• John

    Happy New Years, Chivers. Thanks again to all the Chivettes out there.
    Be safe tonight, y'all, but do get wasted and make bad decisions. It's important.

    • really

      Thanks John and crew for a great year of helping me become an even more unproductive sack of shit!

    • Catch

      Thanks for the daily breaks from boredom (and chubs). Happy New Years, Chive.

    • Chris

      Just make sure to take pictures and post to theChive!

    • Mikey WINS

      Thanks for a great year!!!

    • lol

      How about a post of the Berry girls

    • RGH

      Thanks John and the rest of the Chive crew! Thank you ladies, as well. Without the wonderful "Sexy Chivers", this website would be less awesome. Cats in Christmas trees and photo-bombs are cool and all, but they lack that special quality a cute girl wearing a smile and showing skin brings!

      Chive on and happy and safe New Year!

  • piney

    #47. Holy GAWD

    • lol

      #47 no kidding sweet jesus come to pappa:D

  • mca

    #41 is back, this is going to be a Happy New Year
    Now we need to see the rest.

    • lol

      Is this a human or a manniquen?

      • Skinny G

        Megan Fox is a chiver?

        • Poot

          Way too fat to be Megan Fox

          • Rob

            She makes Megan Fox look like a dog

    • tejas

      u r so cute

  • Lando

    #42, you appear to have something caught in your cleavage. I'd like to volunteer to get it out

    • chris

      lol this is island definitely jealous of your man

    • Island Man

      Nah, just take a machete and lop 'em off.

      • V.A.

        Honestly: what the fuck is wrong with you, mate?
        Happy new year, nonetheless, and hopefully it has nothing to do with lopping tits of no matter what their size.

        • Island Man

          What? A swing from the trusty 'ol machete saves time from rummaging around to locate the obstruction between her mamaries. Thanks, Happy New Year to you too, from The West Indies!

  • http://twitter.com/txt2verse @txt2verse

    #1 Cute!
    #6 Kudos!
    #40 Snow bunny, that is all

    • V.A.

      Agreed: and would definitely like to see more of the snow bunny's tattoo, I might add.

  • Yo-dah my name it is

    Happy new year fellow chivers and chivettes.
    now fap i must. yes yes..

  • jason

    i think #6 looks better without the makeup

    • DaddyD


    • http://www.facebook.com/Jeremiah.OCallahan Jeremiah O'Callahan


  • underdog

    28– underboob Chive FTW!

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke


  • Will

    The lead photo in these sets never gets enough love. So here's to #1

    • Sasky

      i know this girl and she is one hell of a gal

      • derp

        good ol gif.

        • nerp

          haha good ol' gif indeed

    • spliggs

      She's great – she's got a Kate Winslet thing goin' on…

    • amtdi

      wawe she l'oks buo….

  • abuks808

    #17 #18 sexy as hell

    • nd1512


  • Sandra

    #38 for the legs ————->

    • lol

      Fuck the legs, look at that onion booty

    • Dom

      For the legs and that B-E-A-UTIFUL behind.

  • Throbbit yuengling

    #47, #40, #27… oh and #18.

  • Yo-dah my name it is

    #24 and #38 SO HOT YOU ARE!!!! 10/10 PERFECTION

    • ricky

      how did it take #24 three tries?

      • hMMMM


  • jamison

    Judge: Were you aware that Ms. Petra #39 was only 17?
    Me: In my defense, Your Honor, I thought she was 16

  • mark

    #46, hell yes

  • Chris M

    #32 It works for me too. I certainly wouldn't kick you out of bed.

    • DaddyD

      In fact, I would be willing to supply the crackers … and the whipped cream and strawberries!

      • Chris M

        Whoa dude! I didn't invite you. Sack rubbing is not OK with me.

    • Chris

      You are so working it. I will be working it to you in a little while. You add new meaning to the New Year Ball dropping. Yowzers. I prey that last button gives out soon. Nice.

  • Professor Jive

    The world is a better place thanks to these women. Cheers!

  • wth

    really chive? these are just not doing it for me
    #20 and #25

    • mark

      #25 has a helluva' ass, also, i bet #20 is hot as hell but the photo caught a bad moment for sure.

      • Mr. Awesomeness

        then why would you send in a bad moment? pick a good one.

    • Matt

      #20 Looks like she was beaten as a child.
      #25 Looks like she just got out of a dumpster.

      • Tee6

        fyi….no I wasn't

    • Joker

      The second one has GOT to be a guy….

      • range24

        Nah man, and the look she's giving screams hot

    • lol

      A couple of Vicodins and a few beers no problem. Just turn the lights out and run like hell when you're done.

    • Iluvwomen

      You guys should shut yer yappers. You know that there are some fellow Chivettes that wont be submitting their photos because they are now worrying about getting torn apart. Besides, we all know that we'd bang these two if they were offering.

      • Rodney

        I try to bang whatever's too slow to get away. What's your point?

        • Iluvwomen

          Rodney, you're a man good with words.

    • SAa


  • Horsey

    #32 – please assume the position, i will be home in 10 mins to discipline

  • The Dude

    Pic 1: I'd bury it!

  • word

    Happy New Years Penis!

  • CO_Girl

    Aw, thechive cut part of my picture out. Here's the full one, if anyone wanna see some more leg:P

    • donnybrooke

      I can see why they had to cut it. That's a little more than just leg there.
      Also, I love you B)

    • anon

      would like to see the rest of this photo shoot

      • CO_Girl

        Sorry, the rest is for my bf's eyes only;)

        • DaddyD

          If his eyes are all he is using, you need to find a new BF. I suspect that you can locate several volunteers here.

        • anon

          one more?

