• rdh014


    • Ed Debevic

      I would wear their asses like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

    • Vinny

      Thats how you get pink eye! LOL!

    • Frankie Muniz

      hopefully noone farts

    • flafla

      is that what they call a brown shower? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gok attack

      I would like all their asses

    • yuuuuck

      Looks like its about to become "5 girls 1 cup"
      I ruined your boners didnt I?

    • guest

      god i remember finding this photo like 5 years ago

    • Leadbelly

      Four barrel gas attack !

    • Erik

      Tiffany Teen, Megan QT, Next Door Nikki, Princess Blue Eyes, and Seanna Teen. Phil Flash's original crew. Gotta love em

    • Dan

      i've got pacman fever . . . NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • ssf


    a) flat ass
    b) she's wearing my grandmother's swimsuit from 1920.

    • KWJ

      I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers

    • bob

      no, this is your grand mothers swim suit: http://www.victoriana.com/swimsuit/images/bathing

      • gok attack


    • SKT

      i still can't figure out y she's even on here

    • PWNT

      Sure she isn't the hottest girl I've ever seen, but would I DO her? *Sigh*…… yep.

    • northerner

      Totally gorgeous. If you want meat, go to a butcher shop. Geez.

  • HankT

    #3 #20 #24…good lord

    • sully23

      i highly disagree with #20. flat ass.

      • dserp

        she divided by 0= flat ass

        • The Grizz

          It amazes me that no one has figured out that it's a dude yet. No hips + hands that are obviously way too big for a chick = dude. So congrats to HankT, you officially like Man ass.

          • Don_Aguelo

            Nice analysis, After reviewing your hypothesis I have to agree.

            HankT: you are one step closer to fagdom.

          • its_forge

            LOL "hands that are way too big" there are no hands in this picture, you paranoid idiot.

            • The Grizz

              If you honestly can't see the hands on the hips you might need to get your vision checked. base of hands starts at the top of the hip and the fingers extend to like upper middle thigh. find a picture of an actual chick whose hands extend from upper hip to mid thigh, I dare you. Don't get mad at me cuz you already fapped to a dude.

  • heavyD

    #5 Brazilian ass, the best

    • gok attack

      they love the anal gape!!!

    • Wolfram

      Her ass is great but her face sure isn't

    • yum

      Agustina Schilardi (ARG)

      • Fer

        Iba a postear exactamente lo mismo ๐Ÿ™‚
        Orgullo Argentino!

        (I was just going to post the exact same thing)

  • Kagawa

    And again ๐Ÿ˜€ BEST DAY OF THE WEEK !!!

  • Old Twat


    Oh my… She might as well not have panties on.

    • Erik von Markovik


      • vonRichthofen

        i'm with MOAR!!

    • noname

      i went from 6 to midnight on that pic

  • Randy


    • mememe

      i agree,
      humpday early in the morning… really makes procrastination worth-while

  • Benny

    #14 Mesmerizing!

    • Dumpty

      wanna know what's really mesmerizing?
      i just took the gif, set it as my wall paper, and tiled it.

  • mipo2010

    What would Sir Mixalot say… #6, #12, #13

    • Freq visitor

      find #12 #13 please!!!!!!!

      • sly

        number 12 is jamie koeppe

    • SKT

      for #12 he would probably say, "get this shopped bullshit outta here, nukka."

      • [clevernamehere]

        Google Image this chick. That ass ain't 'shopped. It's just sent from heaven.

        • its_forge

          That right cheek has been (very unnecessarily) expanded upon, that ass is fine the way it is.

          • its_forge

            No, it's just the angle or something, that ass looks just like that in all the other pics too.

    • anon

      u've got some taste in butt good sir ;D

    • sam

      I will like to have anal sex with the one in the center .

  • ari

    i would love to see the faces of the Pink Floyd girls

  • LeoCast

    #25 is awesome

    • Delano79

      Adrianne Curry…FTW!

    • carlos

      is that really Adrianne Curry? damn thats hot!!!!

      • Yates

        Its Teen Kasia, not Adrianne Curry.

  • dwh101

    #16 – Pink Floyd Rules

    • azbtchs

      hell yes.

    • hitman219

      That photo would be much hotter if the album covers were Iron Maiden!

      • sully23

        you're a tool

    • Chad


      • BloodScrubber

        And you still can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.

  • Henry Gibson

    #4 may just be the funniest thing I've seen this year.

    • supersniffy

      The sign may say "No Vacancy", but I'll willing to bet she can fit at least one more in……

  • Shawn35

    #13, its simply a work of art, beautiful
    #14 i have to go home and change my work pants now

  • Mr_Rob

    #24 Love that gap!!

  • Doofenshmirtz

    #24….PERFECT Gapper!

  • Sauru

    i would like to trade places with that girl in #2. also #23

  • Joben

    #23 …drool

    • Wolfram

      Yes! Possibly the best one. But so many goodies to choose from, hard to say.

  • jabroni

    #2 It's all good, girls don't fart
    #24 Oh. My. God. MOAR!!!

  • Just Ugly

    That is nasty. Those women have no respect for themselves. They are so much prettier than me. Just Ugly.

    Ugle, Single, and Lonely for life

    • Wolfram


    • dserp

      y you no ctrl+alt+delete……………………

      • former_wilbury

        alt+F4 life

  • Sarah

    #18 and #20 have NO ASS!

    • davisrj

      I agree 100%!!!

    • Charyle


    • its_forge

      #18 is just an unflattering suit, she probably looks quite fine in something more complimentary to her shape. And just because #20 doesn't have to use butter and a shoehorn just to get through a standard doorway doesn't mean that isn't an adorable little butt.

    • bill

      #18 has a fine ass.yummy

  • http://www.thechive.com Elbow

    Who knew bird watching was so HOT? #23

  • wtfman

    #24, #25 awesome

  • Mark

    Looks like the Chive agrees today. #13 gives Kardashian a run for her money. #14 is amazing and that ass, I mean Chivette, needs to be found, pronto! #24 WOW!!!!! I love Wednesdays!!

  • Just Ugly

    That is nasty. Those women have no respect for themselves. They are so much prettier than me. Just Ugly.

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