Hobo

        Women love douches. The idiot is wearing a scarf with a tshirt and has a fauxhawk…

  • misty

    you have to respect any group that makes a sign for their party that say 'everybody get fucked up'

    • Kjell King

      Why do you need a sign? It seems like a given.

  • cdub

    #9 – Find her!

    • Speedy

      she deserves her own post!!!!!

      • Six

        Licking stuff…

    • Jaysmooth

      Yeah. She looks like she has a nice tush.

  • forty love

    #29 – 20 bucks john tapped that

    • HolyShamoly

      20 bucks says you would too… and so would I

    • iambigd42

      She is actually saying "The Gap called and they want there scarf back"

      • Kjell King


        • jaysmooth

          A scarf SMH.

    • cpt. ahab

      dark haired girl is goddamn gorgeous

  • vince

    Where are all the photo bombs??? I am disappointed…

  • Brandon Reinhart

    Ahhh .. TheChive life.. Probably the best life in the world.

    #9 Looks to be having a great time

  • chiver132

    you are rocking a vary good ratio #22

  • mattythegooch

    What the crap is Super-Hybrid?!?

  • Brian

    Looks like #28 is what everone saw by the end of the night!

  • GMO

    #11 Please tell me one of you got one of these! God 2nd one in from the left drives me nuts.

  • GoForth


    "Oh, hi! We were just…er…leaving"

    • Bakers Dozen

      holy shit, I swear I know that guy holding John. But he lives in Minneapolis. I gotta get off the sauce.

      • Dbig

        Pretty sure I know that guy too, but he use to not be as fat

    • Jake Is money

      Yo, I'm the fat dude in this picture. Who knows me in Minneapolis? Bakers Dozen who are you? The guys that started the chive are my boys!

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