    • Bob

      Can… not… stop… drooling…

    • lulz

      you have a helluva collar bone

    • JHL1

      Very nice – Thx!

    • Chris

      Great leg. I am thankful I started my new year with this. Thank you, ma'am.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryost2 Ryan Yost

      Hey I'm from Colorado. Want to hahago Boarding or Skiing with me?

  • Ruslan

    Don't you think you are being a little harsh? Do you think that by ruining other peoples moods you will make yourself better? You see, all of these girls are better than you ever had or will have. And what you need to do is go to the mirror, get naked and look carefully and ask yourself, would any of these women actually find you attractive…I bet they would not. Your personality really shows how miserable you are. Happy New Year I hope you have a good one.

    • Mr. Awesomeness

      My wife is much hotter than most of the women on here. Yes, I can be a snob – I get hot girls and 1 even married me.

      • really

        It's kinda fun pretending to be someone else on the internet, isn't it Mr. Awesomeness?

        • Mr. Awesomeness

          No, in this case I'm the one telling the truth, you're the one trying to be a cyber-hero. You know you can't defend some of these girls.

    • Mr. Awesomeness

      Also, if #18 is hotter than any girl you'll ever have, jump off of something high. This world is a wonderful place and you're failing at living in it.

      • Mr. Awesomeness

        I meant #20 and #25. #18 is nice.

        • Ruslan

          So your right hand is your wife, I'm happy for you. I don't see anything wrong with that personally. Health, Happiness and good fortune for you and your "wife" in the new year.

          • Mr. Awesomeness

            You're scoring uglies and accusing me of the "right hand"?… nice attempt to be funny. that one was original, well thought out and really hurt my feelings. What can I say, it's your site so you'll win. Have fun putting paper bags on your conquests, my hot wife and high standards wish you well. Some of us win at life, others are website moderators.

            • Ruslan

              Take your delusions of grandeur as well as your assumptions about people/life/the world/the universe/existence as a whole and yourself and crawl back into the hole you got pooped out of.

              • Mr. Awesomeness

                umad? lol You even fail at moderating? Tried talking tough and you're the one getting pissed. Too funny. I hope 2011 is nicer to you in the women/job department.

                • Ruslan

                  I love this troll for some reason. I'm not a moderator, I simply got offended by your lack of ….well lack of everything… And I am stooping down to your level by acknowledging you that you even exist. So what's done is done. It is very simple. You are an attention seeker and I'm giving you what you are looking for. I know you are very pleased that you have my attention. Simply put: You are not important. I don't like you, nobody likes you…go away. <3

                  • Mr. Awesomeness

                    You're not the guy who deleted my post? You're just guy standing under the ugly tree with a bucket? I was laughing because I thought you were getting schooled on your own site… you're just getting taken to task because you spoke up?!? even a bigger failure than I thought. go google image kelly osbourne and fap, dweeb.

                    • Ruslan

                      I will do that, not a bad idea!

                    • Chris M

                      Dude… I worked with a guy like you. He called any woman who wasn't stunningly beautiful a dog. Guess what? He was about 30, and still lived with his parents. I'm pretty sure he was a virgin. I don't think he'd ever dated a woman.

                    • Mr. Awesomeness

                      sucks to be that guy. I'm a 32 year old father of two with a house and milf for a wife.

                    • Mike

                      instead of trying to convince a bunch of random people on the internet about your "super hot wife" why don't you go spend time with her.

                      unless of course she is just a figment of your imagination and you're bragging about her to get attention…

                    • Chris M

                      Yeah, I'm pretty sure he would get on the interwebs and say shit like that too.

                    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

                      bull shit flag! i'm thinking you' re more like dale or brennan from step brothers. minus the hot therapist or crazy wife that wants to screw all the time….. you're pretty much a liar and loser and, like always you suck at life

                    • Mr. Awesomeness

                      says the guy who was too pussy to sign up for the army or marines. graduated high school in 2005, huh, kiddo? just looked at your picture on facebook, too. I'm clearly the winner here. get on my level.

                    • The Real D. Nozzle

                      Just igonore them and their butthurt. Any opinion they don't agree with must be coming from someone far worse off than they are, because how can an opinion differing from their own be in every way as valid, amirite?

                    • Elton John

                      Yeah, they're pretty much the greatest congregation of faggotry since my last orgy.

                    • Mr. Awesomeness

                      lol, Elton John, lol. i don't know who these heroes think they are, or why they think EVERY chick in this post is hot. Sure, there are some hot ones, but for the most part this post is bottom of the barrel. Honestly the worst one they've ever done. especially #20 and #25. If this were a website filled with chicks like this, it'd be out of business in weeks. Everyone on here knows it.

                    • Ruslan

                      You see, It is not your opinion that is the problem over here. It is your attitude. There are always multiple ways to present your point of you and you simply did it wrong.

                    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

                      i'm sorry i can't step down from were i am it would take to much effort. and you don't even know what i do in the navy so you can't really judge now can you? soooo again i say you suck at life

                    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

                      do you serve? i'm guessing not. if you did you would have only said ether army or marines, not both, fallowed by some motivational thing bring you much pride in the branch in which you serve. so who is the pussy? and again you don't know what i do or what i've done in the navy

  • Mike

    Very nice…Happy New Year

  • yummy

    Here's to #40 and my unhealthy infatuation with dimple piercings!

    • ....

      dimple piercings are stupid as hell

      • lonin

        Yesterday I would have agreed with you. She's got me in love them now.

        • Dex

          It just makes me wonder what would happen if she tried to blow up a balloon.

          • xeD

            You'd end up hearing a *pop* from the other end.

    • Doc

      T'es trop belle Alex!! Fierté Québécoise!! 😀

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